Different Types Of Alarm Clocks – A Complete List You Will Need

In the morning before you head out for work or school, it's important to set an alarm clock so that you get out of bed on time. Alarm clocks can be found for every need, from a basic, inexpensive model to a high-tech digital clock radio with all of the bells and whistles. 

Below are just a few types of alarm clocks that are available:

Types of Alarm Clocks On Features

Digital Alarm Clocks

As technology has improved in recent years, digital alarm clocks are now more functional and have more capabilities than ever before. You can choose from a variety of different models that allow you to set your alarm for a certain time every day of the week, or for every weekday. Some models also feature built-in radios and programmable temperature and humidity sensors.

Digital alarm clocks are available at a variety of price points, from less than $20 for a basic model to more than $100 for models with extra features. You can also buy digital alarm clock radios that have been designed to look like other popular products, such as a combination radio/CD player or an iPod docking station.

Digital alarm clocks are great for heavy sleepers, since they can play music at a low volume before waking you up. They also make it easy to wake up on time by setting your alarm so that the radio or CD player turns on at a certain time every day (or every weekday).

Analog Alarm Clocks

While many people appreciate the modern conveniences of digital alarm clocks, there's something to be said for a basic analog alarm clock. In addition to the easy-to-read display, these models typically have an easy-to-set alarm and a snooze bar that makes it easy to get extra sleep. Most models can also be set to play music at a low volume in the morning.

A basic analog alarm clock may seem like a relic compared to a digital model, but if you can't stand flashing lights or you want an alarm that doesn't rely on electricity for power, this type of alarm is probably worth considering.

Old-Fashioned Alarm Clocks

It's easy to find an old-fashioned alarm clock. These models were first introduced in the late 1800s and include a variety of features, such as cuckoo clocks and novelty designs with popular cartoon characters or movie themes.

These type of clocks are typically battery-operated, but you can also find some models that work on electricity or even take a hand crank.

While old-fashioned alarm clocks may feel like a relic from another era, they're still popular among collectors and people who want something different to place on their nightstands. You can also find these types of clocks at flea markets, garage sales and thrift shops for a bargain price.

Jumbo Alarm Clocks

If you have trouble seeing the time on your alarm clock, a jumbo model might be more suitable for your needs. These clocks are available in a variety of different styles and have several features that make them easier to read, including large displays and bold numbers.

While most people would rather not live with an enormous alarm clock staring at them from the nightstand, a jumbo alarm clock is usually worth considering if you have problems with your eyesight or vision.

Desk Alarm Clocks

IA desk alarm clock might be more suitable for a studio apartment or have limited counter space. These models are small enough to fit on your nightstand or on top of a dresser but can still double as an alarm clock and radio.

Desk clocks usually feature basic functionalities, such as an AM/FM radio and an alarm. Many models also have a built-in light and additional features, such as a calendar display or thermometer.

Desk clocks are typically small enough to be used for travel purposes, so you can take them with you when staying in hotels or visiting family members. They're usually large enough to feature a full range of functionalities but small enough to tuck into a suitcase or backpack.

Roman Numerals Alarm Clocks

One of the most popular types of alarm clocks are those that display time using Roman numerals. In addition to basic functionalities such as an alarm and snooze bar, these models may also feature additional features like glow-in-the-dark hands or illuminated numbers for easy viewing in the dark.

Although Roman numerals may seem like an odd choice when it comes to personalizing a basic alarm clock, these models are still popular among collectors and people who are interested in classical history.

Novelty Alarm Clocks

If you want something fun for your nightstand or desk, it's easy to find a novelty alarm clock. These models are typically small and feature designs that are popular among children, including animals, cartoon characters and movie themes.

Some of the most popular novelty alarm clocks include those in the shape of a moon or sun. Other fun models include those with images of Mr. Potato Head or Barbie dolls on the face.

Calendar Display Alarm Clocks

If you need an alarm clock that doubles as a desk or wall decoration, this type of model is worth considering. A calendar display alarm clock typically features an image of the day's date along with the time, which makes it easy to keep track of your schedule.

These models are suitable for children who have difficulty learning how to tell time and are popular among collectors who want something to display on their walls or desks.

Alarm Clock Radios

A typical alarm clock radio will include an FM or AM tuner along with a 24-hour digital clock, so you can listen to your favorite radio shows or music while you're waking up in the morning.

Many people also find that an alarm clock with a built-in radio is perfect for travel, as it eliminates the need to unpack bulky speakers and provides easy access to your local favorites.

Since these types of models double as a traditional alarm clock and radio, it's important to find one that meets all of your basic needs. Some models may only have an AM tuner or may not be able to pick up the local stations at all frequencies.

Most models also include advanced features like a battery backup in case of a power outage, so you won't miss important appointments because you were late setting your alarm.

Glow In The Dark Alarm Clocks

These models come with a glowing face and hands or numbers that can be viewed even in low light situations. The glow may be caused by phosphors or an LED backlight that allows for easy viewing at night or in a darkened room.

Alarm clocks with glowing faces are typically battery-powered and include an on/off switch, so you don't have to worry about the display shining through your eyelids when it's not time to wake up.

Some models also come with adjustable colors, so you can choose between red, white or green lighting.

Bathroom Alarm Clocks

Many alarm clocks are designed to look like a small radio or speaker system and can be placed on the edge of your bathtub or shower for easy access. If you need an alarm that's waterproof, this type of model is worth considering because it'll work in all lighting conditions.

Types of Alarm Clocks On Shapes

Round Alarm Clocks

Round alarm clocks are the most common type of alarm clock. There are many different types, ranging from miniature round alarm clocks to fully developed ones in shrines and other religious buildings. They have a circular face with the numbers one through twelve around its edge.

Rectangle Alarm Clocks

Rectangle alarm clocks are less common than their round counterparts, but they do exist. They usually have a rectangle face, with the numbers one through twelve going from top to bottom and from right to left. These are often easier to read than round ones.

Trigonal Alarm Clocks

Another less common kind of alarm clock is the trigonal one. These are also called triangular alarm clocks. Instead of a circle, they have an equilateral triangle on their face. These look like triangles with three sides and a flat surface as the base that is used to place them upright on surfaces, unlike round or rectangle ones which can be placed horizontally or vertically in different ways.

Some trigonal alarm clocks have numbers one through twelve on their faces, just like normal ones. Others have symbols that represent the hours instead, with or without names of those symbols written on them depending on whether the clock is analogue or digital.

Square Alarm Clocks

Even less common than triangular alarm clocks are square alarm clocks. These are also called square alarm clocks. They usually have faces that look like squares, with the numbers one through twelve going from top to bottom and from right to left.

Types of Alarm Clocks On Materials

Wood Alarm Clocks

The most common material used for making alarm clocks is wood. This material is durable and can last a long time, which makes it popular with buyers who are looking for long-lasting products.

Wooden alarm clocks come in different colors, designs and shapes. The most common types are those that have rounded edges or corners with a wooden frame around the face. They usually have a wooden frame that is oval or circular around the edges of the clock. Some also have other designs and shapes, such as rectangular ones.

Plastic Alarm Clocks

Another common material for making clocks is plastic. Some people choose to buy alarm clocks made of this material because it's durable and easy to use. It also doesn't require much maintenance, which means you don't have to spend extra money on them.

The only disadvantage of plastic alarm clocks is that they might scratch easily. However, you can avoid this by taking good care of them and not dropping or bumping them onto hard surfaces or things that can damage them.

Metallic Alarm Clocks

Another material that's commonly used for making clocks is metal. You can find alarm clocks made of different types of metals, but titanium and stainless steel are the two most common types you'll see in stores.

These materials last a long time, so buyers can purchase them at reasonable prices without worrying about having to replace them sooner than expected. You should also consider the fact that they're durable and don't require much maintenance, making them ideal for busy people who are always on the go.

Glass Alarm Clocks

One of the least common materials used for making clocks is glass. These are very fragile, so you have to store them carefully or else they'll break easily. In addition to that, if you drop them on their edge or corner, they're guaranteed to break and become unusable.

Glass alarm clocks don't last as long as other materials, so you should buy them if you're looking for something that will last for several months.

Leather Alarm Clocks

One of the most interesting materials you can buy for your alarm clock is leather. These are often sold with wooden frames, though some models have metal or plastic ones instead.

These clocks don't meet the expectations of people who require something that's durable and easy to maintain because they're very delicate and need to be handled carefully. However, they're ideal for people who want to add a bit of style and elegance to their homes.

Silicone Alarm Clocks

Silicone is another interesting material you can use when buying an alarm clock. These clocks are made from soft silicone materials that can be squeezed without breaking. They're great for children because they won't cause injuries if they fall on them.

The only disadvantage of silicone alarm clocks is that they require proper care and maintenance in order to work properly. You should clean them regularly so they don't grow mold or develop other types of bacteria that can make you sick.


How can I tell the time on a square alarm clock?

Square alarm clocks have numbers one through twelve going from top to bottom and from right to left. These are arranged in rows of three, with each row being made up of ones, tens and hundreds respectively. Each row represents an hour which has passed since midnight.

So if the bottom row is made up of ones, then it must be one o'clock. If there are tens in the middle row, then it must be ten o'clock and so on up to twelve what will mean that it's midnight. You can tell which number goes with which hour by looking at the rows from left to right as you would when reading a book.

How do I set the time on a alarm clock?

Setting the time on a alarm clock is simple. First, make sure that the alarm clock is switched off. Then check to see if it has any numbers or symbols which represent the hour at the very top of its face. If there are numbers, then you need to figure out what number goes with what hour by looking at those numbers sequentially going from left to right. If there are symbols, then they will have names or descriptions below them.

Now look at what time it is and compare it to what the clock says. Then you can adjust the hours on your clock by turning its hands either forwards or backwards until they align with each other so that the time that you want is represented on the clock.

Where can I buy alarm clocks?

You can buy a variety of alarm clocks from gift shops, department stores and other retail stores. Some will even sell individual components separately so you can mix and match what parts of a clock you want to buy. You can also find alarm clocks on online auction sites like eBay and Amazon as well as social media websites.


Alarm clocks are indispensable items in every household and workplace, whether they belong to the individual or to a business. They can be used to wake people up in the morning before they go to work, school or on any other daily activity. They come in many shapes and sizes. Each type has its own pros and cons. In this article, we have discussed about different types of alarm clock based on their shape and features.

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