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Top 12 Best Space Heater For Small Bathroom Of 2024

Bob Vila
  May 20, 2024 8:24 AM

Using the internet, we discovered how many possibilities are there. Even we got lost: the competition is tough. So, we laid out criteria to choose the best space heater for small bathroom. The criteria were fairly simple: get the most bang for a buck, have great performance and user reviews.


The bathroom is the only room in the house that requires year-round heating. And when the cold weather sets in, we retreat to our homes for warmth.

On a cold winter morning, what happens if you wake up in a cold bathroom?

If you spent even a few seconds in that kind of environment, you'd get sick, and bathing in a frigid bathroom in the winter is nearly impossible for anyone.

It's now easier than ever to choose from a variety of bathroom heaters thanks to advances in heating technology.

In bathrooms, you don't have to worry about combining electricity with water because of the specific design of bathroom heaters.

When not in use, these personal heaters quickly shut off. To avoid electric shocks and heater damage, they come into direct touch with water.

When you have a bathroom heater, you don't have to worry about getting a cold or shivering in the shower.

As technology has progressed, bathroom heaters now offer more appealing features that allow you to enjoy your bathroom to the fullest.

When you have a bathroom heater, you'll be compelled to wash your hands and face constantly.

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Buying Guide


You get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing a heater for your bathroom. There is a direct correlation between price and what you get, how long your device lasts, and how well it performs.

It's possible to save money by purchasing a unit that doesn't have the features or performance you need, but it's not always the best option. Between $30 and $200 is a good price point for a quality space heater; anything less or more is likely to be overpriced or lacking in quality and features that make a heater worth the investment.

Buying a well-known brand name can also raise the price of a product. While the quality of these well-known brands' products is unquestionable, that doesn't mean that a lesser-known brand can't deliver comparable results. It's a good idea to look into the manufacturer's warranty before purchasing a space heater from an unknown brand.


Because of the variety of heaters available, the amount of space occupied by a bathroom heater might be rather different. A normal-sized bathroom doesn't require much area for a heater, but you should still plan ahead and take measurements if necessary before purchasing one.

You'll need to take into account both the heater's footprint and the size of your bathroom. In order to ensure that every region of your bathroom receives its fair share of heat, you may want to invest in a higher-wattage oscillating space heater if your bathroom is very large.


With wetness, toddlers and half-asleep adults being frequent users of the bathroom, you’ll want to make sure safety is priority number one. For safety's sake, you should choose a location for your device before you buy it so that no one may accidentally damage it. If your children or pets are tall enough to reach it on a counter, you may want to consider mounting it on the wall. To avoid overheating or injuring the surrounding environment if the unit is pushed over, there are also units with tip-over protection and automatic shut-off.

Finally, you can check for recalls or other safety issues with your space heater by doing some research to ensure it meets the proper safety standards.


The shape, color, and style of your bathroom heater aren't the most important aspects to consider when purchasing, but you still want it to fit in with the rest of your decor.


If you're not handy around the house, remember to account for the expense of professional installation when you browse for a heater.


You don't want your bathroom heater to occupy the entire space. Make sure that the heater's mobility is trustworthy before you get one.

Efficient and Long-Term Usage

A heater that generates heat using radiation rather than convection will be a smart choice when looking for a heater that is both efficient and reliable. Convection heaters warm the air in the room, whereas radiation heaters heat people and items directly.

Heat loss from draught and leakage is greatly reduced with radiant heaters, making them more efficient than other types of heaters. Infrared heaters or an under-floor heating system are the best options if you want to maximize the benefits of radiant heat.

Programmable Heating Controls

To ensure your comfort and safety, you will need to use the controls. Timers and overheat shut-off mechanisms are common features found in many heaters. People prefer heaters with programmable controls because they want the most flexibility in terms of setting up the heating system exactly when they want it. All they need to do in advance is set their timers.

To save energy, the system can be shut off when no longer needed.


Technology has made it possible for every customer to enjoy their goods to their heart's content, and customization is the keyword of the day. The heater in the bathroom is no different. Multiple heat settings and programmable thermostats are available in a variety of heaters that can be turned on and off as needed.

However, despite the higher price tag, you'll get more consistent heat for a longer amount of time with thermostat-controlled heaters. There are a variety of heat settings available, so you can choose the perfect temperature for your needs.


How Much does it Cost to Run a Bathroom Heater?

When purchasing a space heater for your bathroom, keep in mind the cost and the amount of energy it consumes. You should include in the cost of running the heater to determine how long it will take to heat your bathroom.

It depends on how you use your heater in the bathroom, whether it is a little area or your bathroom has more space to heat it up, while thinking about bathroom heater and running costs. Heating a small bathroom will likely be less expensive than heating a large bathroom.

If you just use an electric radiant floor heating system for 30 minutes before turning it off, you'll end up paying more. Radiant floor heaters might take up to two hours to warm your bathroom to the point where you can use the shower or bath. The more often the heater runs, the more money you'll spend on energy. Furthermore, radiant floor heating systems are the most cost-effective choice if you want your bathroom warm at all times.

When considering a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted heater, it warms the area quickly and costs more if it is continually operating. When you install one of these heaters, the warm air that comes out of it is circulated all about the room. The only drawbacks of these heaters are that they use a lot of electricity and cool down quickly when you switch them off.

These heaters can be used as a supplement to your home's heating system if all other heating systems in your home are turned off. This will lower your heating expense.

Why should we have a bathroom heater for the winter?

You may comfortably transition from the shower to the towel with the help of a bathroom heater, according to Do It Yourself, as heater fans can offer warm heat that does not cause skin irritation. Using a bathroom warmer or a high-quality air purifier can quickly remove unpleasant scents from the air.

Aside from that, bathroom heaters kill germs and viruses that linger in the air. In addition, bathroom heaters are simple to set up and cost far less than standard heaters. A bathroom heater may help you avoid mildew and fogging, which are two of the most typical issues in the cold, so you should have one installed in your bathroom.

How do you know which the best bathroom heater to buy is?

You should think about how loud the heater is and whether or not you can live with it. Depending on how you intend to use it, you can select between recessed or surface mounting. Consider the location of the bathroom heater before purchasing it.

Some people therefore place bathroom heaters on the ground so that they will not fall into the bathtub and cause accidents, especially if the bathroom heater does not have a properly functional tip over switch. You must ensure that the wattage is sufficient for heating and your energy bill, as well as the accuracy of the thermostat and timer. For further security and comfort, the grille and casing should be cool to the touch.


It is inevitable that you will spend time in your bathroom at least once a day, so it should be as pleasant as possible.

When it's cold outside, bathroom heaters keep you warm and comfortable while you clean up.

You can use the information in this article to help you choose a new bathroom heater.

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