Different Types Of Roses & How To Grow Them In Garden

Different types of roses are a symbol of love and romance. Roses come in many colors, sizes, shapes and varieties. They're also symbolic for the different stages of life such as birth, marriage and death.

Different types have their own meanings which is why they're so important to people all over the world.

Hybrid tea roses

Hybrid tea roses for example, are associated with elegance. They're usually used in wedding bouquets because they have a long lasting bloom and brilliant colors. These roses can be identified by their large, high centered buds that open into five petal flowers.

The most common form of this rose displays the classic damask pattern on its petals which makes it a symbol of true love.

Other than their great colors and patterns, hybrid tea roses are also known for their heavy fragrance.

Floribunda roses

Floribunda roses are known for their abundance of flowers and long-lasting bloom. These are the most popular variety employed in bouquets because they come with a wide range of colors and flower shapes, such as spray, semi-double or double blossoms.

The romantic symbolism behind this variety of rose is that it represents the covenant of love. According to Greek mythology, the god Eros offered the goddess Aphrodite a beautiful set of roses that he created from his own blood.

Floribundas have large blossoms with an abundance of petals which is why they're also perfect for boutonnieres and corsages.

Alba roses

The name alba is derived from the Latin word for “white” which accurately describes this type of rose. It has a pure white color with light green leaves and stems.

What makes them different from other types is that they're extremely fragrant.

The alba rose was believed to be first grown in China. These roses are often planted outside churches or in cemeteries as a symbol of goodness.

Alba roses are often used in weddings because they represent chastity and purity. These roses were planted outside all the wedding halls in Japan after one of their prime ministers was caught trying to sneak into a hotel with another woman.

Old Fashioned roses

This type of rose is widely used in landscaping due to its abundant flowering and hardiness. They have large, loosely formed flowers that appear older than they really are since they're also popular during the Victorian times.

The rose bud remains tightly shut until it's exposed to a little warmth, at which time the petals expand.

This variety is also known as the “cabbage rose” because of its large, cabbage-like heads that open into clusters of papery petals. This type also has super long lives and fragrances.

Bourbon roses

These roses are also known as the “hundred flower rose”, since they bloom in clusters with hundreds of small blossoms. The color range is from white to pale pink and each petal is deeply lobed.

Bourbons can be identified by their long stems which make them perfect for formal occasions. These roses are associated with elegance and refinement.

This variety is also known as the “five finger rose” because of its five pointed petals. The rose has a distinct, strong fragrance which makes it perfect for perfumes and other delicate scented products.

Grandiflora roses

This type of rose is smaller in size compared to other varieties but has a larger number of petals. The flower head is bigger and the coloring is usually darker.

The nopal cactus, which is common in Mexico, looks like this type of rose because its leaves and stem are slim and long. Its blooms are also numerous and come in a variety of colors.

This rose is a symbol of perfection. In the Japanese language, the word “big” is expressed with two characters that look similar to these roses

Shrub roses

This type of rose looks like a miniature tree because it stands upright when fully grown and has large clusters. These roses are also known as the “cape jasmine” because the plant was originally discovered in China. The shrub grows with small, dark glossy green leaves and thick, woody stems.

In the Victorian era, it was a symbol of good luck to keep branches of this rose in your home. It's also known as the “Moss Rose” because of its thick matte appearance.

This variety has greener leaves and doesn't have prominent thorns like most others. They're known to be hardy thanks to the fact that they can survive harsh winters and thick bushes.

These blooms have a very soft appearance which makes them perfect for budding flower arrangements and bouquets.

Polyantha roses

Polyantha roses a type of hybrid tea rose that is small (about 2 feet tall) and ideal for growing in containers. You can also plant these roses as ground cover, or in mass planting beds. The Polyantha rose blooms from late spring to early fall and comes in many different colors ranging from white to red.

Be careful when you prune this type of rose as it does not like to have its roots disturbed.

These roses are great for people who want to garden but don't have much space and cannot handle something that needs a lot of care. A well-pruned shrub rose can be kept at about 3 feet tall. It is also important to prevent your roses from being infested with aphids.

Polyantha roses can be grown from cuttings but to make sure that you have the right type of rose, it is important to know what kind of environment it needs and if there are any pests or diseases that might affect it.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are an ideal choice for those who want to add some excitement to their garden. These types of roses grow vertically on fences, walls, trellises, or arbors. This variety is great for home gardens as well as yards and parks. Climbing roses are also very easy to grow as they do not require much maintenance.

The climber rose has the most beautiful blooms in all different colors and shapes that open from early spring until late autumn. The Climber rose is a hybrid tea rose that grows about 6-12 feet if left unpruned. It can also be grown as a shrub rose.

It is important to space these types of roses properly when planting so that the branches have enough room to grow and can support themselves, along with vines. You should also prune them according to your needs as well as make sure they are getting proper sunlight and water. If you are growing it in a container, which most gardeners do, it is essential to prune them every year in the spring.

English Roses

English roses are gorgeous and very popular. The English rose is a hybrid tea rose that can be identified by its strong stem. It blooms from early spring to fall in all different colors, white being the most common color of this variety.

This type of rose requires a lot of maintenance when it comes to pruning as you have to make sure that it does not grow too long or tall. The English rose can reach a height of 6-8 feet if left unpruned.

You need to be careful when you prune this type of rose as you do not want to hurt its roots or get them infected by pests and diseases. You should also be careful with the insecticides you use on it, as they can be harmful to this type of rose.

If you do not prune your English rose in the spring it will start to look ragged and tangled. You should also be sure that if your roses are growing close together that you give them enough space so that they can grow properly.

Double Knock Out Roses

Double Knock Out roses are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. This type of rose is a hybrid tea rose that was first introduced in 1990.

The Double Knock Out rose is easy to grow as it does not require pruning or special care,  however you should still prune them every year or two seasons. It has beautiful large blooms that are available in many different colors and does not take up much space.

Famous Double Knock Out roses include 'Country Fair' and 'Chocolatier'.

Rosa Bonica

Rosa Bonica is a hybrid tea rose which was created in 1928. Rosa Bonica roses are very rare to find as they were discontinued by our US Department of Agriculture.

The flowers on Rosa Bonica roses range from white to reddish pink and they have a good scent. These types of roses only bloom once every few years, however they can live up to 20 years. This rose also has thorns which makes it a good option for those who like their roses with some pizazz.

Korean Rose

It is an older flower and comes from Korea, but as of now very little is known about this variety.

These types of roses have green and white blooms and are grown in a bush or as a ground cover. They bloom all season long with little to no pruning being required from the gardener.

Rosa Glauca

Rosa glauca roses are a beautiful white rose that is full of fragrance and has medium to large blooms. This rose requires little care and maintenance as well as pruning, however you should keep it trimmed after every season to keep it looking its best.

The Rosa glauca's leaves are often used to make a tea that is infused with health benefits.

Rosa Mundi

It is a species rose that can grow up to 8 feet tall and has beautiful green foliage all year round.

Rose mundi's bloom from spring until early summer and usually have blooms that are white, pale yellow and pink. This rose has thorns but only grows up to 4 feet tall, making it a good choice for those who do not want a large bush in their garden.

Rose de Rescht

Rose de Rescht has an average height of 4 feet and blooms early spring until late summer. It is a beautiful rose that has flowers that are available in many different colors such as white, pink and red. It does not have thorns on it but instead blooms with bright yellow petals.

This type of rose does not need much care and maintenance, however it will need pruning if you want to keep it looking nice.

Groundcover Roses

Groundcover roses are a recent invention that was created in Germany.  This rose is easy to grow and can fit any space, as it will fill the area out rather than growing up.  You should still be careful when planting this type of rose, however you do not need to prune them till they start to become crowded or intertwined.  Groundcover roses come in many different sizes and colors.

These types of roses are great for those who want a beautiful display without taking up a lot of your time.

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are smaller versions of the classic original types. They are perfect for those who have limited garden space or live in an apartment.

These types of roses come in many different colors and can be found in 21 different categories, such as: Shrub, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Polyantha and Miniatures of Old Garden Roses.  They are easy to grow and can be planted in window boxes, pots or even hanging baskets.

Rambling Roses

Rambling roses are the most popular rose in North America and Europe. They can grow up to over eight feet tall, making them hard for some people to manage.

However they do have great rewards with blooms that last from May till October.  The best part is they don't need much care and maintenance as long as you prune them once every year.  They do best in a sunny location and will not grow well in an area that gets little sunlight.

The rambling rose has a thick green stem with dark green leaves. The blooms appear as clusters of 5 to 20 flowers and are often bright red or pink, however you can find many other colors if your looking for something specific. Some varieties of this type rose even have double blooms that are very beautiful.

Cabbage Roses

The cabbage rose is a type of rose that was first created in Europe.  It has beautiful flowers that are around 3-6 inches across, and usually come in different shades of pink and red.

This type of rose requires very little maintenance as long as you prune them once every year or two. The only problem with raising these roses is that they can take up a lot of space.


Why do my roses have brown spots?

Roses will sometimes develop brown spots which are caused by rose rosette, a disease that is caused by a virus or fungus. This disease can cause the complete defoliation of the rose and can weaken it considerably.

How much sunlight should my roses receive?

Rose bushes need at least 8 hours of sunlight per day.  If the rose does not receive enough sunlight it will start to weaken and could die.

Can I cut off my roses' thorns?

Roses' thorns are a defense mechanism for the plant. If you remove them your rose bush could be vulnerable to being attacked by animals or people that come near it.

How big will my roses get?

Roses do not grow to a specific size, but instead grow according to the amount of light that they receive. If you want your roses to grow fast and large then they should receive plenty of sunlight.

How often should I prune my roses?

The best time for you to prune your roses is during the winter months. This will make it easier for you to prune them and also prevent damage from occurring to the plant while you are working on it.


This article has covered many different types of roses that can be grown in the US. It also answered some of the most common questions about these flowers such as why they get brown spots and how often you should prune them.

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