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Boos recede, but some Sanders backers remain skeptical of Clinton

PHILADELPHIA — The Democratic Party convention kicked off its national convention Monday afternoon with a chorus of boos every time Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned, but seemed to grow more unified throughout the night with cathartic speeches by New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, First Lady Michelle Obama and Clinton’s former rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. It was the Vermont senator’s most ardent supporters that threatened to upend the party’s marquee event. As the convention commenced, they were boisterous and ready to pounce whenever a speaker at the podium inside the Wells Fargo Center invoked Clinton and her pending nomination. Thunderous boos rang out, and chants of “Bern-ie” enveloped the blue-adorned arena. Both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns sought to quash the uprising. Continue Reading →

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Sanders delegates boo Clinton at DNC

PHILADELPHIA — Sen. Bernie Sanders addressed hundreds of delegates at the Democratic National Convention Monday afternoon but seemed unable to convince some of his most passionate backers they should work to elect Hillary Clinton. Sanders spoke inside a packed ballroom at the Pennsylvania Convention Center early Monday afternoon ahead of his primetime address on national TV at the Wells Fargo Center — the main convention site. It was among the first bits of action for the four-day long convention that will culminate Thursday with Clinton, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state, accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Sanders, who battled Clinton for the nomination until the last primary — long after it was apparent he could not win sufficient delegates to wrest the nomination from her — is now looking to unite the party. But after months of convincing his supporters that he had a viable path to the nomination, many did not seem ready Monday to shift their support elsewhere. Continue Reading →

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Sanders launches final push to derail Senate GMO bill

MONTPELIER — Sen. Bernie Sanders is launching a final push to derail legislation in the U.S. Senate that would nullify Vermont’s landmark GMO labeling law and replace it with a national law that opponents say undermines efforts to mandate the labeling of genetically modified foods. Sanders distributed a letter Thursday to his Democratic colleagues in the Senate outlining why the legislation crafted by Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., and Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, is insufficient. He is also appealing to the full Senate membership to support an amendment that would replace the Senate bill with Vermont’s law on a national scale. “The Roberts-Stabenow bill will undermine the strong GMO labeling law that went into effect on July 1st in Vermont. It will also undermine the efforts of other states to label GMOs. Continue Reading →

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Sanders searches for path, purpose

MONTPELIER — After suffering four more losses Tuesday, softened just a bit by a victory in Rhode Island, Sen. Bernie Sanders must now plot a way forward for his campaign without viable path to winning the nomination. Sanders’ Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton coasted to double-digit margins of victory in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and also won a closer contest in Connecticut. After losing New York, Sanders’ path to the nomination was extremely narrow. Now it has essentially eroded. Sanders was able to win Rhode Island, but the small state offers him few delegates and Clinton now has about 90 percent of the delegates she needs to secure the nomination. Continue Reading →

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After New York defeat, Sanders says a ‘path to victory’ remains

Sen. Bernie Sanders says he’s looking forward to next week after Hillary Clinton beat him by about 15 percent of the vote in the New York primary Tuesday. “Today we took Secretary Clinton on in her own state of New York and we lost,” Sanders said to reporters after landing in Burlington Tuesday night. “I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her victory.”

Sanders didn’t say much about New York after that. “Next week, we will be competing in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware, and we look forward to winning a number of those states,” Sanders said. He didn’t venture a guess as to how many of those states he thinks he can win, but Sanders says he still thinks he can win the nomination. Continue Reading →

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Rough night for Sanders as path to nomination erodes

MONTPELIER — Sen. Bernie Sanders had tough day Tuesday, unable to recreate the electoral magic he found with working class voters a week ago in Michigan and lost to his Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Florida. Sanders is also narrowly trailing Clinton in Missouri in a race that was still too close to call Wednesday morning. Clinton had a lead of about 1,500 votes there as of 7 a.m. Wednesday, and appeared poised to grab the fifth state up for grabs Tuesday. The loss in Ohio cuts deep for Sanders, who had hoped to raise questions about Clinton’s viability and cement his political clout in the Rust Belt with a win in Ohio. But it is now Sanders who is struggling to explain his viability in the Democratic primary. Continue Reading →

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Sanders stuns in Michigan, loses badly in Mississippi

MONTPELIER — Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled off a stunning surprise victory in the Michigan primary Tuesday, defying polls that showed his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton with a strong lead in The Wolverine State. “I am grateful to the people of Michigan for defying the pundits and pollsters and giving us their support. This is a critically important night. We came from 30 points down in Michigan and we’re seeing the same kind of come-from-behind momentum all across America,” Sanders said in a statement. “Not only is Michigan the gateway to the rest of the industrial Midwest, the results there show that we are a national campaign. Continue Reading →

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Sanders snares 3 Vermont superdelegates

MONTPELIER — Sen. Bernie Sanders netted three more Vermont superdelegates Tuesday bringing his total un-pledged delegate tally to six and his total pledged and unplugged delegate count to 22 out of the state’s 26 available delegates to the national convention in July. Secretary of State James Condos and Vermont Democratic Party Vice Chairman Tim Jerman, who represents Essex in the Vermont House, announced at a State House news conference Tuesday they plan to vote for the hometown presidential candidate. VDP Chairwoman Dottie Deans did not attend the news conference, but announced in an email to reporters that also plans to back Sanders. Condos and Jerman cited Sanders’ overwhelming victory in the March 1 Vermont Primary in which he won 86 percent of the vote. His Democratic primary rival, Hillary Clinton, did not reach the 15 percent threshold to secure pledged delegates that are awarded to candidates on a proportional basis, so Sanders won all 16 of the state’s pledged delegates. Continue Reading →

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Sanders wins Vermont and Oklahoma, suffers heavy losses around the country

ESSEX — Sen. Bernie Sanders scored a decisive victory in his home state Tuesday and tallied wins in Oklahoma and Colorado, but his Democratic rival delivered a body blow to his presidential hopes with resounding victories in southern Super Tuesday states. The hometown hero easily won in Vermont, although his margin of victory remained in question. The race was called immediately as polls closed by the Associated Press and all the major networks. With 217 of the state’s 246 voting districts reporting, Sanders had an 86 percent to 13 percent advantage over Hillary Clinton. But the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady won big in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. She also had a lead in Massachusetts, a state Sanders had targeted as a potential win. Continue Reading →

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Clinton boosts presence in Vermont ahead of March 1 primary

MONTPELIER — Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is ramping up its presence in Vermont ahead of the March 1 primary, but faces a daunting challenge against hometown hero Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to a Public Policy Polling poll released Wednesday, Clinton trails Sanders by an 86 percent to 10 percent margin in Vermont, which votes along with 10 other states on Super Tuesday. While it’s very unlikely Clinton can catch Sanders in his home state, she could snag a few coveted delegates at the Democratic Party’s national convention if she can close the gap, thanks to the Democratic Party’s proportional system of awarding pledged delegates. Clinton already has the support of several so-called superdelegates, including Gov. Peter Shumlin, former Gov. Howard Dean and U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy. Hoping to rally its troops, campaign officials recently assigned to Vermont held a conference call with supporters Thursday evening. Continue Reading →

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