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A simple way to add character and interest to a room that is often overlooked is through the use of a decorative ceiling.  The installation process is quick, easy, and affordable for any do-it-yourselfer or handyman who has basic knowledge of electrical wiring. It can also be done in as little as an hour!  To make sure you get the most out of this project, here are 9 types of ceilings we’ve put together for you:

Materials of basement ceilings

Basement ceilings can be made from a variety of materials. Concrete, brick, stone or block are common choices for basement walls and floors. Sheetrock is often used in basements to keep the space dry and soundproofed. Insulating material can also be added to help maintain a temperature that's comfortable all year round.

How to choose a suitable basement ceiling?

The type of ceiling you choose will depend on your budget, the amount of noise outside the room, and where you live (dry climates require less insulation).  

One way to get creative with your basement ceiling is by using corrugated metal panels as an alternative to standard sheetrock. These panels give the room a unique look while still maintaining its functionality as storage space for items such as bicycles or gardening equipment.

They are also water resistant and can be installed easily. If you live in a dry climate, metal panels are an excellent choice since they keep the moisture out of your basement walls. Another option for your ceiling is to use laminate flooring as it's much sturdier than sheetrock and less expensive. Laminate flooring is easy to cut with a utility knife and can be attached directly to your ceiling joists or beams.

It's also available in a variety of styles such as patterns, wood grains, and even stone looks. 

Some types of basement ceilings

Laminate flooring can also be placed horizontally or vertically. Whether you're looking for a more polished look in the ceiling of your basement, or are just trying to keep it dry, laminate is the best choice if you’re looking for cost-effective materials.

Top 9 Types of Basement Ceilings:

1. Textured Ceilings

Textured ceilings are the simplest basement ceiling that you can do. A textured finish is a specially bonded material applied to drywall, which when painted serves as an imitation of rock or stucco. The texture finish can create an artistic and professional look to any space.

It is also very durable but does not seal out water like some of the other basement ceiling types.

Basement ceilings can be textured with a realistic or uniform pattern on an unfinished surface that gives a nice look to your basement. Texturing works well in the basement because it adds texture to the smooth drywall, and also allows you to cover up nail holes left from hanging items on the wall. If done perfectly, you can create a textured ceiling that looks like stucco.

The cost to install a textured finish ranges from $300-$400 dollars. If you are planning on going the DIY route, you might want to get your hands on some texture with 3/4 inch mesh and adhesive. First , paint the walls and then apply the mesh with adhesive to create a pattern of your choosing.

Textured ceilings are easily maintained and have a clean look with little color variation in the seams. Be aware that some texturizing products may contain asbestos, or could be made from other materials containing asbestos so try to pick up a product that does not contain any harmful material for you and your family's health.

2. Flat Ceilings

Flat ceilings are the most popular basement ceiling type people choose to paint and decorate their basements with. The flat ceiling allows you to easily paint a sky on your ceiling which looks incredible in any room of the house.

An unfinished basement may look okay with its rough-textured walls, but as far as adding visual appeal goes; it leaves much to be desired. With a flat painted ceiling, you can change the whole look of the basement with little effort.

A flat ceiling can be a combination of drywall and wood paneling, which makes it one of the most versatile basement ceiling types that you can install in your basement. A flat painted ceiling is often installed by professional painters because it requires an extra step or two from regular painting on another surface.

The first step involves using a textured paint on the ceiling, then a coat of primer to cover up all imperfections and lastly a coat of latex paint.

The cost for installing a flat painted ceiling is around $300-$400 dollars. Paint, materials and labor will be needed to complete this look. If you want your ceilings to match perfectly with other walls in the house, you might want to consider hiring a professional painter.

3. Strip Ceilings

A strip ceiling is probably the easiest basement ceiling that you can create for your home. To install this type of ceiling, all you have to do is cover drywall with aluminum molding strips. This installation is clean looking and very easy and will only take about an hour to complete the entire ceiling.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from many different styles of molding strips such as oak, silver or black wood design and plastic designs. The molding is easy to install and comes with adhesive backing that allows it to stick easily onto your walls without any mess.

The cost for installing a strip ceiling in your basement is as low as $30 dollars. If you are looking for a great way to add character to your basement, then investing in one of these strips might be the best thing for you.

4. Coffered Ceilings

A coffered ceiling is a great way to make an amazing detail on any room in your house. It will look like you have a set of wood beams placed on top of your ceiling and the best part is that a coffered ceiling can be added to any type of basement including unfinished basements.

If you have ever seen a room with a coffered ceiling, the first thing you'll notice about it is its incredible detail making whatever room it is there, look much more interesting.

A coffered ceiling is a great way to add some character to your home in the least expensive way possible. It will only cost you about $100 dollars for materials because it doesn't require painting or labor from an expert . With this easy installation, you can save yourself some cash and still easily install a ceiling that will add some character to any room in your house.

Coffered ceilings are easy to create for you and your family to enjoy. You can cover the top of a basement with this complete installation, or just use pieces of wood to create smaller details throughout a room . The coffered look is popular because it allows people who have limited skills to easily install a ceiling that will look like you spent thousands on it to install.  

5. Beamed Ceilings 

Beamed ceilings are a fantastic way to bring some classic beauty into your house while making an impact on every room in your home; especially the basement. This type of basement ceiling has remained popular throughout many centuries because it blends so well with a home's architecture.

This basement ceiling is easy to install, and will only cost you about $150-200 dollars for materials because it doesn't require painting or labor from an expert . If you are looking for the perfect way to add some character, and classic beauty into any room in your house then installing a beamed ceiling is the best way to do it.

When you want to create a magnificent effect, then installing a beamed ceiling will certainly help your home's look. This type of basement ceiling adds character and an exquisite feel that will outshine any other designs you can install in your basement such as tile or concrete floors .

Beamed ceilings are very common in any type of basement, whether it's finished or unfinished. It gives the feel of a family room that is rich with character and classic beauty. This installation works well with any other designs you have already placed into your home making it an easy way to add some polish to any room in your house.

6. Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are a great way to quickly update any room in your house. If you've ever gotten tired of the paint or wallpaper that is currently on your walls, then adding some metal panels will be enough to make every wall in your home interesting and beautiful.

This type of installation requires little skill, because all you need to do is cut squares out of a sheet and then nail them onto your walls. This is the same process for installing a metal ceiling in any basement; you just need to cut squares out of sheets until it covers an entire space .

It requires very little skill, but will add lots of character into any room in your house making it one of the best ways to update an old room, or add a fresh look to any basement.

When it comes to creating a fresh design, then installing a metal ceiling is one of the best ways to do it. There are various designs you can choose from that will fit any wall in your home giving you an inexpensive way to update old rooms with something modern .

7. Tile Ceilings

Tiles are very popular among basement ceilings because they are easy to install, and they come in a variety of colors. It doesn't matter whether you want black, white, or tan tiles; there's bound to be something that will match the décor in your basement.

This type of ceiling uses very little skill because it requires no painting or special tools. You can easily unscrew any existing tiles, and replace them with a brand-new set . If you have never installed a tile ceiling before then it will take about 30 minutes to do the job correctly, regardless of whether or not you are an expert.

Tiles are very popular because they come in many colors that compliment any room in your house. Just like wood ceilings, tiles are easy to install making them one of the best types of basement ceilings you can install on any wall.

8. Glamorous Ceilings  

If you are looking for a design that is very eye-catching then installing a glamorous ceiling will be the perfect solution. They look amazing, and give your home some personality by adding color, or sparkles into an area . There are many types of glamorous ceilings that you can choose from such as led lights, fiber optic lights, or star cloths.

This type of installation requires little skill but will add lots of character to any room in your house. By having this LED ceiling in your basement it will make your home feel more like a nightclub with the flashing lights and beautiful patterns .

These types of ceilings work best in places such as game rooms or bars because they give your space a very trendy look.

9. Plaster Ceilings

If you are looking for something that is very classy, then installing a plaster ceiling in your home will be perfect. It's easy to install because it only requires cutting sheets and models . This type of detailing requires little skill, but looks great in any room.

These types of ceilings work well in basements because they look like elegant crown molding. When it comes to the installation process you simply need to fit them into your basement ceiling, and then paint over top of them for an old world look .

Installing this type of ceiling is very easy for anyone looking to create a unique design in their home. This installation requires little skill because all you need is either a saw or a utility knife to cut each sheet of a plaster ceiling .


Where do I buy retro-ceilings?

If you want to add a great retro feel to your basement then the easiest way is to buy online. There are lots of websites which have an extensive range of ceilings, accessories and paints for sale .

If you are looking for something specific such as metal ceiling medallions, then there is bound to be an online supplier who will have them. The best thing about buying online is that they deliver straight to your door so you won't need to carry anything around.

Which ceiling is the cheapest?

When you are choosing a basement ceiling it doesn't matter whether you spend $10 or $10,000 on the material it will all depend on your personal choice. If you want to save money then the easiest way is to use cheaper materials such as wood lath, or plastic sheets . You can always jazz them up to look like something more expensive with the help of paint or lighting.

However, if you are just starting out on a budget then vinyl is one of the cheapest materials to choose from. When it comes to plaster it also depends on how decorative you want it to be. You can use basic lath and plaster for under $20 which will add a nice retro feel to your basement.

What ceiling is the easiest to install?

Out of all the different ceilings that you can buy for your basement it is undoubtedly fiberglass that are the easiest . The reason why this type of retro-design is great to use is because you don't need any special tools or skills. All you need to do is cut, and then fix them into place.

The installation process for fiberglass ceilings is quick and easy because all you need to do is hang several sheets on your wall . You can then either paint or wallpaper your ceiling, and it will look like something that took weeks to decorate. This type of installation does not require any special skills and only takes a few hours which is appealing to many people.


The best way to find the right basement ceiling is by considering your budget, desired aesthetic and material. Your decision will be influenced by how you intend to use your space and what style of home or apartment you live in. Choosing a type of basement ceiling isn’t as simple as picking one that looks good; it should also meet all safety requirements for insulation and soundproofing.

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