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12 Best 110v Garage Heater In 2023

Bob Vila
  Dec 7, 2023 10:24 PM

We independently study, test, and review 12 Best 110v Garage Heater products before making recommendations. We’re testing the Heat Storm, Cadet, Comfort Zone, Fahrenheat, Dr Infrared Heater, CCC COMFORT ZONE, HETR, AKUSAKO, Dyna-Glo  for a for a future update to this guide.


No matter how much time you spend in your garage, it needs to be a pleasant place to be. A cool room might be more to your taste. In my opinion, you don't understand what I mean. So, why not equip your garage with a heater and be ready for winter?

Both gas- and electric-powered garage heaters are available. In spite of the higher long-term expenditures of the latter, they are more popular because of their convenience. In 110 and 240 volt versions, you can just plug in the heater and turn it on, and within minutes, your workshop will be toasty warm.

The most typical voltage for a wall outlet in a modern home is 120 volts. As a result, we've compiled a list of the top 110v garage heaters you can buy right now. We selected these products based on their portability, convenience of use, and amount of heat they provide.

Because they mean the same thing, we'll refer to voltage as "110 volts" or "120 volts" here on out.

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Buying Guide

Garage Heater Type

Garage heaters come in two flavors: gas and electric. Gas garage heaters must be connected to a gas line or gas cylinder when they are purchased.

On the other hand, with an electric car garage heater, you'll only need an electric connection to get your garage heated.

If you're searching for a solution that uses less energy and is better for the environment, consider an electric garage heater.

Required Maintenance

You won't have to do much maintenance if any at all with an electric garage heater. However, the gas garage heater needs a lot of attention. Clean the air vents, remove dirt from the motor, and so on.

Capacity of the Garage Heater

Measure the size of your garage before purchasing a garage heater. After that, you may compare it to the heater's capacity and make an informed purchase.

Buying a gas-powered garage heater necessitates a calculation of the heater's BTU or British Thermal Unit capability. However, the electric garage heater will be measured in Watts.


In order to save energy, make sure the heater you purchase is the right size for your garage. As a reminder, 110v heaters are best suited for small to medium-sized garages.


Anyone entering the garage should feel at ease and safe. Heaters with tip-over safety should be your first choice if your garage is likely to be used by minors. Additionally, fire resistance and overheat protection are a must-have for every system.


The better the garage heater's efficiency, the better. Ceramic, carbon fiber, quartz, or some combination of these materials may be used in a particular space heater.

Heating Wattage

When looking for the best 110V garage heater, consider how much electricity it uses. With this wattage, the transmission efficiency of a powered generator is calculated.

Ten watts of apartment unit capacity is a practical need. Because of this, it is important to know how wide your workshop is in order to determine the suitable power consumption of the heater you select.

Electric Heater Size

When looking for the best 110V garage heater, it's also important to evaluate the heater's overall size. A device's size may be determined by the quantity of warehouse space you need to cover, the environment, and how much insulating material is needed. If you have a small garage, you may need a separate radiator. Observe how an enclosed workplace has been more productive than an open one.

A common method for selecting the best garage heater is to measure the building's width and compare it to the power consumption criteria.

  • Determine the volume and diameter of your garage, and then add it to get the maximum floor space. Two-car garages typically measure twenty-two by twenty-two feet (484 square feet) and have 410 to 610 feet of space.

  • Check the ventilation in your workshop to see if the walls and floors are properly sealed. When that happens, you'll need a boiler with a smaller diameter. The temperature transmission would be accelerated in a meeting with a reachable ceiling.

  • When you have the total floor area, divide it into two hundred. Determine how much power (in BTU or Watt) a stuffy building needs by multiplying your answer by nine thousand.

  • The BTU efficiency you chose for your 110V garage heater should match the above-mentioned performance.


As with other thermal or ventilation equipment, the mechanical 110V garage heater will need some upkeep to stay working properly over time.

Even though compact garage heaters are less expensive, they will not last as long as larger, more powerful garage heaters. However, even if you don't replace the heater every few months, you should be able to buy a decent heater without having to do a lot of work.

There are a few things you should keep an eye out for when it comes to electric heaters: checking the energy input for decreases and making sure the temperature sources work properly. On a daily basis, the more expensive garage heaters can be more cost-effective than attempting to repair a few midrange heaters.


Where Should I Place the Electric Garage space Heater? 

Garage heaters need to be installed in the coolest part of the garage and pointed toward the center.

Is Investing in a Portable Electric Garage Heater Worth It? 

Yes, without a doubt. The temperature in your garage will remain steady if you get an electric heater. In addition, you'll be able to cut your usage of electricity.

Why does my garage heater have a burning odor?

Most new electric heaters emit a burning smell during their initial usage, but don't be alarmed; this will subside after a few more uses. There is also the possibility that the odor is caused by a dirty heating element.

How do I tell that my space heater is safe?

Heating products are marked with the ETL and UL labels, which indicate their safety. In order to demonstrate compliance with the specified safety protocol, the labels are displayed. Heaters might be dangerous if they're installed incorrectly or have faulty electrical lines.


Consider everything from efficiency, safety, and mobility when choosing a heater for your garage. The larger output of a heater with a dual heating system, on the other hand, almost always means a higher price.

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