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9 Best Portable Diesel Generator In 2024

Sonya HarrisBob Vila
  Feb 26, 2024 5:46 AM

We independently study, test, and review 9 Best Portable Diesel Generator products before making recommendations. We’re testing the DuroMax, Generac, EF ECOFLOW, Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment, GENMAX  for a for a future update to this guide.


When it comes to power outages or other crises, portable diesel generators are similar to portable gasoline generators, but they serve quite distinct purposes. Construction companies rely on portable diesel generators for steady electricity wherever they go. While gasoline-powered machines must be refueled frequently, diesel generators do not need to be serviced as frequently.

Diesel generators are available in a wide range of capacities, from less than 10 kVA to more than 1 MW, much like any other engine-powered device. While 12V is the most common voltage for smaller machines, 24V or 48V is more common for larger ones. Before it can be used in the engine, diesel fuel must be combined with oil to prevent it from overheating.

We conducted more than 70 hours of study and testing, interviewing specialists in the field of diesel generators, and doing our own testing. We compared the specifications of more than 20 different generators to find out what sets one apart from the rest. Using our advice, you can determine what kind of generator you need, how much power you need, and what size will fit best in your garage or shed for storage.

We've compiled a list of the top-rated portable diesel generators for your consideration

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Buying Guide

If you routinely host large gatherings or find yourself in situations where power outages are common, a portable diesel generator is an excellent investment. If you want to get the most out of your generator purchase, you should keep these things in mind:

Power rating

The watts of a generator is used to establish its power rating. Make careful to check the watt-hour rating of your gadgets to determine how many watts each one requires.

Fuel type

Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than gas ones, but they also require more maintenance. They use about one gallon of fuel every hour. Gasoline can be utilized in a pinch, but it is less efficient than diesel and can't handle as much power.

Noise level

The decibel rating of many generators should be taken into account. The noise level of your generator might be a significant consideration when choosing a model, whether it will be put outside or within your home.

Fuel capacity

To ensure that the generator can run for a long time at a major event, it is necessary to purchase a generator with a large fuel capacity.

Fuel Efficiency

Generators that run on diesel fuel are more efficient than those that run on gasoline. Diesel creates 15% to 20% more power from the same amount of fuel that a gasoline generator does, which is why this is the case. In addition to being less expensive than gas, diesel is also more efficient. This means that you can save money on operational costs while still generating more energy.


Engines powered by diesel fuel are known to last longer than those powered by gasoline. In a gasoline engine, knocking and pinging are caused by the qualities of the fuel itself. As a result, your diesel generator will last longer before it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Low Maintenance Costs

Diesel-powered generators require the least amount of upkeep. If you're lucky, you'll only have to do this once a year. Diesel may be stored for up to a year. Unlike gasoline, which can choke your generator's carburetor and fuel system after a few months of storage, diesel fuel doesn't do the same. For this reason, you'll be able to get the most out of your generator for many years.

Power output

The power of your diesel generator will be determined by where you plan to use it and the items you plan to power with it.


Consider how easy it is to relocate the diesel generator while discussing mobility. In light of its weight, evaluate whether the generator has a wheel kit or a set of strong grab grips. Consider the model's dimensions, especially if you intend to transport it in a truck.


How long a portable diesel generator can run on a full tank at 25%, 50%, or 100% load is referred to as runtime. The length of time a tank can run relies mostly on the tank's size. However, the amount of weight on it has an effect. The more weight carried, the more gasoline is required.


What is quiet for a portable diesel generator?

It is 56 dB for a diesel generator.

Are diesel generators better than gas?

Compared to gasoline-powered models, diesel generators typically offer higher power and fuel capacity. Consequently, they are more effective in the long run. In addition to producing a lower decibel level, they are also perfect for usage in the home.

What is the smallest diesel generator?

MEP-531A is the world's smallest portable diesel generator by Dewey Electronics. The United States military relies on this generator for its power needs.

Are diesel generators efficient?

Yes, diesel generators are more efficient than gasoline generators in terms of power. As previously mentioned, this is due to diesel fuel's higher octane level. Using the same capacity, diesel generators can run for longer periods of time than gasoline-powered generators. There are several instances where the consumption of diesel engines is less than half of the consumption of similar gasoline engines.

What’s the lifespan of a diesel generator?

Due to considerations such as correct loading and frequent maintenance, it's impossible to say how long a portable diesel generator will endure. However, if a gasoline generator lasts 10,000 hours, you may expect a diesel generator of the same size to last up to 30000 hours.


Powerful and long-lasting generators, such as diesel models, are an excellent choice. But keep in mind that they are more expensive, noisier, and less portable than other types of portable generators because of their weight.

In the event you're still undecided after reading our reviews on the greatest portable diesel generators, I'd suggest the DuroStar DS7000Q thanks to its exceptional pricing. Sigma Silent, despite its promise of more power and lower cost, is still an unknown brand. When it comes to power, the Durostar diesel backup generator provides an amazing power output to meet the needs of most homeowners and those who utilize their generators outside the home.

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