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Best Paint Color For Room With Brick Fireplace Of 2024: Completed List

Bob Vila
  Feb 26, 2024 5:52 AM

What is the current state of the best paint color for room with brick fireplace in the market? As a result of the sheer number of options available, clients are likely to feel intimidated while trying to find an appropriate brand to shop for, There are simply too many choices, many of which are low-quality knock-offs, on the market.

In order to aid you in making an informed decision, we've put together a list of 11 different best paint color for room with brick fireplace product options that we've investigated and analyzed.


Choosing the proper color for your fireplace can have a profound effect on the ambience of the space. If you're looking to paint a brick fireplace, the options are nearly unlimited. However, the question of "what color should I paint my brick fireplace?" can be overwhelming at times.

There are some people who prefer the stark aspect of a bare brick fireplace. However, if you like to paint your fireplace, these are some of the best color possibilities.

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Deciding on a Color

Do you want your fireplace to be the focal point of the room, or should it be more subdued? The degree to which your fireplace becomes the room's center point will be determined by the color of the paint you choose. The dramatic effect of dark colors can be achieved by using them. The focal point of your room should be your fireplace, and a splash of color can help you achieve this goal by drawing attention to that region.

Keep It Neutral

Colors like white and off-white give the room a calming effect. Natural-looking shades of tan, beige, cream, and light gray are prevalent. Contemporary interiors can benefit from softer colors of black and grey. You can achieve a "real brick" effect by whitewashing, painting a solid light neutral hue, or using a product like Brick-Anew to replicate the look of real brick. Choosing paint colors for your fireplace may be easy with the Brick Anew method.

Create a Contrast

The contrast between light-colored walls and a dark-colored fireplace brick can be eye-catching. Alternatively, you can paint the brick and the mantel a different color to create a dramatic contrast.

White painted brick with a black mantel, for example, produces a strong impression.

Go Monochromatic

The walls and bricks of the fireplace can be painted the same or comparable colors if you want them to merge seamlessly into the decor. The room's focal point, the fireplace, is diminished by the use of soft, light colors.

Soft Neutral Look

If you're going for a soft neutral aesthetic, consider using beige, cream, light gray, or tan as your primary paint colors. There is a wide variety of whites from which to choose.

Using these hues will work effectively in contemporary-styled spaces.

The Blended Look

Having a blended appearance can help create a pleasant ambiance in the room. The fireplace should be painted the same or a comparable color as the rest of the room. When done in this way, the living room will have a more harmonious vibe.

These are the three most important factors to consider when deciding on a paint color for your brick fireplace. Make it your own by decorating it with your own unique flair. To get some ideas, we'll take a look at a few practically painted brick fireplaces, ranging from spectacular to delicate and subtle.

Some Paint Colour Examples That Might Inspire You

Fresh Mint

Your fireplace gets a fresh coat of color thanks to mint-painted white bricks. It would look better if the tiles were all the same color.

Rustic Glam

Rustic charm is provided by the fireplace's rough wood mantel. The mantel is given a luxurious edge by the metallic candle holders.

Charcoal Texture

In contrast to the white tiles, the charcoal textured fireplace provides a dramatic visual element in the room The painted bricks' natural roughness is highlighted with a rough-hewn mantel.

Blue Brick Fireplace

Apply a rich matte blue paint to the red brick. Add one part of blue paint, one part of white paint, and four parts of water to the paint to make it more beautiful. Color wash can be applied after the initial coat of paint has dried, then rapidly wiped away with a clean, dry towel.


With a neutral wall color like tan or a warm gray, red brick with an orange tone will look its finest. Accents or furniture in blue, sage green, orange, red, mint, or turquoise can also be used to provide a dash of color. Cherry brown, warm gray, or charcoal can be used as a counterbalance, while black and white can be used to create contrast.


Generally speaking, darker tones of red with a purple undertone tend to be. As a result, walls painted gray or tan complement this shade beautifully, while beige makes for a stunning backdrop for purple/red brick. To prevent making the area feel dingy, opt with lighter tones. Finish the room with light grays, yellows and greens, beige, and browns. Also, stay away from utilizing a lot of blue or purple.

Neutral Tan

Neutral hues are always a safe bet. Earthy browns and yellows are a wonderful accent to your unfinished brick because of their versatility. Paint the remaining rooms in your home in a warm tan color to create a welcoming atmosphere. You have the perfect opportunity to brighten up this room with interesting furniture and art in this neutral environment.

Classic White

If you're going for a more contemporary look, a white paint job looks excellent against an exposed brick wall. Especially those colors of white with a tinge of yellow or brown. White paint provides a refreshing contrast to brick's rough, industrial appearance.


Best Sheen for painting a brick fireplace?

Start with an indoor acrylic-latex blend paint for painting a brick fireplace. A high-temperature-resistant paint is needed. Eggshell has a lesser sheen and a warm glow, so it's a good choice for a sheen. Simply put, it's a terrific way to hide faults. Purchase a textured surface paint roller as well. The rough and porous surface of the brick will be covered by this.

Can You Paint Brick?

It is possible to paint brick, and many people do so from the interior to the exterior; this is a common occurrence. I'm going to talk about painting a gas-lit brick fireplace in the house for the sake of this piece. Painting external brick or other brick surfaces will require some of the same techniques, but you should do your study on the specific sort of brick you'll be working with.

This is one of my favorite materials, however it does take some upkeep and must be handled with care. Make sure to pick a silicate or mineral-based paint that is breathable.

What Color Should You Paint a Brick Fireplace?

White painted brick and white brick fireplaces are two of my favorite things. You can paint your fireplace any color you like, but many people choose to do so. However, the black, gray, and navy blue fireplaces I've seen are magnificent. Again, this is purely a matter of taste.

We painted our fireplace Benjamin Moore White Dove to match the rest of our home's trim because I wanted everything to match.


These painting ideas for fireplace bricks can give your home a one-of-a-kind appearance. Your living area will appear better with a new fireplace. There are many ways to decorate and paint your fireplace, but the most important thing is to keep it looking its best. So, how do you feel about the fireplace in your home? What color would you prefer? Decorative painted fireplaces are a great way to spruce up your home.

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