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Scott receives budget bill after formal request for immediate delivery

MONTPELIER — Gov. Phil Scott’s office received the 2018 fiscal year budget bill from the House Friday afternoon after it submitted a formal request for immediate delivery, setting the stage for the governor to veto the budget and a property tax bill sometime next week. Lawmakers had maintained possession of the 2018 fiscal year budget since they passed it two weeks ago and adjourned the 2017 legislative session. Another bill that sets property tax rates, known as the yield bill, was delivered to the governor Thursday. Scott has vowed to veto both pieces of legislative because they do not account for a savings of up to $26 million in the Education Fund that he began demanding from lawmakers in mid-April. Scott is seeking to capture savings from new health care plans that will be offered to all Vermont teachers in January. Continue Reading →

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Planned Parenthood hits Scott again

MONTPELIER — The political wing of Planned Parenthood is doubling down on its attack on Republican gubernatorial nominee Phil Scott, despite protestations from the Vermont Republican Party about the group’s message. The Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund Independent Expenditure PAC released its second television ad against Scott, the current lieutenant governor, on Monday. The 30-second spot “continues to draw the contrast on issues of choice,” according to the group’s campaign manager, Nick Charyk, between Scott and Democratic nominee Sue Minter, whom the group has endorsed. The first ad, released last week, prompted the Vermont Republican Party to file a complaint with Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell. The GOP argued the ad included false information about Scott and violated state law preventing coordination between independent expenditure groups and candidates. Continue Reading →

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