Types Of Bath Bombs You’ll Love

In this article, we will discuss the different types of bath bombs that are available to consumers. We will talk about what they do and how they work.

We will also provide a list of some of our favorites for purchase on amazon so you can find them quickly! Lastly, we want to give you tips for choosing the best type for your skin and needs. So let’s dive in!

Citrus Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is just as it sounds, bursting with the smells and colors of citrus fruits. If you are looking to give your skin a refreshed glow after an evening soak they are perfect! They are also great for those with sensitive skin!

If you have never used a bath bomb before this is the one to try. They generally smell like oranges or tangerine, which can be quite refreshing. If citrus isn’t your thing there are other options for scents! Loads of companies sell products that smell like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla for example. You can even get a bath bomb with more than one scent in it!

For beginners, citrus bath bombs are the way to go. They give you a great experience of what they have to offer without being too strong or blowing up your skin like some others on the market.

Cosmic Bath Bomb

This is for those that want to spread their wings and try something a little bit different. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone, these bath bombs are perfect! They have such an intricate design on the outside . It looks like tiny confetti or stars and can make any bathroom look really cute.

Cosmic bath bombs are great for getting you in the mood for magic. Light a candle or two, pour some wine and relax! These are perfect if you want to feel like a princess at home. These bath bombs also have a really sweet smell to them. I would describe the scent as fresh, fruity and floral.

The first time that I used one of the cosmic bath bombs from Lush , it left my bathroom feeling so fresh and clean. It was almost like an aromatherapy session in there! If you would like to try these out for yourself, I would highly recommend getting the chocolate cookie one. It is my favourite by far!

Natural Bath Bomb  

If ever there was an option that could help with anxiety, this would be it. These bath bombs are made out of all natural ingredients. Some of their scents include lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus! These can really help to relieve your stress and anxiety. They are the perfect way to end a long day or week.  

If you have had a bad week at work or didn’t get enough sleep this could be what you need to help you chill out. There are so many options for natural bath bombs, it is hard not to find one that will fit your needs!  

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them even have a texture on the outside so it feels like you aLush Bath Bombs when you use one!

These bath bombs are great for getting rid of any tension in your body. They also help with sore muscles and can be used as a foot soak if you purchase one that is larger. You can use these as a way to relax when you are feeling stressed out and need to unwind.

Glitter Bath Bomb

As far as aesthetics go, this one is a winner in our book! The glittery coating on the outside of this bomb makes it look like a tiny present. It is just begging to be opened. Plus, it will sparkle around in the water like magic! You will feel like you are bathing in a pool of shimmering happiness with this one.

If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, this would be the perfect thing to add some glimmer and shine to it for when company comes over. The glitter on the outside is just enough to make your bathroom look interesting without it looking like you don’t know how to clean! 

The first time that I used one of these bath bombs, I was definitely surprised by how much glitter was in it! You can definitely expect a little bit of a mess when you open it. If you don’t want sparkles in your tub, then I would suggest leaving the bathroom until your bath is over! The glitter grips onto just about everything!

Skittles Bath Bomb

This one is a great choice if you are looking for something that will smell delicious and make it look like you have been eating candy all day! They are a little more firm than some of the other types of Lush bath bombs so they can really help to give you an extra boost after a long day.

If you have had a rough time at work or with school these will feel like just what the doctor ordered. When you get out of the tub, your skin will be so soft and feel amazing. I bet you won’t even want to put clothes on! You will be in such a good mood after using one of these that it will be hard not to smile all the time.

Again, you get to choose which one you would like. They come in all different colors and sizes so there is a lot of variety for you to pick the one that will fit your mood best. If you are feeling lucky, then why not grab a bag of Skittles and treat yourself?

Cupcake Bath Bombs

When I am in a bad mood and need something that will cheer me up, this is what I turn to. They release the sweetest-smelling scent when they are in the water that makes you feel like you have been eating a big bowl of fresh cupcakes! It is so hard not to smile while you are soaking in there!

If you are looking for something to help you have a good day, then this is the bath bomb for you. They don’t just smell great, but they are also very cute! You can choose from vanilla frosting or chocolate frosting so that way you can decide what kind of mood you feel like having that day.

This bath bomb is the perfect size for a bath. It will turn the water a bright pink color that will light up your mood even more! It also leaves your skin feeling very soft and smooth afterward so you really can’t go wrong with this one. 

The smell alone will make you feel like you have been eating candy all day. This is a great pick if you want something that will make your bathroom smell like a confectionery shop!

Tie-Dye Style Bathing Bomb

The Tie-Dye style bath bomb is the perfect thing to break up a long day or to end one. It will turn your water a lovely shade of blue and make you feel like you are transported somewhere else when you are in it. The smell that they release when they fizz in the water is soothing as well, making it the perfect way to end your day.

As soon as you get into the hot water, you will feel all of your stress melt away. You could almost fall asleep in there because it feels so good! It can also lead to a more restful sleep at night which is great if you have been having trouble sleeping lately.

Don’t forget to add in the essential oils that come with it! You can use them after your bath and you will notice that you stay smelling like blueberries all day long. If you want to make this a gift, then tie some colorful ribbon around the neck of the bottle so that they know what is inside when they run out.

Green Tea Bath Bomb

If you want to get rid of toxins in your body and start feeling good again, then this is the bath bomb for you. It will give you a boost that you are definitely going to need after sitting at work all day. The cold water alone can zap your energy if you aren’t careful so when it starts coming down toward the end of the day, then you will really need this.

Green tea is known for being a great detoxifying agent so it can help let your body get back to feeling fresh and healthy again. It also smells amazing! You are definitely going to feel awake when you get out of the tub after using one of these babies!  

It is the perfect size for a bath. You will almost get lost in there trying to find your toes! The color is so bright that you will probably feel like you are under a rainbow afterwards because it is such a happy sight.

Macaron Bath Bomb

They will give you a boost of energy that you are going to need when it starts getting closer to dinner time. The smell alone is enough to get you up and going so don’t even worry about the fizzing in the water! They will also make your skin feel soft and smooth again after being cooped up in an office all day.

You will be able to relax in there and let your mind slip off into nothingness as you soak in that hot water. It also comes with some great moisturizers so when you get out, your skin will feel smooth and healthy again thanks to them!

They will make your nose tingle from the smell and you will love the way that your bathroom is going to smell after you use this one. It will make you feel like you are in a bakery because of how realistic the smell is.

Lavender Bath Bomb

Lavender is known for being a very calming scent that can help you fall asleep at night. It also has other health benefits like relieving tension and lowering blood pressure so if you want to feel much better, then this is the bath bomb for you!

You should only use one of these guys when you are ready to relax because they are so calming that you will almost slip into a coma. It is also one of the most relaxing colors to be surrounded by when you get into the tub.

It does leave your skin feeling very soft afterwards but it isn’t going to make it super smooth like some other formulas can do, but that doesn’t bother most people. You can pair it with some chamomile tea to get a similar experience when you are trying to get in the tub!

Peppermint Bath Bomb

You will love having one of these after you have been out in the hot sun because if you live somewhere where that is an issue during certain time periods, then this is the perfect thing to brighten up your day and cool you down.

They have a cooling sensation on your skin that is guaranteed to make you feel refreshed after using it. It will also help get rid of any knots in your back or anywhere else so if you are feeling sore, then this is the bomb for you! It comes with some additional moisturizers with it so you will feel even softer after using it and once the water hits your skin!


Q: What are the benefits of using these bath bombs?

A: It is hard to choose a specific benefit because there are so many that you will get from using one. For instance, green tea has been known to make people more awake during the day and peppermint can help with nausea. If you can pin down which type of bomb you are going to need, then those are definitely the ones that you should choose!

Q: How can I pick the right one?

A: You should pick the one that best suits your needs. If you want to help yourself with stress relief, then choose lavender or rosemary. If you are feeling ill and want a boost of energy, then go with green tea. To save some money on your order, all of those options come in packages so if you like them all, then order that package!

You won’t regret it after you use the first one!

Q: What are some of the ingredients included in these bath bombs?

A: One of the main benefits is that they are all natural so they have a lot of different oils and scents in them. You get to choose which one you want so if you have a favorite scent from any of the ones that we mentioned then go with that! If not, then don’t worry because they all smell good and are going to make your skin feel refreshed after using them.

Q: Are these bath bombs worth the price?

A: Yes, they are definitely worth it because you get a lot of bang for your buck. You will feel much better after using one and all of them smell delicious so if you are looking to have a scent-based night in, then this is what you want! They also come in packages with more than one if you want them all.


Bath time is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. Bath bombs are great for fizzing in the bath and making the water colorful. They come in many different shapes and colors like any other bath product. Bath bombs cost anywhere from $1 to $6, which is expensive depending on the size of the bomb. It also depends on if it's scented or not. 


There are many different shapes and scents but they all have their benefits as well as their disadvantages. The main difference in one type of bath bomb vs another is the scent or material that it's made out of--so picking your favorite scent will most likely be your best choice!

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