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13 Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges In 2024

Sonya HarrisBob Vila
  Feb 26, 2024 4:16 AM

We independently study, test, and review 13 Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges products before making recommendations. We’re testing the TIOIT COEME, Ravinte, DecoBasics, Probrico, N/A, Rok, KONIGEEHRE, Hushed Hardware  for a for a future update to this guide.


In the habit of having to open and close cabinet doors with a jammed latch? Adding insult to injury is the fact that they make these annoying cracking noises. As far as I know, the hinges are responsible for this problem.

Your cabinet door will stick and produce strange cracking noises if you use a cheap hinge. Make your life easier by investing in the best soft close cabinet hinges.

Trying to get the greatest hinge set but don't know where to start? Now it's your turn to join me on a trip. I'll make sure your cabinet door is fitted with the right hinges.

It's time to move on. Let's go for it.

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Buying Guide

Buying a cabinet door hinge set for yourself, then? The good news is that you know what to look for in a hinge set before making a purchase. Before purchasing a cabinet door hinge, take a look at the following considerations.

Smooth Mechanism

Since even a tiny amount of roughness may make you uncomfortable, you desire a cabinet that is easy to open and close. It's a pleasure to open a cabinet with a smoothly functioning hinge, and it also does its job well. Adding a soft-close mechanism to your cabinet doors increases their lifespan by tenfold.

As such, while buying for a soft cabinet hinge online, look for one that is compact in size, simply lathes to your cabinet wall, and operates smoothly when opening and shutting the cabinet door. In order for a cabinet door to function smoothly, the screws that hold it in place should be as sturdy as possible.

Noise Reduction

After a long day of work, you come home to a place where you may unwind and recharge your batteries. It's possible that even a small amount of noise can make you angry. As a final nuisance, you'll have to deal with a cabinet hinge that makes a squeaking sound as it opens and closes.

If you want peace of mind, finding a cabinet hinge that is quiet as it closes is a must. Since you don't want to wake up your child or cause any other disturbance by closing one that emits a high-pitched noise.


Before purchasing a soft-close cabinet hinge, it is important to evaluate the mounting method. Close cabinet doors can be attached to the wall in a variety of ways.

For example, a three-way mounting system with adjustable screws provides better alignment and enhances the cabinet's overall performance.

Make sure that the screws you are using to mount the hinge are of the correct type and size.


When purchasing a cabinet hinge, make sure the material is rustproof. As a result, you'll have to replace the hinge frequently because they pose a risk to your well-being. In addition to becoming noisy as time goes on, rusty old hinges also defy the purpose of purchasing new hinges in the first place!

Also, look for cabinet door hinges that are constructed of the same material as the cabinet door itself.


Choosing cabinet door hinges that match your home's decor is a nice touch, but it isn't strictly necessary. You can get ones that match the door or ones that contrast well with it.

There's no right or wrong answer. However, if you're going to be using these hinges for a long time, you might as well pick ones that aren't too obtrusive.

Build Quality

The sort of material chosen to build a hinge has a significant impact on how long it will last. If you're on a tight budget, you should opt for the most durable material hinge in your price range, even if it's a little more expensive.

Zinc-alloy, for example, is a fantastic material for making soft-close cabinet hinges, and it often lasts longer than other materials. Although they are more expensive than traditional hinges, they more than make up for it in terms of quality, flexibility, and long-term use. they are durable.


Are these hinges durable enough?

Yes, these hinges are extremely long-lasting and can be used for many years to come.

Am I getting any warranty offers with these products?

All of these devices, of course, come with excellent warranties. The only way to find out how long it will take is to get in touch with your seller.

How Often Should You Oil Your Cabinet Hinges?

Every month, you should oil the cabinet door hinges. If you find yourself doing this too frequently, you can just lubricate the hinges.

Can you put soft close hinges on old cabinets?

Yes! Soft-close hinges can be added to any cabinet door.

Prior to beginning anything, make sure you understand what type of cabinet door you're dealing with (inset or overlay).

Can you change kitchen cabinet doors to soft close?

Yes! Soft-closing cabinet doors can be retrofitted to any cabinet.

You can make any door soft-close by purchasing the appropriate sort of hinges.

Hinges that self-close versus those that soft-close differ in several ways.

Hydraulics are built into soft-closing hinges.

In this case, hydraulics take control and close the hinge for you automatically.

The springs in self-closing hinges are built in.

As soon as a tiny touch or force of some kind is applied, the spring takes over and continues to close the door.


Everything you needed to know about soft close cabinet hinges is right there. Instead of presenting you with a swarm of choices, I've attempted to focus on the greatest ones in my review. Make sure you've done your research and choose a product that's perfect for you. It's a decision you won't be sorry for.

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