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12 Best Electrician Wire Stripping Tool In 2024

Sonya Harris
  Feb 26, 2024 4:41 AM

We independently study, test, and review 12 Best Electrician Wire Stripping Tool products before making recommendations. We’re testing the TEMPO, Klein Tools, KAIWEETS, Southwire, TICONN, Happybuy, MULWARK, Dromild, SST, AMERICAN MUTT TOOLS, Signal Fire  for a for a future update to this guide.


Wire strippers that don't work properly are a form of torture.

Wire strippers can be a real pain in the neck. Re-stripping wire is a time-consuming chore.

In contrast, a competent set of wire strippers can remove wires neatly (with a comfortable set of grips for your hands). As a result, you'll save a ton of time and have a lot less stress on your hands.

Wire stripping doesn't have to be painful. As a result, we have compiled a list of the Best Wire Strippers of 2022.

You may buy with confidence knowing that you're receiving one of the greatest wire stripping tools on the market today. Let's get right into the meat of this article: the shopping guide.

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Buying Guide

We've put together a list of the top wire strippers on the market. These pointers can help you find a tool that will serve you well for many years.

Wire Compatibility

A good wire stripper for the materials you're installing or repairing should always be your first choice. Wire strippers can be used with a wide range of wire gauges, as you'll see.

Wires between 10 and 24 AWG can be stripped with most strippers. Make sure that your wire stripper is able to handle the sort of wires you intend to use.

There are many different metals and casing materials that can make it difficult to get consistent results. If you're cutting, crimping, splicing, or stripping wires, be sure you use the suitable wire stripping gauge. The importance of accuracy in electrical work cannot be overstated.


Plastic or composite handles and rubber grips are commonly seen on wire strippers, which have a metal chassis with a metal handle and alloy blades.

Precision milled holes, induction hardened alloy, and other relevant keywords should be searched for. It's much easier to get exact wire alternations if you have these details to work with.


Always keep comfort and ergonomics in mind when you're buying for a new tool. Many do-it-yourselfers have difficulty completing electrical repairs because their wire strippers leave their hands sore and exhausted.

Wire-stripping sites might lead to awkward postures. Wire strippers that are both lightweight and compact are therefore an absolute necessity.

Rubber grips and an ergonomic design should be standard on any new tool.

Manual vs. Automatic

Wire strippers can be divided into two broad categories: manual and compound automatic. With two scissorlike jaws and a row of varied gauge notches, the manual instrument is akin to a cutter. It's easy to use; just insert the wire into the appropriate notch, clamp the jaws shut, and take the insulation off the wire.

Using a variety of sophisticated mechanisms, the compound automatic version can hold the wire, close the jaws, and peel off the insulation at the same time. This is just as easy to use as the manual version. Squeeze the handles together to remove the insulation from the wire in a single stroke. This automatic design's speed and efficiency never cease to amaze me.


Wire gauges that match one of the notches in the tool perform best when using this tool. Self-adjusting versions of automatic strippers are available that can handle any type and size wire in the defined range. Using a type that allows you to strip both the outer Romex jacket and the individual interior wires is a time-saving feature.

Built-In Tools

Some of these instruments contain more than just the ability to strip wires. A wire cutter and crimper are the most usual tools offered. The pivot point is usually positioned in the handle. With this, you don't have to fumble around with your other tools to crimp and trim wires.

Let's go on to the specific items. IRWIN, Channellock, Klein, NEIKO, and other well-known brands are all represented on my short list of the best models. To assist you make an informed choice, each unit has been designated a key feature that sets it apart and broken down into its basic functions.


Once you get the hang of it, using a wire remover tool is a breeze. You need a wire remover with a good grip in order to operate comfortably. In order to remove the wire insulation without damaging the wire, it must have a good handle. Make sure that the handles on the wire strippers are rubberized. While working, this style of handle is the most comfortable to hold on to.


When working with electrical cables, safety should be of the first concern. Because of this, you must use high-quality wire strippers to ensure your safety. Invest on a good set of wire strippers. Choose the products with the most good feedback. When using the tool, you should be able to maintain complete control over it. Choosing the right tool is the most crucial part of the process. Before beginning your project, make sure to read all of the directions.


In order to avoid making mistakes, you need wire strippers that are accurate and precise. As a result, low-quality strippers tend to break down quickly. It's possible that you'll cut into the wire when you're stripping it because of this. Additionally, you may have a difficult time getting through the jacket. In order to ensure the safety of your tools, you should only purchase wire strippers made by the best manufacturers in the industry. High-quality tools are guaranteed with a trusted name behind them. When handled properly, a high-quality wire remover can last a lifetime. With only a little oil, you can maintain it smooth.


What Is the Fastest Way to Strip Scrap Wire?

The best automatic wire strippers or Snap-On wire strippers are always the best option.. The best are self-adjustable so that you can strip wire in a matter of seconds. Professional wire strippers are preferable to excellent scissors because they produce fewer mistakes.

When it comes to stripping copper from a wire jacket, even a utility knife is regarded one of the best methods. Ensure you put the wire on the tabletop and keep your hands secure behind the knife.

Are wire strippers good for crimping terminal connectors onto wires?

This is a job that most wire strippers can do. But this is not a core feature. That is why double-check before buying the nippers for this kind of operation.

Can you strip Teflon-coated or wet wires with this tool?

A lot of wire strippers aren't able to remove the Teflon coating. This tool is capable of handling the thick plastic casing of typical wires since it has a lot of grip. Teflon coating and substantial insulation beneath it will be difficult for regular nippers to cut through. If you're dealing with a lot of Teflon-coated wires, you may want to invest in a tool specifically intended for this task.

How to maintain a wire stripper?

Wire remover tools that are well-made can last a lifetime. You should oil it on a regular basis to keep it in good shape. The jaws will be able to open more easily as a result of this.


Wire strippers are an essential equipment for every do-it-yourselfer. These low-cost electrical repair necessities allow you to make quick and simple wire splices. Our favorite wire-stripping tool is the 8-inch Irwin Vise-Grip. Wires ranging from AWG 10 to 22 can be cut and stripped with this 8-inch cutting tool. The ergonomics of its patented rubber handles are designed for all-day comfort.

I prefer wire strippers because they make it easier for me to fix just about everything. My girlfriend's iPhone charger was fixed thanks to one of these innovative home appliances. At the very least, I was able to save myself $100. Please go through my advice before making a purchase of one of the tools I've recommended or another that you can find on the US market. For a newbie, I wouldn't say it's absolutely necessary, but it does save a lot of time.

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