10 Best Outdoor Wall Lighting Types You Should Know

Outdoor wall lighting types, their characteristics and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Outdoor wall lighting is a great way of adding light to your home or garden without having it come from inside. Installing outdoor wall lights can transform an area into a more welcoming place at night-time when they are switched on. Besides these benefits, there are many different types of outdoor wall lamps available in the market today that you can purchase and install on your property as well as other places like gardens and walkways etc.

A.Style of outdoor wall lighting

The first thing you can do is decide on the style of outdoor wall lighting that you want. You can choose from hanging styles, standing styles, profiles under eaves and several more. If you are looking for a more decorative lighting fixture, then you can go for hanging or standing outdoor wall lights. These lamps can be mounted on walls and linked to other surfaces.

If you need something functional in your home or garden like path lightings, pendants over the deck or steps etc., then you will find that these have a lot of functional outdoor wall lighting. If you are looking for a way to increase the security of your home or garden, then you can go for motion activated outdoor wall lights that will turn on and off as required.

Traditional style

Traditional style outdoor wall lights were available in simple fixtures that contained a bulb and reflector. These days, however, you can also find contemporary outdoor wall lamps with features like dimmers and LED lighting. Thus, the style of outdoor wall lighting should be based on the design and aesthetic appeal as well as how functional they are for your home or garden.

Traditional style outdoor wall lamps use luminescent bulbs for lighting. These bulbs are available in different sizes, shapes and wattages to give you the right light at any time of the day or night. Apart from this, you can also find outdoor wall lighting that has halogen bulbs that give off a bright light.

Modern style

If you want to add a touch of grace to your home or garden, then you can go for contemporary outdoor wall lighting styles. Contemporary outdoor wall lights offer an ultra-modern as well as elegant look with features like dimmers and LED lightings that allow you to choose the amount of light needed at various times of the day.


Materials used to make outdoor wall lights include brass, steel and aluminum. Brass is a soft metal that can easily be polished when scratched or tarnished. Steel is very strong yet flexible.

On the other hand, alloys like aluminum are light in weight and come in various finishes that allow you to choose something that will look right in your home or garden. The best lighting fixture is one that matches the style of your house and adds to its overall look and feel.

B. Shape and size


The shape and size of an outdoor wall light can also be a deciding factor. Outdoor wall lights come in circular, square or rectangular shapes and are available in different sizes. If you have a wide hallway that needs a little extra lighting, then you will find some outdoor wall lamps that have a very large size to them.

If your home has a modern look and feel, then you will find that outdoor wall lights come in rounded styles. These can be attached to the walls at different heights so as to add light under eaves or down a staircase.


If you are looking for something functional along your pathway outside, then you might want an outdoor wall lamp that has a small size.

If you are looking for something decorative, then you might go for outdoor wall lights that have a large size and can be placed on different surfaces to create a light design if required. The style of the lamp should complement the overall appeal of your home or garden as well as add more functionality through features like motion sensing etc.

The overall size and shape of the outdoor wall light should complement the design of your home or garden.

C. Outdoor wall lighting types

The next thing is to choose one of the numerous outdoor wall lighting types based on their shape, size and style. Most of these lights are designed in a simple way with a round or rectangle shaped body attached to the metal frame that can be either metallic or plastic in case of contemporary outdoor lighting styles.

However, there are also some contemporary outdoor wall lights which have an open or a closed grill in shades of clear glass, frosted glass and colored glass designs that can be used to add a touch of sparkle or glamor to your home and garden. The size of these fixtures range from small sizes like mini pendant lamps to large outdoor wall lights like the lighting fixtures which provide a wide spread of light.

1. Festoon lights

Festoon lights consist of a series of bulb loops that are connected in a line. These outdoor wall lamps are designed to emit light from every direction across the length of their fixture.

They come in different sizes and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Festoon lights are available with either a single bulb or multiple bulbs connected in series. The number of bulbs used and their wattage depend on the light output required by the homeowner.

Festoon lamps come in different types depending on their color. For example, white outdoor wall lamps make your house look brighter during early mornings and evenings while colored festoon lights are a better choice for lighting large gardens and driveways.

2.Wall sconces

A wall sconce is a small decorative outdoor wall light fixture designed to be placed on walls at different heights from the ground.

These fixtures come in different shapes, sizes, styles as well as colors with some of them being made using very intricate designs. If you have a formal dining room or hall, then a wall sconce is the best choice for lighting as it provides ample light without taking too much space on your walls and also with minimal maintenance.

3. Pendant lights

Pendant lights are perfect for creating a focal point inside your home or garden. They are installed directly on the ceiling or wall and can be used to add a sense of drama in any space because pendants usually come with an open structure that allows them to radiate light in all directions.

If you are looking for some contemporary outdoor wall lighting types, then you will find a variety of pendant lamps that are designed in different styles with open or closed grills. These fixtures come in different patterns like square, rectangular, octagonal and oval designs.

4. Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights, like track lighting, come in a range of different styles and sizes that allow you to match them to your home design.

Some are shaped like globes, while others have more of a traditional pendant shape.   Hanging pendant lights often come in multiple colors that can match any decor style you may have.   These lights do not require much work to install in your home, and they give off a gentle glow that looks great in any room.

5. Track lights

Track lights possess an interesting look to them due to the two curved or straight tracks that they are attached to.    This type of lighting is very flexible so that it can be installed in a variety of different ways.  

It has the option to be either wall mounted on the outside or mounted on the ceiling.   Track lights are also available in a variety of different finishes and sizes that can change the way they look.  

The overall look that track lighting gives is very modern.

6. Floor Lights

Floor lights, often referred to as table lamps and floor lamps, are very useful lights to have if you do not need an extremely bright light or you don't need a lot of overhead light.  

They can be used as the main lighting in a room, they don't take up too much space, and you can direct them toward your work area or task at hand.  

Many floor lights also have smaller lamps that are attached to the main body for increased illumination.   These lamps come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles so that you can match them to the rest of your home lighting.

7. Porch Lights

Porch lights can range from traditional sconces to modern track lighting.   Depending on what you like, there is plenty of variety available when choosing a porch light for your home.  

You can choose a light with either an amber or blue glass that will cast a colored glow over your pathway.  

If you are looking for something more modern, there are multiple colors and styles available in the track lighting department. These lights also come in different heights so that they can be placed at different points along your porch.

8. Pool Lights

Pool lights are an essential part of your pool equipment, and you will need to make sure they are up-to-par with any other feature in your home.    These lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to help match them directly into your home design scheme.  

You want to make sure that the pool lights you choose are waterproof and will not be cracked or shattered by any type of weather change.   You can find many of these fixtures on the wall around your pool, so they should withstand extreme weather conditions without a problem.

9. Sensor Lights

Sensor lights can come in handy when you want your home to look like it's occupied at night, which can help deter burglars.You can also use sensor lights to light up pathways and any other area that you want lit.

Most of these lights are motion activated so they will turn on as soon as someone walks by them.  They will then turn off on their own after a set amount of time has passed. There are many different styles and types of sensor lights available for your home.

For example, some lights will go on when the sun goes down and off when the sun rises.You can also find many sensor lights that are weather resistant so they can be outside without being damaged during any type of weather changes.

10. Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lighting is fantastic if you do not have any overhead lighting in your kitchen or dining room area, which can be hard to light properly. These lights are often placed in kitchens and dining rooms to provide a low level of overhead lighting that can compliment your current lighting scheme, or act as the main source of light for these areas.

You will want to make sure that you have enough under cabinet lights to brighten up all the areas you need them.It's a good idea to have some under cabinet lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets, and then any available drawers that open.

D. Outdoor Wall Lighting Effects

If you want more than just light, you may consider adding extra effects like color changing LED strips, which will cast moving colors across the wall and surrounding landscape.

You can find water effects such as fountains, a pond or just lights that look like water ripples, etc.  For the outdoors you may want some type of fog machine to add an extra layer of fog so it's not as bright at night, this is commonly referred to as 'atmosphere'.  

If you are looking for more of a disco effect, there are strobe lights and some come with colorful lasers. Some also have a star laser effect that creates the look of stars dancing across your walls at night.

You can place these strips under stairs so they light up when someone comes down the steps at night.   There are many options to choose from when deciding what type of outdoor wall lighting effects you want to add to your landscape.


-   How do I choose the right type of light for my property?

There are a few things you want to consider when choosing what kind of outdoor wall lights you want.  

If you have pets or small children that can be harmed by certain types of lights, it's best to stay away from those choices.You'll also need to choose what type of light you want, such as a floodlight or spotlight.

You'll also have to decide where you want the lights placed.  There are so many options available to you it can be hard to make a choice at first.

After you determine all of these features, finding the perfect outdoor wall lighting will not be a problem.

-   Are the lights easy to install?

Some of these outdoor wall lighting fixtures are very easy to install.  The most difficult part will be drilling a hole in your wall, or mounting it in place with screws.

You'll want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools on hand before attempting this project so you don't break the light or injure yourself.  

Ideally, you'll want to hire a professional to install the lighting for you.  This will allow them to ensure it is installed properly and they can test everything before handing it over to you.

-  How much are these lights?

The price of an outdoor wall light can vary greatly from one type to another.   You'll want to find a model that works for your budget, but will also provide you with the lighting you need.

You may be looking at spending a few hundred dollars on a single light, or closer to $100 for an individual light.   You can find beautiful sets that are similar to what you would find inside your home and these can be a bit more expensive. These fixtures may require professional installation as well, which will add to the price of the lights themselves.

If you want more than one fixture on your wall, it's recommended to check and see if they're compatible. A spotlight and a floodlight may not work together, as they provide different types of lights.


When it comes to outdoor wall lighting, there are a number of types and styles that you can choose from. The article introduced some of the most common types like LED light bulbs, solar lights, spotlights, and floodlights. After reading this post about outdoor wall lighting options for your home or business premises, hopefully you feel confident in picking out the best type for your needs.

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