Types Of Bathroom Rugs – Selecting Bathroom Rugs

All of our bathrooms need a rug. The one in the bathroom is no different. But choosing which type of rug to buy for your bathroom can be difficult with all of the options available. There are many types, shapes and colors you have to choose from when deciding what rug will match best with your decor and function well in your room. There are many different types of bathroom floor mats. 


Acrylic Bath Mat

It works well with all types of decor and comes in a variety of colors. The texture is like a rubber mat, but it's durable against moisture and easy to clean. It will not shed or fade over time and can be placed directly on the floor.

This rug is made of durable acrylic material, which is easy to maintain. It's inexpensive and works well with all types of decor. 

It comes in a variety of colors that make it easy to coordinate with your bathroom décor. Since it's made of acrylic, it's also easy to clean. It has a texture like rubber, but is durable enough to stand up to moisture. It will not shed or fade over time and can be placed directly on the floor.

Chevron Shower Mat with suction cups

They come with a rubber underside for added durability so you don't have to worry about it slipping around either.

They are made from a polypropylene rubber which means they're very strong and won't tear or break easily (like other rugs can). They also come with teeth on the underside to make sure it sticks to the ground so you don't have to worry about it slipping around. If you do leave one of these in the bathtub, just be sure to clean it when you're done using it.

Tartan Bath Mat 

Tartan Bath Mat with rubber at the bottom. These bath mats are great for the bathroom because they're very durable and easy to clean. They come in tartan style designs that will look great with your bathroom decor too!

Vinyl Bath Mat

They're just like the blues, except they're made from vinyl instead. Some people prefer these because of how easy they are to clean. Plus, they can be quite attractive with many different styles and colors available.

However, there are some drawbacks to these bathroom rugs. First of all, they're not very soft for standing on when barefoot. They also tend to have a slightly rubbery smell that may get transferred to the rest of your bathroom. And finally, you should try to keep them away from the shower because they may become water-damaged without a drain hole. Alloy Bath Mat

Clear bathroom Rugs

These are made of clear PVC, so they're waterproof. The material is durable against moisture and easy to clean (you can even wash it in your washing machine!) They come in a variety of colors too!

Cork Bath Mats 

Recycled cork looking floor mat These bath mats are very popular, especially with people who have hardwood floors or tile because they provide comfort while having a warm look to them that will match your home decor. They're easy to clean and include a non slip bottom that makes them great for the bathroom!

Recycled plastic bath mats because they are resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria That's why these recycled plastic bath mats are so popular - the colors never fade and once it gets wet, it will dry very quickly. Recycled plastic is also environmentally friendly and not toxic like regular plastics.

These recycled foam bath mats are very popular because they will last a long time, look great and will stay warm The best thing about these bath mats is that they're all created with recycled foam - so there's no harm to the environment! These bath mats come in many different styles to match your home decor.

Chevron Bath Mat for kids

Along with the suction cups, these rugs also have a specially designed texture that keeps them from slipping. They're super cute and colorful, plus they come in many different styles like dots, stripes and more.

These rugs are perfect for kids' bathrooms because of the funky and cute designs that they come in. They also make it easier to keep your little one from slipping on hardwood or tiled floors; especially if you live in a place where there's lots of moisture like a bathroom. 

Scotchgard Bath Mat 

They are made with a Scotchguard layer that repels liquids and stains. They have many different styles and colors to choose from, so you'll be able to find something that you like. The best part about these bath mats is that they are all made with recycled plastic that is eco-friendly and will not harm the environment.

Chenille Bath Mats  

These bath mats are made with a thick pile of woven fabric that's meant to provide ultimate comfort while also protecting your feet from excess moisture. They're easy to clean and can be cleaned in your washing machine if they ever get dirty!

Nylon Bath Mats  

They are made of nylon yarn, which makes it very soft and cottony. They will last a long time if you take good care of them by washing them at least once a month to remove all the dirt that accumulates over time.

A great bath mat for people who have hardwood or tiled floors because they don't slip. They are also very thick, so they absorb moisture easily and dry quickly. A lot of people use them as a throw rug to put on the floor in front of their shower or bathtub because it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Microfiber Bath Mats  

These bath mats are made with a synthetic fiber that's known as polyester. The pile and backing are made from different types of microfiber material, so they're very soft on your feet. Microfiber is also highly absorbent, so you won't have to worry about being drenched in water while stepping out of the bath. They're also very easy to clean and can be put in a washing machine if you wish to do so.

Microfiber bath mats are great for people with hardwood or tiled floors, because they don't slip. They have a nice thick pile that is plush, comfortable and warm! If you want to make your bath mat a little thicker, you can also buy a microfiber pad that will fit underneath your bath rug.

Bamboo Bath Mats

These are some of the most popular types of bathroom rugs today. They have a very unique design and come in many different colors, sizes and styles. A big reason why they're so popular is because they are eco-friendly! They are made out of bamboo fibers, which make them very soft and comfortable to walk on after you step out of the bath.

Bamboo mats are one of the best types to use if you have hardwood or tiled floors because they don't slip. They also dry quickly, so moisture is never be a problem! The pile on these mats are made with many tiny holes that allow water and dirt to quickly drain off, so no excess moisture ever remains on the surface.  


Shag Rugs  

Shag rugs can come in lots of different colors and patterns. The most common shag type is made out of polyester or cotton yarns that have been cut into small pieces and then hooked back onto themselves. The pieces are put together using a technique called "blending" that causes them to appear as if they are one solid piece.

There are great for bathrooms because of their soft, warm feel and easy cleanup. They absorb water quickly, so no moisture ever drips off the rug onto your feet. Some models have been treated to make sure that mold never forms on them, which can ruin the soft fibers.

Shag rugs come in all sizes and colors, but they are not very expensive. They are also very durable and will last for many years if you take good care of them. Even though they're made out of small pieces of yarn, they have a very strong structure.

It's best to clean shag rugs at least once a month by vacuuming them on "high". Most models are made out of polyester and cotton yarns, so doing this removes any dirt or hair that has built up over time.

Flat rugs

Flat rugs are very simple and easy to care for. They are usually made out of a material called "polypropylene", so they're very durable and can last for many years. Polypropylene is a type of plastic, but rugs made from this synthetic material will not crack or wear out easily.

Organic bath mats

Organic rugs are great because they're natural! They come from trees, so there is no need to worry about them wearing out. The type of tree that they're made from will affect their softness and appearance, but one thing stays the same with all organic mats...they have a very natural look and feel to them.


How to clean the carpet?

Rugs are easy to clean. Simply take a vacuum cleaner and suck up any dirt or debris in the rug. You can also use some water with soap, scrub it on and then rinse it off.

Should I use these rugs in the bathroom?

It depends on what type of bathroom you have and what kind of floor you want to cover. If your bathroom is small and doesn't have much room, you may want to get a smaller rug for the bathtub or shower. If there's a lot of space, then go ahead and get one that will cover most if not all of the flooring surface.

If you have a small bathroom, then you'll probably want one that's about 4 feet in length. If it's medium in size they need to be about 7 feet, while large areas need rugs that are 8 feet or more.

With a larger sized bathroom, go ahead and get something smaller for your shower or tub area instead of the floor.

What is the difference between a bath mat and a rug?

Bath mats are typically smaller than a rug and they are usually used for patios, outdoor pools, or other outside areas that you want to protect from wetness. A rug is typically much larger than a bath mat. They can either be placed on the floor near your sink or toilet, or in front of your shower to block water from spilling onto the floor.


To sum up, bathroom rugs can be very beneficial in a number of ways. They help to keep your bathroom neat and tidy by retaining the water you splashed out of your bathtub or shower, they offer comfort while you're standing on it, plus a few other benefits as well. If you don't have one yet, consider getting one for your bathroom.

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