How Long Is Coffee Creamer Good For

While some coffee lovers like their coffee black, many others love theirs with a little cream mixed in their drink. Coffee creamers are a popular staple in the households of those that love their coffee creamy, with many of them storing the ingredient for several months.

If you are one of those that use creamer in your coffee and keep it for several months, you may have wondered how long the creamer is good for before it goes bad. The same goes for those that drink an occasional cup of coffee and always have powder cream available to add taste to their coffee. In this article, we talk about different types of creamers and their shelf life also about best dual coffee makers

How To Store Different Types Of Creamers

Before we look at how long creamer takes to go bad, let us look at the different kinds of creamers and the best ways to store them. The most popular available coffee creamers come in different varieties: liquid creamer, dairy creamer, powder creamer, and whitener.

Liquid creamer

Liquid creamers go through ultra-high processing, which helps to extend their shelf life. The process also makes it unnecessary to refrigerate the creamers unless you choose to do so. Even without refrigeration, you should store your liquid creamers in a cool and dry place.

Dairy Creamer

Dairy creamers, unlike their liquid counterparts, do not have a long shelf life. Dairy creamer has the same characteristics as regular milk, which means you need to store it in a refrigerator if you want it to stay for a while. The creams come in plastic containers or Tetra Pak with easy opening and closing snaps. Before storing, you should always ensure that you close the containers tightly.

Powder Creamers

Powder creamers are the easiest to store as you can find a place for them on the shelves in your pantry or on the countertop. They have a long shelf life, but they go bad, mostly if you leave the containers around a moist place or open. Moisture and leaving powder creamer containers open, provide bacteria with the opportunity to grow, thus spoiling your creamer's lifespan. Store the powder at room temperature, in a dry place for longer shelf life.


Whiteners or non-dairy creamers also come with a longer shelf life than dairy creamers. You can store them on the pantry shelf or countertop, but you should refrigerate the rest once you open the container. Keep the lid closed tightly at all times.

So, How Long Do Coffee Creamers Last

Liquid creamers have a shelf life of between six and nine months. Some non-dairy liquid creamers contain a milk derivative, sodium caseinate that helps increase their shelf life. The long shelf life is because of the Ultra-High Temperature Processing.

Dairy creamers come with use before or use by date. It is safe to store an unopened dairy cream container for a week or two. Once you open it, ensure that you check the label on how long it can stay fresh after opening, and if the label does not come with any freshness specifics, do not keep it any longer than two weeks.

Powdered creamers stay fresh the longest. Even after the use-by date on the label, you can still use the powdered cream for another one month or more. However, if you keep them too long, they may degrade with time. Whiteners come with a sell-by or best-before date, and you can get away by extending the date by one month.


Coffee creamers have different shelf lives depending on the type you choose to add to your drink. If you get the feeling that, your creamer is bad, you can test by smelling or tasting for anything unusual. If you leave it open, it will attract the growth of bacteria. We hope with this article; you will store your creamers appropriately for longer shelf life.

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