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13 Best Fabric For Dining Chairs In 2024

Bob Vila
  Apr 12, 2024 12:44 PM

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Every family has a special place in their house where they gather for special occasions, and the dining room is one such place. In order to provide a welcoming ambiance, the dining room chairs are an important design element.

As a result, we've developed a list of upholstery fabrics that work well with a variety of dining chairs, whether they're wood or metal, vintage or modern.

You should search for fabrics that are stain-resistant, durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of textures and colors so that you can easily match it to your home's design.

It's not enough to choose the proper upholstery fabric for a dining chair.

Learn how to upholster a dining chair and about the various properties of fabrics in the sections that follow.

We've previously talked about the best fabrics for families with children and pets.

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The Best Fabrics For Dining Chairs

When it comes to expressing your particular style in your home's dining room, your dining chairs make a big impression.

Learn about the following dining chair textiles so that you can impress your guests with the decor as well as the food.

In addition to providing design, comfort, and utility, each of these materials also offers a unique flair to your dining chairs.

Cotton Blend

Synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon, can be added to cotton to make it even more durable. Cotton is a robust fiber on its own.

Your dining chairs will be more durable, wrinkle-resistant, long-lasting, and stain-resistant if they are upholstered with cotton blends.

Using a stain-resistant solution like Scotch protect on your cotton-blend upholstery will keep it looking new for a long time.

Faux Suede

Synthetic microsuede, or "faux suede," is a popular choice for clothing. In terms of appearance and feel, there's no difference between this and genuine leather. This material is lightweight and easy to clean. In addition, it's a long-lasting piece.

The darker the imitation fabric, the more visible dirt, grime, and superficial blemishes will be.

The alternative plastic-based solution, on the other hand, is animal-cruelty-free and more durable than genuine suede.


Use genuine leather upholstery to get a taste of the high-end. There are three different textures to choose from. Most people like top-grain leather, which is also the most expensive.

Full-grain leather, on the other hand, is more likely to display defects like hair follicles and wrinkles in the skin.

Corrected-grain leather is the third form of leather, which is frequently buffed to make it appear smooth and evenly distributed. With proper care, real leather can be used to upholster chairs for decades.


Texture that wraps around the hand and enlivens the mind.

Its shimmering reflections and deep, rich colors draw the eye, making velvet a sumptuous choice for your chairs.

Picture a damask velvet dining room set with gold or silver embroidered chairs for inspiration. Everything about this ensemble screams class and refinement.


If you're looking for an updated design for your furniture, you might consider using lampas instead of brocade.

When it comes to the processing of this fabric, two warps and multiple wefts are utilized, making the unembroidered side, which is covered in a tangled network of threads, instantly identifiable.


A high-quality, "fresh" and luxuriously soft natural fiber that is ideal for use in the upholstery of dining room chairs. 'Sea Island' cotton, which has long, silky fibers, is the most sought-after cotton because it is used to manufacture exquisite garments.

Cotton comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it a versatile and subtle wardrobe staple.


There are numerous reasons to use tweed upholstery fabric in your home. Tweed is a long-lasting woolen fabric that has a unique look and feel. Unless you need to use a light detergent to remove stains, vacuuming tweed is the only way to keep it clean. Tweed is a great choice for a refined, classic dining room or a farmhouse-style home.


In addition to being stain and fade resistant, vinyl can be cleaned with a moist cloth. Ornate embossed vinyl that mimics leather and textured woven vinyl in plain colors are just two of the many vinyl design alternatives. Vinyl is a tough, easy-to-clean material that has a polished appearance.

Things to consider

Evaluate the furnishing concept you’ve chose for your dining room

Choosing the right upholstery fabric for your dining room chairs begins here.

There are some textiles that are more suitable for traditional furnishings, while others are better suited for a more contemporary aesthetic.

Opt for fine fabrics with a stimulating texture

High-quality materials are best suited to opulent dining rooms because of their visual impact and tactile perception.

The materials you chose for your dining room chairs should entice the senses as well as the eyes.

Decide on the fabric color to the color palette of your room

The color scheme used to define the entire room should be considered when selecting a fabric to upholster your dining room chairs.

If you're decorating a dining room, look for materials that complement the rest of the decor.

You can create contrast by using colors and tones that aren't very brilliant. Instead, go for more refined hues.


How Do You Measure Fabric For Dining Room Chairs?

One yard of 54-inch wide fabric may make two upholstered cushions for a dining chair that is 16 inches wide by 18 inches long. With a flexible measuring tape, measure the seat cushion from edge to edge. Write down the dimensions in inches. It's recommended that you increase the dimensions of your chair's seat and back by between three and ten inches. On the reverse of the cloth, jot down the dimensions of your seat.

Should The Dining Chairs Match The Table?

You don't have to match your dining chairs to your table. You can experiment with different textures, colors, and upholstery materials for your dining room chairs.

To add visual appeal, you might maintain your table and chairs in the same color family, texture, or design motif.


Your home's decor will be improved by reupholstering your dining chairs. DIY this project with a little work, the correct equipment, and high-quality fabric.

With a new upholstery fabric, you may give new life to old dining room chairs or refresh the look of your current ones.

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