Types Kids Lighting: Lighting Ideas For Kids

In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of kids lighting.

Kids need light just like adults do and it is important for their development. We will go through all the different types of lights that are used for children so you can decide what is best for your kids’ needs.

A lot of kids really like night lights and there are a number of products out there that have this feature. There are some that come with soothing music, glow animals and many designs to choose from.

Help children feel safe in the dark; they may be afraid of being alone at night. The soothing music will help them to relax and sleep better.

With luminous designs, kids can have fun while they fall asleep; children love these types of lights. They don’t just make a child feel safer in the dark but also entertaining as well.

There are nightlights that come with alarms built into them so you do not have to worry about your child disturbing you or a sibling. These help kids wake up on time ready for the day.

Some nightlights are also motion activated so they come on when there is movement in their room; these are great because it helps with security and convenience, and gives peace of mind at night.

Types of Kids’ Lighting

Table lamps

Table lamps offer a pleasant and cozy feel in the room and are perfect for girls. The beautiful lamp is decorated with antique color. It adapts to any interior style, which makes it a very flexible lamp in every house. The most popular material was pewter, which gives warmth to the room. Wood is a natural material, which can be polished in different ways – varnished or matte. The light gives such a warm soft color tone to the child’s room that would not hurt your eyes even after working all day on computer screen.

The pewter lamp can be painted with your child's favorite motives, for example, the drawing of "Tom and Jerry", Mickey Mouse or just colored stickers in bright colors.

Table lamps for kids are also made of different ceramic materials – white, blue or multicolored. This type of lighting fixtures is very suitable for the decoration of children’s room. These lamps can also be decorated with drawings.

This lamp made of metal and multicolored glass in a beautiful form will cause admiration in adults as well as kids. This type of lamps will fit perfectly into your child's room. The colors on this lamp are bright and playful. You can choose from a fairly wide variety of colors. Another advantage is the very detailed design that makes it suitable for children's room.

Standing lamps

Standing lamps are a great form of lighting for kids room. They give off light in all directions, particularly to where it is most needed which is around the area where children do their homework and play computer games.

Attractive standing lamps are available today in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as varying styles, all designed with modern tastes in mind. From charming lamps shaped like a friendly dragon to stylish lamps crafted with tribal motifs, standing lamps will soon be an accepted part of any child's room no matter the style and décor.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces at home are sources of light for those places where there is no point in putting a lamp such as above the headboard, over the stove or near a window

A study or library room should be analyzed so that the walls mounted sconces can serve their best. It should be positioned on both sides of the wall behind your desk and not within view so you can read better.

Whenever you plan to decorate your room, do not forget about installing wall sconces. You can hang them above the sectional sofa or over a corner table in the living room suggesting the place for resting after having dinner with friends. Installing such elements is very complicated and takes an average of 3-6 hours depending on the instructions and design of your home.

Track lighting

Track lighting for kids can be beneficial especially when they are used to light up the whole room in a more convenient way.

Track lighting fixtures consist of rails and tracks that are installed on the ceiling by lifting or removing tiles and wires. The track lighting fixtures have extension cords which are connected to electrical outlets near the ceiling.The types of these lights consist of wide range of shapes and sizes which are available in black, white or chrome finish.They also vary in style from minimalist designs to more traditional styles that resemble chandeliers.The track lighting fixtures can be installed on the walls too and provide excellent lighting for displaying objects.

Track lights are sleek looking gives a very modern look to your home because they use LED technology. 


Chandeliers are a kind of lighting fixtures that usually hung from high ceilings to make the room more attractive and dramatic. A lot of people love chandeliers, but only for their aesthetics, not their benefits. They find chandeliers too sophisticated for their taste or sense of design. Well today we will talk about different types of chandeliers available in the market.

A chandelier may also be a part of home lighting design but it is more often an addition to other decorative pieces, for example lamps or paintings, which are already in the house. The light that a chandelier emits helps illuminate the area as well as making it more interesting visually. Chandeliers can be mounted on walls or ceilings.

Chandeliers are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. When you look for a chandelier, make sure you know how much space is available in the room where it will be placed.

Shelves with Lights  Design

Shelves with lamps are a great option if you want to produce an interesting and original design in your room. They can be placed both on the wall or in the corners of the room, depending on what kind of lighting is preferred for that space. When placing them along the walls of your house, it's important to choose those that will also be like a piece of furniture, in fact materials such as wood or metal.

Those that are made ​​of glass can have any color and they look good even while the light is on: this way you will not only realize how well they work but also how original your idea was to place them.

The shelves with lights also have a practical function that is in line with the design: there are shelves for storage, but also drawers and compartments to put little things that can get lost too easily on tables or sideboards. The choice of these accessories should be in consideration with the other furnishings of the house both in terms of form and color as well as size.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting looks great, especially in a large room. The shape is usually circular to form symmetry when hung at different angles from the ceiling. This will make it look spectacular. Avoid hanging two directly opposite each other as this could create an optical illusion giving the room a smaller appearance than it actually is.

How many pendants you choose to hang is entirely up to you. Just try not to hang too many as this will make your room smaller and more concentrated, giving the impression that it is cluttered. It will also appear unflattering if there are too many in such an area.

You can mix different styles of pendants together for a great effect. If you prefer antique lighting, you can hang a reproduction set of old style pendants on your ceiling. You could also use modern pendants but you should consider the designs that will complement these shapes. The main thing to remember is that it is important not to have both styles in one place as this would look like a mish-mash and appears unprofessional.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps for children are the main requirement when they want to study in a comfortable environment. They have been manufactured in such a way that kids can easily handle them without any problem. Along with functional uses, these lights also help show creativity and encourage an innovative play behavior.

The manufacturers of this type of lamps use attractive design schemes, which attract children. Many of them are designed with different cartoon characters, sports themes and many other enchanting designs that kids love. Kids usually like to play with these lamps just for fun as they have more attractive colors compared to regular desk lamps.

They usually have light colors suitable for kids, like pink, yellow and other pleasing colors. They are also available in different designs. Children have been provided with lights that look like traffic signals, buses or windshield wipers so they can use them to play a number of games as such.

These decorative floor lamps not only help children study but can be used to assist parents in many other ways. They can be used as night lamps, which help mother and father sleep better. This is because of their soft light that does not disturb them from sleeping well.

These lights are also easy to clean and maintain, you just need to dust them off every week or so and they would look as good as new. These floor lamps are not only available in stores, but can also be easily ordered over the internet. It has been known that online purchases have become more popular than those found in physical shops and departmental stores. This is because of their convenience and variety of services online stores provide.

Desk Lamps

Desk varieties, which are sometimes also called accent lamps, are another option to help your children illuminate tasks in their bedroom. Typically smaller than a table lamp, desk versions are usually 20 inches or less in height and may use a smaller bulb.

They come in a variety of designs and might feature playful animals, shapes, or objects that add character to space. They may require a shade or not, and some models will have an adjustable neck to make it simple to focus the brightness of the most significant space.

Desktop models are easy to install; just plug them into the nearest wall outlet and turn the switch. Some may use multi-level bulbs allowing your child to control the amount of glow in one of three settings.

Styles of Kids’ Lighting

Gender Specific Kids Lighting

There are various types of lighting that can be given to a child depending on the gender and desired effect. Boys who want a scary or adventurous atmosphere in their room will like blue lights and themes with lightning bolt patterns from the ceiling lights, black walls with white lightning theme paint job and decals will help create this effect. Pulsating lights and projector designs with lightning or star themes will provide the finishing touch to this design.

Girls on the other hand love pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow, green and blue to create a relaxing atmosphere that would be perfect for their bedroom's. They also like wind chimes paired with fluffy toys or stuffed animals that match their room's theme. Balloons are also a good choice if you want to give your little princess a surprise gift.

Age Specific Lighting Bulbs

Having the correct age-specific lighting bulbs is very important. This will ensure you do not cause any accidents and will assist in keeping your child safe as well as comfortable when it comes to learning and playing at home, school or day care center.

There are a variety of products for different age groups as well as needs. For instance, the most common type is the fluorescent light bulbs that can be used for children from three months old up to five years old. There are types with or without a protective shield.

These contain mercury vapor and this means they should not be placed in any enclosure, such as inside a lamp or fixture. They should not be broken into either, and this is why they do not contain any glass.

The protective shield is usually small enough for children to touch safely, but even if it was large enough that the child puts their head through it is recommended that you place an additional shield around them. This is just for additional protection.


What is the best age group for using the three to five months type light bulbs?

The three to five months type light bulbs are for children aged from 3 months up to 5 years.

What are some of the benefits of having age specific lighting bulbs?

The benefits to using the different types of light bulbs for children are many. For instance, it's so much easier to find what you need when you have them separated out by age groups. It also makes it a lot safer for your child and others around him or her to play and learn.


After buying a new house, there are many exciting things that you can buy for your kids. From baby stroller to toys , from books to furniture; so on and so forth. But one thing should be considered is the lighting in the bedroom of your kids. Nowadays, people tend to forget about turning lights on when they want to go to sleep.

One of the most common problems that parents have with their kids is that they are afraid of having a bad dream or nightmare when in darkness. Therefore, by installing bed room lighting , it will help create an atmosphere of comfort and safety for your kids while they are sleeping.

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