Types Of Adirondack Chairs: Everything You Wanted To Know

Many people are looking for the best possible types of adirondack chairs. But to find the perfect one, they have to know what they want. People who live in apartments will need a chair that does not take up too much space and can be stored easily. Others may want a chair with an umbrella or canopy to provide shade on sunny days. 

The following article discusses various popular designs of adirondack chairs so you can decide which is right for you!

Wooden Adirondack chair

The classic chair, made of natural wood will always be a favorite for people who enjoy the outdoors. Wooden Adirondack chairs can look very attractive and are one of the cheaper options to choose from as well. While wooden chairs may not last as long or withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions as well which metal chairs, there is something appealing about their organic appeal and visual design. The curves and angles of the wood will vary, making each chair unique. They can also be painted or stained to give a more personalized look.

Wooden Adirondack chairs are available in both rocking and non-rocking designs, however the price difference may not be very significant. Wooden chairs can also be found in different varieties including those with cushions, an umbrella or a canopy.

Plastic Adirondack chairs

They are also sometimes known as poly lumber because they are made out of plastic. If you are searching for an Adirondack chair that is cheap, lightweight and easy to carry around then a plastic Adirondack chair would be a great choice. These chairs store easily due to their lightness and are not as expensive. However, like wooden Adirondack chairs plastic ones require maintenance to preserve their original color and design. Also, they do not last very long if left outdoors year round.

Plastic Adirondack chairs can be cleaned with mild soap and water. However, do not use cleaners or solvents of any kind to clean them since they can damage the chairs permanently.

The only downside about plastic Adirondack chairs is that they are not as aesthetically pleasing as wooden ones because they are devoid of color and have a more utilitarian look. Plastic Adirondack chairs are also not as comfortable because they tend to be more plasticky and harder than wooden Adirondack chairs. However, plastic Adirondack chairs are an excellent choice for those who prioritize decorum over comfort.

Fiberglass Adirondack chair

A fiberglass adirondack chair is made from a strong and light material.

The material is available in different colors, so it can be combined with any decor. It has armrests and lumbar support that is adjustable. The seat, unlike most of the alternative materials to wood, is comfortable because it's wide and well cushioned.

These chairs are mostly used at home, on the porch or in the garden. They can be left outside because they are resistant to weather conditions and UV rays.

They come with different types of cushions. You can get a soft one that is removable for easy cleaning or a firm one that has foam filling and doesn't need any cleaning.

Fiberglass adirondack chairs are the most resistant to weather conditions and last for a long time, but they're too heavy to move them from one place to another.

The frame is made of aluminum and the cushions can be filled with several different materials - polyester or foam being the most common ones. Assembling the chair is not a problem, you just have to follow the instructions step by step and it will be ready in no time.

Traditional Adirondack Chair

A traditional Adirondack chair is made of light, straight grained woods such as pine or southern yellow pine. The best wood for an Adirondack chair is white cedar but it's very expensive because it must be kiln-dried to prevent rot.

Small pieces of naturally curved wood may be used around the seat and arms of the chair for a decorative touch. The curves of the wood on an Adirondack chair echo those of nature.

The best traditional chairs are made with mortise and tenon joinery, where the joints connect two pieces of wood at their ends or centers to form strong joints. The wood may be strengthened by using a metal brace inside to keep the joint from separating over time. Straps of strong cloth or leather may be added to the arms for extra comfort. The chair should have a deeply curved top rail, usually about 20 inches long and 10 inches in diameter at its widest point. It is often embellished with one or more coved arcs on each side and many times with an asymmetrical scroll near the center.

A traditional chair has a shorter back than the modern version, called a "camp style" chair. The seat is usually made of wood slabs tied or doweled to the arms and legs. In some cases one or more vertical thin boards are used under the center rail with slats from front to back for ease of adjustment in size. The modern version of the chair has a deep back and no back slats, depending on adjustable metal straps for comfort.

Wicker Adirondack Chairs

Wicker is made from hand-woven strands of wood that are tightly braided together to make a sturdy frame and seat for your outdoor furniture. Although wicker chairs can be expensive, they will last for many years and are very comfortable.

There are very comfortable and sturdy to sit in them is a real delight. Their design is very good as they can be dismantled and stored away easily, so you enjoy them all summer long. They can last for many years with proper care, which should include cleaning twice a year with soap and water, or using a mild household cleaner.

Two-Person Adirondack Chair

It is also possible to find Adirondack chairs that are meant for seating more than one person. You don’t see these chairs in people’s backyards as often as the traditional Adirondack chairs. Even so, this could be a great option for a couple that wants to be able to sit together. It may not be practical for people who don’t want to get too close, as you will be sitting very snugly with the other person in this type of seat.

This will be really nice if you want to be able to enjoy your patio with your significant other. It’s a really cozy option that can be fun for spending a cool evening with someone that you love. People who have fire pits in their backyards love setting up chairs like this to enjoy. Being able to seat two people with one chair will be very beneficial, so having at least one of these in your collection of outdoor furniture is a good idea.

The two-person Adirondack chair being shown here is going to be desirable for many other reasons, too. The wood that it is made out of is both weather-resistant and insect-resistant. You will be able to enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry so much about being pestered by insects all the time. The chair also has a beautiful natural look to it that everyone will enjoy.

Children’s Adirondack Chairs

Your kids need a nice spot to sit outside with you. This is the reasoning behind the creation of children’s Adirondack chairs. These chairs are made just like normal Adirondack chairs except that they are built to be a bit smaller. You will be able to enjoy seeing your child or grandchild have fun sitting in their chair that is just like the ones that adults are using.

A good chair for children is one that is sturdy enough to carry their weight, yet soft and comfortable. They also need to be easy for them to use by themselves because they are still too little to be able to sit in a chair without help. Very young children are more likely just want to play on the chairs, but once they are old enough to be able to sit on the chairs, it is better for them if they are easy to use.

Many young children like the feel of a rocking chair, but when they are old enough to be able to use it safely without falling off, they may prefer something else. Children who like to rock will later want a real rocking chair that is larger and can be used for years. But until they get to that stage, a children’s rocking chair is often the perfect choice.

Camping Adirondack Chair

When you take an initial look at them, you may not think that they resemble Adirondack chairs at all. When you take a look at how the seat is angled and how the back of the chair is designed, you will be able to tell that it is done in an Adirondack style. Some people just really enjoy the way that Adirondack chairs sit, so they have been replicated in a more portable form. The design of these Adirondack chairs makes it possible to be used in a number of different ways.

This chair even has some of the features that are more common on traditional camping chairs. For instance, you will be able to enjoy the two cup holders that are present in the arms of the chair. This will give you a convenient spot to place your beverage when you are trying to unwind. The cupholders are mesh, too, so you won’t have to worry too much if you happen to spill some of your drink.

The chair comes with a convenient carrying strap, too. This will make it very easy to get it where it needs to go. Even if you have to take this chair on a bit of a hike to get to your camping spot, it won’t feel too onerous. This is a good portable chair that allows you to enjoy a bit of the comfort that a traditional Adirondack chair can offer.

Adirondack chairs with wheels

Adirondack chairs with wheels are highly desirable for many homeowners.  It is evident that they can be carried from one place to another without any difficulty. The most important thing to consider when looking for the best adirondack chair with wheels is ensuring ease of mobility and the sturdiness of the frame.

Concrete Adirondack chair

It's made with two round cement bags and one bag in the middle (sometimes also a small bag). These chairs are strong, cheap, easy to build and if you make it well, decorative. The only problem is the weight of this chair - but  you can fix it.

Adirondack rocking chairs

If you are looking for a rocking chair that is suitable for relaxation, then adirondack rocking chairs are the type for home use. The style and design of this type of chair is meant to be relaxing, hence the name "rocking" chair. Their popularity has also added to their desirability as a leisure chair.


How do I clean my Adirondack chair?

With that being said, the best way to clean an Adirondack chair is by using a soapy sponge. Pat the surface dry and then allow the surface to air-dry before reattempting to sit on it or touch any surfaces which may have been touched over time.

Are they easy to put together?

Adirondack chairs can be somewhat difficult to put together, especially if you are trying to do it alone. However, with the right tools and some time to work at it, you should be able to put this type of chair together without too much difficulty.

What is the difference between an Adirondack chair and a regular chair?

The two main differences between an Adirondack Chair and a regular wooden or plastic backed chair are that the Adirondack Chair is more comfortable and it has a wider seating area.

The reason that this style of chair is so comfortable is because of the angle at which you sit in it as well as the footrest that most types have. This type of chair has a back and a seat with an angle cut into them, giving your legs and back more leaning space and support.


Mentioned above are some reference about how these chairs should be in your home and outdoor areas. The use of these can be very important if you want it to have that comfort in the outdoors to enhance those warm hot days. By creating an idea, design or style you will find that you are able to generate a good and comfortable one for your home using this chair.

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