Different Types Of Almonds With A Guide To Division

Almonds are one of the oldest nuts grown for food. It is believed the almond tree was cultivated as early as 7,000 years ago in the Middle East. In addition, almonds have been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years.

Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats and fiber. They also contain many vitamins and minerals, including potassium, copper, magnesium and phosphorus. Almonds are used in baking and cooking, as well as in smoothies, cereals, trail mixes, and nut butters.

There are several varieties of almonds. Here are some of the most common:

Nonpareil Almonds

It is similar in appearance to a pecan and has a mild, sweet flavor and a thin shell. It is one of the best nuts for baking, because it keeps its shape so well. Nonpareil almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. They also contain a fair amount of protein and other B vitamins. 

Nonpareil almonds are great in trail mixes, salads, oatmeal, cheese dishes, cookies and cakes. They have a buttery, smooth texture and a mild flavor.

Spanish Almonds

These large, oval-shaped almonds have a sweet, buttery flavor and a thick shell. Spanish almonds are a good source of vitamin E and copper. They also contain a significant amount of protein and other B vitamins. Spanish almonds are commonly used in baked goods, cereals, salads and snacks.

Spanish almonds also known as nonpareil (French for without equal)– are the largest variety of almonds. The United States is the world's largest producer of Spanish almonds with 80% of the global supply. However, Spain is the world's largest producer of nonpareil almonds with 98% of the market share. 

Carmel Almonds

Carmel almonds are a popular variety cultivated in the Carmel Valley of California.They are noted for their extremely thin red skin, and large, soft and chewy almond within.These characteristics make them a favorite variety for people who desire a soft almond to chew on.

Unfortunately, the thin red skin makes these almonds very perishable.This is especially true if they are shipped long distances. As a result, most of the almonds which are sold in this country are actually from other countries. There are several factors which contribute to the perishable nature of the Carmel variety of almonds.

Butte Almonds

They are from the California region of the United States. The climate of this region is perfect for the growing of almonds. The soil in this region is good for the growing of almonds. And the people who live in this region take great care of their trees.

Butte almonds are larger, sweeter and have a longer shelf-life than other varieties. They are very popular among consumers all over the world. Butte nuts are available in most supermarkets and they are often cheaper than other varieties. 

Because they are such a popular nut, many producers of commercially sold almonds actually prefer to grow butte almonds rather than any other variety. 

Peerless Almonds

Peerless almonds are grown in the state of California. They are probably the most popular variety of almonds in the world. The trees are relatively easy to grow, and the yield is usually quite high.

These almonds have a longer shelf life than other varieties. They can be stored for up to 2 years without losing any quality whatsoever. And, they remain quite edible after this long period. In fact, the only reason they won't remain perfectly edible is if you happen to get some that have been damaged by insects or otherwise.

Peerless almonds are sold in 5-pound boxes. They are available in two different packing configurations. The more common type has the almond in its natural state. It looks sort of like a golf ball with a little "skin" around it.

Sonora Almonds

These almonds come from Mexico. They are very small, about 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch wide.  They have a thin brown skin and a sweet almond inside. The flavor is excellent. These are the varieties that are usually used for making marzipan.

As a result, they are quite expensive. However, they are worthwhile for culinary use because of their intense almond flavor. You can find them in the ethnic section of your local food store. 

Sonora almonds are the best for baking. They are large, flattish, brown-skinned nuts with a sweet, buttery flavor. You can find them in the bulk section of the food store. They are not as expensive as Marcona almonds but they are much more common and you can find them nearly everywhere. 

Molar Almonds

Molar almonds are the most expensive type of almonds. They are so named because they have strange looking molar like indents on them. They are very large and much larger than any other almond variety. They are the least common type of almond and are very hard to find.

You can find them in some specialty food stores and many gourmet grocery stores. If you see them in a store, you should buy them and store them in the freezer. They will keep for a very long time this way. 

Molar almonds have a very buttery flavor and a softer texture than any other almond. They are best used in cooking or baking where their large size and buttery flavor is appreciated. They are also a nice addition to trail mix or as a snack. 


Ferraduel is a type of cultivar of almonds originating in Spain. They are oval and flat with a smooth, thin and very hard shell. This almond is characteristically bitter tasting, but is used for baking and cooking where the almond is not typically eaten. Ferraduel should be stored in the refrigerator and they will keep for up to one year. 

They are so called because they are grown in the region of Ferrol in northwestern Spain. The name is said to come from the area where the almonds were first discovered. Legend has it that a shepherd found some of these almonds growing naturally on a hillside and he thought they were especially tasty. When he shared his discovery with others, they decided to cultivate this almond tree and began selling the almonds they produced. Thus, "ferraduel" which means "tasty almond" in Spanish.


Marcona almonds are a type of sweet almond that is grown in Spain and Italy. These almonds are the most popular variety served after dinner with a glass of port wine. Marcona almonds have a slightly different taste than the popular California variety.

They are sweeter, have a less bitter taste, and have a more delicate aroma. In fact, these almonds are so delicious, they are often considered a dessert almond. However, because of their milder flavor, they are also great as a snack or a between-meal treat.

Ferragnès Almonds

Ferragnès almonds are a variety of California grown almonds that have a very subtle, delicate flavor. They are a natural, light tan color. The skin is thin and the meat is white. They are perfect for snacking or adding to smoothies, salads or anything else you can think of. They have a mild, sweet almond flavor and a crunchy texture. 

Do not buy these almonds if you are looking for a “killer” almond. These will not give you the kick you are looking for. Instead, look for Ferragnès (or similar) almonds which are a natural, light tan color with a thin skin and a delicate flavor. These are the types of almonds you want. 

Blanchita Almonds

These are very small, round, dark brown almonds with a thin brown skin. The almond itself has a rich, slightly sweet flavor. It is an excellent choice for baking. One of the best things about Blanchita almonds is they are so easy to find. 

These are an excellent addition to your diet because of their high nutrient content and excellent taste. They have more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach and more vitamin E than wheat germ. They also contain a surprising amount of potassium. 

Tuono Almonds

They are grown in the rich volcanic soil of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The volcanic ash and mineral content of the soil makes for very flavorful and nutritious almonds. This is the same soil that grows the world famous grapes of the Napa Valley.

They are picked early in the morning when the fruit is soft and then soaked in a lye solution to remove the skins. After which, they are left to dry in the sun until they are completely cured. Then, they are shelled, graded and packed for shipping. 

Tuono almonds have a unique sweet, almost buttery flavor, and a high oil content. They are perfect for snacking and adding to salads or cereal. They have a pleasant crunch and a creamy texture.  


Can you eat almonds for weight loss?

Eating almonds for weight loss isn’t a bad idea. The almonds are a great source of protein, fiber, and other nutrients. The fiber helps you feel full for a longer period of time, which prevents overeating.

Almonds also contain a chemical called anandamide, which has been shown to stimulate your body’s fat-burning process. Eating almonds can help you lose weight, but only if you do it in moderation.

Did you know that some almonds are actually toxic?

There is a type of almond tree known as a witches’ almond tree or Jequirity. It is said to be poisonous, and it is believed that witches used to use these almonds to poison enemies.

This poisonous quality was discovered by accident in the 17th century when someone ate some and died. After that, people started to avoid eating them. However, they were soon forgotten about until the 20th century when a Spanish professor named Antonio J. Julvez decided to research this claim.

Where do almonds come from?

It is widely believed that the almond was first domesticated in the Middle East and has been in use since the early Bronze Age. However, the almond is now grown across the globe in various climates and conditions.

It is one of the few trees that will grow in temperate climates, and thus it is grown extensively in California, Italy, Spain, and other locations in the Northern Hemisphere. In fact, almonds are now among the most widely produced tree nuts in the world.

Can dogs eat almonds?

Yes. Almonds are safe for dogs to eat in moderation. Almonds are a good source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Is almond milk dairy-free?

Yes. Almond milk is not made from dairy. It is a type of plant-based milk. It is very similar to soy milk, but it has a slightly different flavor. Almond milk is usually used as a base for other milks and products. Almond milk is often used as a base for other milks and products.

Is almond milk bad for you?

No. Almond milk is a highly nutritious plant-based milk that is actually very good for you. However, it can be expensive and many people are put off by the fact it does not have the same "creaminess" as cow's milk. That is certainly a valid point, but it is something you have to get over if you really want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Are almonds gluten-free?

Yes! Almonds are gluten-free, and not only that, they are actually one of the best gluten-free alternatives. They’re high in fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium — all of which are important for good health. Plus, they have a relatively low calorie count (only about 20 calories per ounce), and a surprisingly delicious flavor. Almonds can be eaten raw, dry-roasted or soaked.

Are almonds allergenic?

Almonds can cause allergic reactions in some people. Although almonds are a good source of protein, they are not recommended for people with cancer or other serious illnesses due to their high fat content.

If you are at risk for an almond allergy, it is best to avoid them altogether. However, if you do have a mild case of nut allergy, then you should be able to safely eat almonds every once in a while. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, potassium and magnesium which is great for your heart and bones.


There are many different kinds of almonds. Some of them are sweet and some of them are sour. Almonds are used for different purposes. There are so many benefits of eating almonds. They help us in losing weight, they lower cholesterol levels and they prevent cancer. Almonds are one of the foods that are rich in magnesium and other minerals.

The benefits of eating almonds are endless and that's why it is really important to know how to choose and eat the right kind of almonds.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will know how to choose and eat the best kind of almonds.

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