A Brief Guide To Types Of Benches

The benches are the furniture that most people sit on. They are very helpful when one is tired and needs to rest for a while or there is no other place to sit. The bench may be simple, with just one backrest, or it may have several seats at different heights. In this article we will talk about the types of benches and what each type can do for you.

Garden Bench

The garden bench can be used in your garden. It is a cheap alternative to the classic sitting chairs and if you do not have a large garden, it will fit nicely in it. It also provides more storage space since the backrests are given and there are no armrests giving additional storage space where needed.

The garden bench is great if you have a garden party. However, if the benches are not made of wood and they get wet when it rains, the paint may fall off and the bench will look old. But still, this is a suitable choice for people with small gardens.

It can be bought almost anywhere and usually will not cost more than 20$.

Picnic Bench

Picnic benches will be rather comfortable and they are a good choice if you need to rest somewhere in public. Usually, the bench is made of wood however there are some plastic models that do not look cheap. The wooden models usually have an option for the backrests to be moved so it can accommodate more people.

Furthermore, the bench can be used for a picnic. It is simple and will always be durable.The only problem with the picnic bench is that it will not be comfortable when you sit on it for a long period of time unless there are many other people with you to keep conversation going.

The seat may also feel hard if it made of wood and if your legs are short, then resting on such a bench can be troublesome. It depends on what you will use the bench for, but this furniture usually costs less than 30$.

Folding Bench

If you are going to do sports in a public place, it may be illegal to leave the equipment outside so you will need folding benches. There are many models available and there is one that matches your personal taste. Also, this is a formidable option if you want to throw some kind of outdoor event. It can also be used as a temporary seat for children playing in your garden or on a snowy field.

This bench can have storage space and if you buy one that is adjustable, it can be very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. It may be used with the folding chairs but keep in mind that they will not fit into large trunks. Such benches cost around 40$ and they can be folded into a small package that will not clutter your house.

Veranda Bench

This bench is great for relaxing and it may look nice if you have a veranda in your garden. It may also be good if you want an armrest that does not belong to the chair beside it. The cost of the bench is under $100 and it is a piece that adds elegance and class.

This bench offers comfort to both the user and the observer due to the fact that it has back support which enables for users to sit comfortably while not interfering with other furniture in the room or garden. This can be used indoors as well as outdoors; however, some precautions need to be taken when it comes to the outdoors such as covering it when there is a threat of rain, snow, or other extreme weather conditions.

This bench can be used in various places around the house. Not only can it be used for seating but also as an outdoor coffee table. The color and style of wood that is chosen will determine the overall look of the bench.

The design of the bench is very classic and it does not take up much space along with other furniture in the room; therefore, it will be easy to fill a large room. This bench may also be used without placing any cushions on both the seat and backrest due to its versatile design.

Corner Bench

The corner bench is used to fill the space in a corner. If you do not have enough room for a table or if there are no windows in the said corner, this model may help as it can be also used for storage of smaller things like newspapers or books. The most important thing about the corner bench is that it can be placed to fill the entire corner and several models have drawers, cabinets, and other types of storage. You may choose an old-fashioned one that has a cupboard or a simple one with a shelf.

It should be noted that this bench is not very comfortable for long periods of sitting because it is made mostly out of wood.

Sometimes they are put against the wall, or not in a corner. In any case the ergonomic function is still valid as it provides an armrest and back support for leaning your body. The seat is also higher than average so that you can use this furniture even if your legs are shorter. Although this bench may be uncomfortable for sitting, it can be used as a coffee table in the living room or as an additional storage space for books and magazines.

Modern Bench With Storage

This type of bench can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings and is made out of wood or metal combined with other materials like plastics, vinyl, etc… The metal material makes it rust-resistant so that it can be used for a long time outdoors, especially if it is covered. The storage space inside the bench is very big and this can be your outdoor table for the flowers, books, or other items that you want close to you.

The seats on all of these benches may be covered with cushions in order to add more comfort. The cushions are mostly made out of foam rubber because it does not absorb water in case it rains. A modern bench can add a lot of storage space to your room for example if you are going on vacation and have too many things that do not fit in your bags then the extra place to store them is very useful.

Bedroom Bench

Bedroom bench is another name of nightstand. It is used to keep bedside lamp and alarm clock while sleeping. Some have drawers to store small things like eyeglasses, watches or some medicines. In the market, there are long and short bedroom benches to choose from.

There are many options of bedroom bench including wooden and metal. Wooden bedroom bench is more popular among people because it gives a cozy feeling along with the design of the bedroom, but if you don't like to have such atmosphere in your bedroom, then metal one should be good choice for you. The bedside table will not only keep small things but also as an additional support for natural wood bedframe and mattress. Some people keep jewelry box or photo album on their bedroom bench.

Bedroom bench is not located in the corner of the room, but it locates alongside with a wall and near to the bed. So that, you can put your books or magazines on the top end of it while reading, or place pictures of your family or friends on the top end of it. Additionally, there is a drawers under the bench, so that you can place some small things there.

Backless Bench

Backless bench is also known as a pedestal table. The shape of this bench is same as coffee table, but without the top appearance. It uses for the kitchen in which we place pots and pans on it. Moreover, you can use it to keep some decorative vase and flower on it. If you have small living room, then this bench can be used in your living room to place some decorative items on it.

What is a spot for? Well, if you have a lot of things that need to set down, then this spot will help you out a lot. You can use it to keep your computer and mobile phone while charging or working at the same time. There is a drawers under the bench, so while sitting on the lounge chair you can keep your laptop on the top of it.

Wicker Bench

Wicker bench is the top quality of wicker furniture. It is used to put pillows and cushions on it for a comfortable seating on patio or garden. You can also keep your books, magazines, decorative vases or flower pots on them as well. As long as you place all kinds of things over these benches, they will give a stylish and unique appearance to your patio.

Wicker bench is made of natural wicker material, so it will give out a natural look along with the color you choose for it. Whether you want to create an elegant or modern style to your house, this furniture piece can help you a lot.

Curved Bench

Curved bench contains two half-circle benches. The first is used to put books or magazines, and the second is for sitting on it. The curved bench should be located next to a wall, so you don't get disturbed while reading your book or magazine. However, if you want to place some decorative vases or flower pots over it, then you should place it in the center of the room. It is a good alternative to go along with your sofa or rocking chair.

Curved benches are made from wood, wrought iron or other materials like metal and plastic. You can choose any of them based on your style and preference.


1. How much space should be between the bedroom wall and the bench?

Well, it depends on you actually because there is no specific size of distance for keeping a bedside bench next to a wall. The most important thing is that it should be near to your bed so that you can easily reach what is placed over it at night or in the morning. If it is too far from your bed, then you will have to walk unnecessarily long distance while going to and fro from your bedroom bench.

2. What kind of bench is good with natural wood beds?

If you like a colorful atmosphere in your bedroom, then metal or wooden bedside bench should be good for you because they give out a similar appearance to natural wood bedframe and mattress. You can put some decorative items on them, or you can use them as storage boxes for your books, mobile phone, jewelry box, etc....

3. What is the difference between an end table and a bench?

Well, they are both designed for placing things around it because they have some drawers and space for placing items on it. However, beds end table is usually smaller than a bedside bench. It should be placed at the end of your bed or next to some chairs so that you can place books on it.

On the other hand, a bench is larger than an end table, and they are used as seating on your patio or garden. Moreover, they can be used as storage boxes of books, magazines, decorative vases and flower pots.

4. Is there any specific material to choose for the most durable benches?

Wood is the best option if you are looking for a long lasting bench because it is very sturdy in construction. Wrought iron and metal are also good options, but they may cost a lot. Aluminum benches are also durable as well as inexpensive in price. Plastic is also a long lasting and cheap material for making bedroom benches.

5. Where should I place my bedside bench?

If you want to create some storage space for your books or mobile phone, then you can put it on the bedside table. However, if you want to create some dining space for your family or friends, then you can use a wooden bench as a dining table in your bedroom.

6. What is the best way to clean my wooden bench?

You should start by cleaning all dust with a soft cloth and then rub off the dust with a microfiber cloth. After that, you can use your detergent and water to clean the bench, or you can also use furniture cleaner for getting rid of dirt and grease from different places in the bathroom.

If you do not clean it regularly, then it will become difficult to remove all the dirt from inside it. You should polish it with some oil for making it shiny and lustrous.

7. What is the life expectancy of a bench made from metal?

The life expectancy of this kind of bench depends on its quality and proper maintenance. If you are using high-quality metal to make your benches, then they will last you more than 25 years without any damages.

8. I want to have a bench at the end of my bed, but I don't know which one to choose?

Well, you can choose by considering its purpose and style. Wooden benches are more attractive because they give out an elegant look in the bedroom. However, if you need more storage space for your books or other things, then metal or plastic benches should be the best option because they have a lot of drawers and space for placing your things.


Now you are aware of the different types of benches that can be found in the market. As earlier, before making any purchase, ensure to check out as much information as possible about that particular bench for sale and make a decision depending on your needs.

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