Different Types Of China Cabinets – Ultimate Guide

Furnishing your home can be an exciting project, but it may also seem a little overwhelming. The following article will give you detailed information on some of the different types of china cabinets that are currently available on the market today.

Types Of China Cabinets Base On Style

1) Traditional China Cabinet

These traditionally designed units have glass doors and shelving inside to store your dishes and other décor items. Traditional china cabinets are simple in design, with rounded corners and a rectangular shape. The wood on traditional cabinets is usually mahogany or oak, although they can also be made out of other types of hardwoods.

The traditional style looks elegant in a dining room or china hutch. Be sure to choose furniture that will match your overall home décor, using colors and patterns that you like in your other furnishings. If you are planning on buying a new set for the entire family, go with solid color dishes instead of patterned ones, as this will give your new cabinets a classic look.

2) Modern China Cabinet

A modern china cabinet combines high-quality materials and a sleek look. The style of this type of cabinet is usually very streamlined, with curved corners that are much more elegant than those found on traditional cabinets. Modern China cabinets have a very sleek look that is perfect for contemporary homes and other styles.

Modern china cabinets can be used to store your dishes, or you can use them as hutch space for a flat screen television. A modern cabinet could also work nicely in an office setting, behind the desk or against one of the walls. You can choose from many different styles and types when shopping for this type of china cabinet.

3) Transitional China Cabinet

Transitional china cabinets look very similar to traditional ones, but they are a little more modern in appearance. The transitional style is not as sleek or simple as the modern style, and it doesn't have rounded corners like on a traditional cabinet.

Transitional china cabinets have a more rounded look that will work well in homes that are not completely modern or completely traditional. To further enhance the transitional style, choose solid colored dishes for your new cabinets. You can also combine different colors and patterns on your dishes to create an accent wall behind them inside the cabinet.

4) Craftsman Style China Cabinet

Exuberance, creativity and individuality are words that describe the craftsman style. Made from various types of wood such as maple, cherry or oak, these cabinets have an interesting shaped like cabriole legs or even a curved top to make it stand out.

The craftsman style is a very versatile design that works well in both traditional and contemporary homes. If you would like to purchase one of these types of china cabinets, be sure to choose one that will match the other furnishings in your home. The colors on this type of cabinet can range from dark espresso brown tones to light maple or oak hues.

5) Gothic Style China Cabinet

If you like a traditional style with a twist, then a gothic china cabinet is the perfect choice for you. These cabinets have an intricate design that incorporates stained-glass panels on the doors and many different types of wood in their construction. Gothic cabinets have more detailing than other traditional ones, and can be found in various styles including Tudor, Colonial or Victorian.

Gothic designs are most commonly used on smaller pieces of furniture like bookcases or nightstands. You can also pick up a china cabinet with the gothic style, which will work nicely with the other furnishings in your home. The stained-glass panel on these cabinets is truly stunning, and can even be used as a piece of artwork in itself.

6) Rustic China Cabinet

Rusting is a very popular style, and it looks better than ever when applied to china cabinets. Rustic cabinetry displays an antique or old-world look that will blend in well with other rustic furniture in your home.

The rustic cabinetry is usually made from solid pine wood, which gives the piece its strong and sturdy look. It is very well-built from the ground up, and it can last for many years if cared for properly. A rustic china cabinet will be a great addition to any room in your home.

You can choose from a variety of wood types including oak, pine and many others. These pieces will really stand out when you have classic dishes stored inside.

7) Shaker China Cabinet

You can also buy a shaker style china cabinet, which has simple lines and an elegant look. Choosing this type of cabinet will allow you to display your dishes with pride, as these models are very attractive and come in several different styles that would match almost any decor. It is common for the shaker style cabinet to be built from maple or oak wood.

You can find this type of china cabinet in a variety of shapes and sizes, including square, rectangle and circular designs. An oval shaped shaker china cabinet would also work nicely in your home. This type of cabinets tend to be lighter in color, with simple brown hues or white. These cabinets will last for many years, and they are easy to maintain.

8) Wall-Mounted China Cabinet

This style is perfect for smaller spaces because they take up so much less floor space than larger cabinets. Wall mounted china cabinets are so named because they are literally mounted on the wall instead of being placed on the floor or on a table. This type of cabinet is typically designed in an L-shape, which could be a good fit for your dining room.

You can choose from several different styles that will match almost any decor and floor plan. Wall-mounted cabinets are available in many sizes and shapes, such as square, rectangular and circular designs. You can also buy a wall-mounted cabinet with three or more doors for even more display space.

Types Of China Cabinets Base On Features

1) Mirrored Backed China Cabinet

A mirrored back on a china cabinet is very beautiful. Many people like the effect so much that they want to recreate it by painting a mirror onto the back of their china cabinets. What you do not realize though is that doing so will ruin the value of your furniture piece.

A properly installed mirror backing has special clips that hold the mirror in place, and they will not come out without being destroyed. If you want a mirrored backed cabinet, you need to purchase one from the manufacturer who can supply you with new clips. The mirror backing will make your china cabinet sparkle and look more expensive than it actually is.

2) Glass Front China Cabinet

The glass front china cabinet was inspired by the armoire. This style is very popular because it provides you with a lot of storage space for your dishes and keeps them safe from dust or dirt that can accumulate over time. Many people choose this design because they can still admire their dishes from all angles.

These cabinets usually have up to three separate shelves, and they are large enough to display your entire collection. The glass is tempered as a safety precaution, so that it will not break even when bumped by other objects in the cabinet. It also keeps out dust and dirt, which is good for you because you do not have to clean them often.

3) Glass China Cabinet With Doors

Glass china cabinets with doors are in high demand right now, and for many good reasons. These cabinets lock your display items safely behind a transparent glass door, which does not allow dust to settle on them and cause damage over time.

These cabinets can be made of wood, metal or even glass. The main benefit of choosing a glass door china cabinet is that you will be able to admire all of your items without having to remove them from the cabinet. You do not have to worry about dust settling on the display either, because the doors prevent any dirt or debris from getting inside of it.

4) China Cabinet With Lighting

You can find china cabinets with lighting inside them. These models are great for keeping your dishes safe and clean at all times. The light is usually built in to the top of the cabinet, because this area will be used up otherwise by dishware on top. You can choose from several different types of lighting, such as soft lighting, halogen lights and vintage lighting.

If you prefer a brighter light for your display items, you should buy one that has several bulbs inside of it. This will flood the cabinet interior with bright white light, so that you can see everything clearly. You may also want to consider purchasing table lamps or floor lamps if your china cabinet does not come with any lights or if you would like extra light in the room.

5) Adjustable Shelving China Cabinet

Adjustable shelving is very useful when it comes to the china cabinet. This feature allows you to customize your storage space and maximize the amount of room inside for storing plates, bowls, cups and other items that you would like to display proudly in your home. You can adjust the shelves up or down as needed so that each item is displayed in an optimal position.

Adjustable shelving is a good idea for any china cabinet that will be used to display dishes, but it may also benefit other items as well. You can use the shelves to store linens and towels in your bathroom or even blankets in your bedroom. You do not have to worry about the size of the items because adjustable shelves can be made in any size you need.

6) Plate Grooves China Cabinet

The lighted china cabinet is becoming more popular as people choose to display their vintage items and china. These cabinets feature refined designs that suit any style, and they are large enough for you to store any type of dishware along with your stemware, cups and plates. You do not have to worry about the glass being too thick or thin either, because these cabinets are specially designed to be energy efficient.

The crystal display china cabinet is another popular type of wall unit that you can choose from. These types of cabinets are all about glamour and class, so you will want to make sure they look good in any room inside your home. The crystals that are used in these cabinets add a certain flare to them, especially when they catch the sunlight.


Where are China cabinets made?

China cabinets can be made anywhere in the world. They are produced in a large variety of colors, styles and sizes, so they should fit any decor or budget. You will find everything from small models to large display units with adjustable shelves inside of them.

When was china popular?

China was extremely popular in the 18th century and 19th century because it was economical to produce. It was lighter than other materials used for making dishes, so it could be produced more quickly and at a lower cost.

Many people choose to display their china in a special cabinet because it adds value to the collection.

When was China first used?

China has been around for approximately 4,000 years or so. It was discovered by Han Dynasty potters when they were trying out new materials and techniques for making stoneware bowls and plates. They found that a certain type of clay could be fired at a low temperature and that the resulting items would not break or shatter easily. This discovery was very significant in the history of China, because it allowed for large amounts of dishes to be produced quickly and efficiently.

What is the best place to buy china cabinets for sale?

You can find china cabinets at many large department stores, but you need to know where to look. Khols and JC Penny both have a small selection of models that are available year-round at affordable prices. Many other stores sell their stock seasonally, so you will want to avoid casual retailers if you need a china cabinet for an important event.

You can find all the models that you want online, and they will be delivered right to your home. You have plenty of choices when it comes to buying dish cabinets from online suppliers, such as Wayfair, Amazon and Overstock. These sites offer some of the best selections and prices for china cabinets online.

How do I buy a china cabinet?

Buying a china cabinet is a simple matter of choosing the right one. You should measure the area where you want to use it and make sure that it will fit without causing any damage to walls or other nearby furniture. You can then browse models online and order whatever size you would like. The china will arrive shortly later at your front door.

How do I take care of my new china cabinet?

To maximize the life expectancy for your dish cabinet, you need to make sure that it is properly ventilated with enough openings in the back and sides. You may also want to use a humidifier to keep it from drying out entirely.

You should wipe the inside of your china cabinet down with a damp cloth to remove dust mites and other contaminants that can cause damage to dishes or cause them to crack. You also want to empty it out once a year so that you can make room for new additions.


Now that you know more about the types of china cabinets on the market, you can choose to buy one for yourself or help someone else make a decision. If your friend or family member is getting married, it is a thoughtful gift. You simply need to consider what size they may need and where they will use it most often.

You should also make sure that your china cabinet is properly ventilated so that it does not become damaged over time. The more you learn about different types of china cabinets, the better choices you can make for yourself or others.

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