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Best Electric Mop For Laminate Floors Of 2024: Completed List

Bob Vila
  Feb 26, 2024 3:54 AM

What is the current state of the best electric mop for laminate floors in the market? As a result of the sheer number of options available, clients are likely to feel intimidated while trying to find an appropriate brand to shop for, There are simply too many choices, many of which are low-quality knock-offs, on the market.

In order to aid you in making an informed decision, we've put together a list of 7 different best electric mop for laminate floors product options that we've investigated and analyzed.


For those who are in need of the best vacuum for laminate flooring, go no further than this guide! Let's get started with a couple of my favorites.

If I'm being completely honest, it used to be difficult to locate an electric mop that worked with your particular type of flooring. Take a look at the reviews listed below to see if any of them are suitable for your purposes.

When it comes to using a "traditional mop and bucket," you know exactly what I mean.

Getting down on your hands and knees, squeezing out all of the nasty water stains, and then filling up the old bucket again only to spill it all over the place may be a real pain in the rear at times.

Then there's the whole process of attempting to wring it out the right way, so that there are no more puddles.

To get rid of the dust bunnies between your baseboards or that one spot on the floor that always seems to have a little of dirt caught in it, perhaps you're looking for something simple.

Switch to an electric mop and notice how much more convenient it is to clean your house. Keeping your floors spotless doesn't have to be a chore.

There is also a non-electric laminate floor mop featured in a different article.

For the time being at least, we don't have to do any study or testing on electric mops because I have done it all for us. Check out the links below to see what we have to offer:

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Buying Guide

Laminate floors may be cleaned with practically any electric mop on the market, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing one:

In light of the fact that you've just purchased a new electric mop, its portability will be reduced. If you keep these constraints in mind before making a purchase, it will be easier for you.

If you don't know these things before buying an electric mop for laminate floors, dirt and dust may leave unsightly stains on your lovely flooring, making it more difficult to clean.

Heat Steam Setting

With any mop, traditional or electric, laminate floors present the most typical challenge for cleaning. As a result, it is not recommended that you heat the entire surface when mopping.

Make sure your steam cleaner has temperature control settings, as the temperature should not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit if you wish to use this feature on your flooring.

If you don't like the idea of getting burned by hot water while cleaning your laminate floor, make sure your mop has an option to use cool water instead.

Because using hot water might stain your laminate flooring into an unsightly brown tint that looks bad on the floor.

Head Size

A wider mop head makes it easier to clean big surfaces, while a smaller one can be utilized to clean regions that are tightly packed.

If you live in a tiny residence with limited space for cleaning, you should choose for a smaller mop.

Because the efficacy of the mop depends on its head and power, but if you have a wide floor space in your home, check into large-sized heads that can cover more area at once without requiring a lot of effort from your part.


A portable electric mop is convenient to carry and use anywhere you need it. You should compare the weights of different cordless electric types.

Handle & Mobility

It is always preferable to have a strong and extendable handle. Having an adjustable handle makes it easier for other members of the household to clean the floors.

Mop heads that can be swiveled make it easier to clean beneath furniture and kitchen cupboards. Getting around the corners and above-floor surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, is a cinch with this system installed.


A high-quality mop with a robust frame will last longer than a low-cost plastic mop.

Stainless Steel or Aluminum Alloy mop heads are the best. They're both strong, light, and resistant to corrosion.


Consider these two criteria in addition to the initial purchase in order to accurately anticipate the long-term cost.

Pad material

Steam cleaning laminate floors necessitates the use of a gentle cleaning agent. In addition to being mild enough to use on your floors, a microfiber mop pad is also re-usable, absorbs well, and is easy to clean.

Tank capacity

Your steam mop's tank capacity directly determines how long it can run. If you plan to clean a large area of floor, you may need to increase the time limit. In the middle of a cleaning session, having to stop and replenish your tank might be frustrating. This is why it's best to go for a steam mop that has a large water tank so that you don't have to constantly replenish it while cleaning.

Tools and attachments

These can affect the performance of your steam mop. With a steam mop that can be transformed into a handheld one, you may easily clean additional areas of your home, for instance. There is also less need for additional cleaning supplies as a result of this. The little brushes on your mop will come in handy for cleaning the edges and plaster lines in corners. Even though it's more expensive, a steam mop that includes additional attachments and equipment is worth the money if you can use them to their full potential to clean your home more thoroughly.


What if I don’t need a mop for the laminate floor?

Traditional mops are not discussed in this article; only electric ones are. Check out our other articles if you're seeking for something other than an electric kind.

Does this work on wood floors?

Using a hard surface mop on a wooden floor is the most common use for these sort of mops. You should do your homework before purchasing one, however, because certain varieties function better than others.

Is Swiffer wet mop safe for laminate floors?

That depends on the type of laminate flooring, whether it is sealed or unsealed. Before using a Swiffer product, read the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines.

You cannot wring their sweeper wet pads because they are presoaked and saturated. So, they can only be used once and then thrown away. A large house will necessitate multiple of these pads, which can get expensive very fast.

It is impossible to wring out the Swiffer wet jet pads because they are so thin. For one thing, they don't have Microfiber's absorbency, which is essential for streak-free mopping. The haziness of their solution is also evident on the surface.


Make sure to keep these items in mind while you're shopping for an electric mop for laminate floors, and do some research before making your final purchase to make sure it meets your needs.

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