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13 Best Bathroom Ceiling Heater In 2024

Bob Vila
  Feb 26, 2024 5:23 AM

We independently study, test, and review 13 Best Bathroom Ceiling Heater products before making recommendations. We’re testing the Panasonic, Stiebel Eltron, Broan-NuTone, AirNmore, Stelpro  for a for a future update to this guide.


If you don't know where to begin searching for the greatest bathroom ceiling heater, it might be challenging. So we've provided the following list in order to facilitate the transaction. In addition, we've included some helpful hints and guides to assist you choose the ideal one for your bathroom.

It is possible to heat your bathroom with ceiling heaters even in the coldest of conditions. An infrared heat bulb quickly boosts the temperature in the bathroom when needed. There are numerous mounting options for bathroom heaters. In contrast, ceiling bathroom heaters are the most widely used and safest alternative.

As far as heating elements in the bathroom go, a ceiling-mounted heater is the best. Installing the unit in an area where it is less likely to be tampered with reduces the danger of blockages and exposure. Aside from that, they're far enough away from water sources to avoid any mishaps.

When it comes to heating the bathroom, ceiling-mounted heaters don't necessitate the use of an additional outlet. It replaces the existing ceiling light fixture, which is already plugged into the power source.

All of these advantages make it a great option for adjusting the temperature in your bathroom. It is a good choice. Let's take a look at the best bathroom ceiling heaters.

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Buying Guide

If you're going to buy a new bathroom heater, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the many options available so that you can make an informed decision.

The design

The shape, color, and style of your bathroom heater aren't the most important considerations when making a purchase, but you still want to make sure it looks well in there.

The installation

A heater installation fee should be taken into account while looking for one if you're not handy with tools.

The size

You don't want your heater to take up the majority of the available bathroom floor space. If you decide to use a portable heater, make certain that its portability is solid.

The safety

As a result, installing electrical equipment in the bathroom is quite risky. The overheat or tip-over protection must be examined thoroughly. A bathroom heater must be both waterproof and effective in order to withstand the often wet environment of the room.


Both the heater and the product packaging often provide information on the heater's wattage. What you need to realize is that the higher the wattage, the lower the quality of the heater you'll get. Determine the wattage that is best for your situation. According to experts, 11 watts per square foot is ideal.

Permanent or Not

If you're renting, having a wall heater permanently installed doesn't make much sense. In the event that it isn't permitted, a temporary model may be more feasible. A permanently installed heater, on the other hand, means that you perform the work once and for all.

Size of the Bathroom

As we've seen, the amount of watts required to heat a bathroom depends on the size of the space. In addition, the physical size of the heater could be affected. It's better to use a heating system that is recessed into the ceiling in a bathroom with a low ceiling. To maintain visual harmony in a smaller bathroom, a smaller heater may be necessary.


If you're looking for the greatest bathroom ceiling heater, this is the most critical consideration. In the morning and at night, a noisy bathroom heater fan might leave you feeling drained. So, before picking one at random, make sure the fan is running smoothly.


A ceiling heater with this feature would be ideal. When it comes to heating your bathroom, you may schedule the heater to turn on at a predetermined time.


How Does A Ceiling Bathroom Heater Work?

To raise the temperature of the bathroom, an infrared heat light is employed by the bathroom heaters themselves. You can feel the room warming up rapidly thanks to a reflector on the ceiling of the bathroom heater that focuses the mix of heat and light down on you.

Incandescent bulbs have a maximum power output of 100 watts, but these heat lamps have a maximum power output of 250 watts, allowing them to heat the bathroom more efficiently.

Is it a safety hazard to run a heater in the bathroom?

No, it is not regarded as a danger to one's safety. However, it all depends on the heater that you have. There are a variety of heaters designed specifically for the bathroom, although fuel-burning heaters can also be seen in use. It's important to follow the manufacturer's and local legislation when it comes to safety precautions.

It is important to think about water contact and the risk of the heater turning over if it is not fixed on a wall. Water should not come in contact with heaters, and they should be equipped with a tip-over safety switch in case they are accidentally knocked over.

Is it ok to use a halogen heater in the bathroom?

Only if the heater is equipped with some kind of protection will it be safe to use it in a damp environment. To run a heater that requires a power outlet in a bathroom, it is not the best location. But in general, you should avoid using it in the bathroom while you're having a shower. Accidents that result in death are possible, and the risk is simply not worth it. You should heat the restroom before using it, not while you're in there, if you truly need it and don't have access to any other means of warming the space.


In the winter, the bathroom is a place where the temperature drops rapidly. You're disturbed by the extra cost of turning up the central heating unit.

The greatest bathroom ceiling heaters can solve all of these problems. For a more pleasant bathroom experience, the majority of these units come equipped with an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture from the room.

You'll get a strong heating unit with a quieter fan if you choose one from our selection.

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