20 Types Of Bouquets Flower Arrangements For Various Occasions

The arrangement of flowers is a very important part of any floral design. There are many differing types of arrangements that people can choose from to fit with their needs and preferences. If you’re not sure what type of arrangement to select, this article will be helpful in guiding your decision.


Before getting into the various types of flower arrangements that are available, it’s important to understand what flowers are. Flowers come in many different varieties and sizes and they’re mainly used for decoration. However, not all flowers are created equal; some flowers last longer than others, some have unique characteristics, and so on. That’s why it’s important to know what flowers are and how they work.

Flowers can be classified as either hard or soft. Hard flowers include roses, orchids and carnations while the soft flowers are usually grouped together in the category of “air plants” which also includes ferns, cattails and other aquatic plants.

20 types of bouquets flower arrangements

1. Woodland bouquet

Woodland bouquet is a casual, rustic bouquet that features wild greens and flowers. The greens used to be gathered from the woods or meadows but today are made out of silk, which make them easy to care for.

Bouquet characteristics: Woods and wild flowers, mostly muted colors.

Best suited occasions: Casual occasions like picnics or summer barbeques.

2. Tussie-mussie bouquet

A tussie-mussie bouquet is a very stylized style of flower arrangement that uses small posies or button bouquets to create a full, lush bouquet. Typically these use small varieties and delicate flowers to give the arrangement a very feminine feel.

Characteristics: button or small posies of flowers in muted colors.

Best suited occasions: It can be used for any occasion but is common at weddings and funerals due to its sophisticated appearance.

3. Pompadour bouquet

The pompadour is a large, lavish display of flowers that is meant to be seen from across the room and up close. It has a luxurious feel to it and looks beautiful on an entry table or mantelpiece. They usually use a variety of flowers including roses, lilies, as well as many seasonal varieties.

Characteristics: Roses and other high-end flowers used in extravagant quantities to make the bouquet look stunning.

Best suited for occasions: weddings and formal events due to its design.

4. Summertime bouquet

Summertime bouquet is a casual, rustic arrangement that uses wild flowers and greens to create the most amazing display of summer's bounty. This bouquet is great for outdoor picnics but also looks beautiful as a centerpiece table during the warmer seasons.

Characteristics: Wildflowers collected from forests and meadows around the world, the bouquet has a natural, rustic feel with pops of color.

Best suited occasions: Casual/outdoor events like picnics and summer barbeques.

5. Sunflower Bouquet

A sunflower bouquet is a flower arrangement that uses only sunflowers as its main feature. This is not to be confused with Sunflowers, which are a variety of dicots. These bouquets often use the entire sunflower including its leaves and stem as well as flowers to create beautiful arrangements that look amazing on dining tables or any table for that matter.

Characteristics: Sunflowers only! They come in a variety of colors but most commonly feature the yellow ones.

Best suited occasions: Any occasion really but can be used to bake a warm welcome for your guests  and make them feel at home in your house.

6 . Garden Bouquet

A garden bouquet is similar to a woodland bouquet except it uses more grown flowers and fewer wildflowers, if any at all. It is a very casual arrangement that looks best in an entryway or dining room table during spring and summer months.

Characteristics: Flowers from the garden, mainly grown flowers like roses and tulips but may include some wildflowers if they are in season.

Best suited occasions: Casual events like picnics, barbeques, lunches.

7 . Brut Bouquet

A brut bouquet is a very simple arrangement that has only the most necessary items to create a beautiful display without going overboard. These arrangements use one type of flower and then you add other items to it like greenery or candy in order to give it contrast, making it easy on the eye.

Characteristics: One type of flower only and then other items are added to it.

Best suited occasions: Any occasion! They look beautiful on dining tables, coffee tables, or just decorating your home.

8. Bowl Bouquets

Bowl bouquet is a large floral arrangement where flowers, foliage and small branches are arranged in a bowl-like container. They don't require much maintenance and look amazing on an entry table or dining room table.

Characteristics: Flowers, foliage and branches are displayed in a large bowl-like container.

Best suited occasions: Casual outdoor events like barbeques, picnics etc.

9 . Pot Bouquets

Pot bouquets are just like bowl bouquet's except the container is a little larger and usually made of porcelain. These arrangements look amazing in entry ways, dining room tables etc. They really help to bring an exclusive feel to your home and can be used with other decor items as well such as candles or pottery.

Characteristics: This bouquet is arranged in a container made of porcelain, ceramic or metal.

Best suited occasions: Any occasion! These arrangements are great for casual home decor and really stand out.

10 . Table Top Bouquets

Table top bouquets are very similar to window box arrangements except their containers are larger. In fact, these arrangements can be displayed inside or outside the home on a dining table. They are very beautiful and look amazing during spring and summer months.

Characteristics: Table top bouquets use the same materials as window box arrangements but in larger containers. These bouquets look great indoors or outdoors, especially in your garden at home or at the cottage.

Best suited occasions: Table top bouquets are great for spring or summer time. You can place them in your garden, on the dining table at home, or even at a wedding venue.

11. Boutonniere Bouquets

Boutonniere bouquets are a great way to add a little color and create an elegant flower arrangement for men. These arrangements are used to adorn the lapel of men.

Characteristics: Boutonnieres can be worn on any occasion but usually reserved for weddings, prom nights, or other formal occasions where the guy is dressed up.

Best suited occasions: Formal events like weddings, proms etc.

12 . Corsage Bouquets

Corsage bouquets are typically used for ladies and can be worn on any occasion. They look great pinned to a collar or belt loop, just below the breasts.

Characteristics: These arrangements are arranged in corsage boxes that you pin to your dress. You can wear them anywhere like parties, an evening out with friends, or even to a wedding or formal event.

Best suited occasions:  Corsage bouquets are suitable for any formal or semi-formal occasion.

13 .  Hydrangea Bouquets

Hydrangea bouquets are often used for ceremonies and marriages. These arrangements tend to be large in size and contain mainly white or pastel colored flowers with just a touch of green. The following image shows one such arrangement that is used as a bridal bouquet.

Characteristics: Hydrangea bouquets comprise large buds that have been arranged depending on how you intend using it or where you plan to use it. For instance, the bouquets that are meant for ceremony purposes are often bigger than those made for gifting purposes.

Best suited occasions: It is best suited for ceremonies such as weddings, anniversaries, and funerals.

14 . Daisy Bouquets

Daisy bouquets have the most structured flower arrangement among all other bouquet arrangements. The flowers included in this type of bouquets are roses, carnations and daisies, also including mixed yellow and white colors flowers such as sweet peas, miniature calla lilies or limoniums.

Characteristics: The main characteristic of the daisy bouquets is that they must not be too tight; they should have plenty of space between flowers.

In this case, you might also want to include other types of flower arrangements, for example, a branch with leaves and small white flowers or even individual rosebuds if you're planning on using them as a gift for someone special.

Best suited occasions: This bouquet arrangement is most suitable for occasions like a wedding, first communions and baptisms.

15 . Bouquets with Mixed Flowers

These bouquets are made using flowers of various colors and shapes. You can choose a mix of roses, lily, tulips, and hydrangeas which have been arranged elegantly in a vase.

Characteristics: They look great in that they contain several colorful flowers. They can be perfect for arrangements such as prim bouquets and bunches of flowers in clear vases.

Best suited occasions: These bouquet arrangements can be used to celebrate several important events, for example, birthdays or anniversaries.

16 . Bouquets with Flowers of One Color

This type of bouquet is made up of flowers with the same color. It can be roses, poinsettias or hydrangeas which have been arranged in a bouquet to create a beautiful decoration.

Characteristics: They work best with small bouquets; oftentimes they are structured and still bear the resemblance of the color on which they're based in order to create an esthetic effect.

Best suited occasions: These bouquet arrangements are also perfect for small parties and informal events; they can work well in birthday or anniversary celebrations.

17 . Bouquets with Carnations

Carnation bouquets have a simple design, but you should take your time when choosing the flowers to be included in them. This type of bouquets can be very elegant, especially if they're used to celebrate weddings or religious ceremonies.

Characteristics: They're made up of only one color, which is red. Carnation bouquets are also characterized by the fact that their leaves and stems shouldn't be visible in the final picture. However, you can add a bit of greenery to the bouquet in order to give it a nice touch.

Best suited occasions: These bouquets can be used at any special occasion and for almost anyone, from best friends to family members or even colleagues at work. On the other hand, they're absolutely perfect for celebrating weddings and religious ceremonies like baptisms or first communions.

18 . Bouquets with Roses

Roses bouquets lack the variety of flowers one can find in other arrangements, but they're extremely attractive and appealing. This means that you have to pay special attention to choosing only healthy rose stems, since the quality of this type of bouquet depends on them.

Characteristics: Roses bouquets are one of the most popular types of flower arrangements that can be found nowadays. They're characterized by their color, and they usually consist of a variety of red flowers. You'll rarely find bouquets of roses bouquets with other colors that don't belong to this family.

Best suited occasions: Roses bouquets can be used for special occasions like birthdays, graduations or weddings. On the other hand, they're perfect for celebrations involving family members or even coworkers.

19 . Bouquets with Carnation and Gerbera Flowers

This is another great bouquet that you can use to make an impressive decoration in your house during special occasions.

Characteristics:  This bouquet combines carnation flowers with gerbera ones. It's great for spring and summer, since it contains a variety of pastel-colored flowers that contrast nicely with the green of the leaves.

Best suited occasions: These bouquets can be used to celebrate special events such as a birthday or even wedding anniversaries. They also make great gifts for family members and coworkers who are celebrating an important event.

20 .  Bouquets with Lisianthus and Roses

This type of flower arrangement is made up of lisianthus and roses, which are flaunting their beauty in a vase. They're characterized by the fact that they're extremely elegant and rich-looking.

Characteristics:    This type of bouquets can be used for many special occasions, since they're rich-looking and very elegant. However, you should bear in mind that lisianthus is a delicate flower, which means that it's not suitable to be exposed to sunlight.

Best suited occasions:  Lisianthus and roses bouquets are great for celebrations like weddings or anniversaries, as well as birthdays. They're also ideal for special occasions such as retirement parties or graduations.


What is the meaning of bouquet?

A bouquet is a bunch of flowers, typically given as a gift or to celebrate an occasion. They're usually given in arrangements, which are made up of a number of flowers that match each other's color.

How to make flower bouquets at home?

You can easily make beautiful flower bouquets at home with some simple steps followed by careful attention. However, it's best if you begin the process after you've purchased the flowers that you want to use.

First of all, you'll need to grab a vase and fill it with water in order to keep the stems fresh for a longer period of time. There are many varieties of vases out there, but most people prefer glass ones due to their transparency.

After that, you should cut off any visible leaves from the stems, particularly those at the bottom. Furthermore, you have to arrange the flowers according to their color in order to achieve a better look for your bouquet.

Once you've done that, place them in the vase so that they fit nicely and fill it with water as well. You should keep out any leaves if possible, but make sure that the stems are completely covered. After you've arranged the flowers, add decorative elements such as leaves, paper or even ribbon.

Best bouquet for her?

If you're wondering what's the best flower bouquet to get for a woman, then we'll help you find out! In order to do this, first of all you have to know what type of woman you're dealing with.

You can go for the classic arrangement, which is ideal for romantic women who like red flowers. On the other hand, women who love whimsical things will definitely adore a bouquet full of tropical plants.

If your girlfriend likes nature and the outdoors, then a wildflower bouquet is the best choice for her. These are basically bouquets made up of wild flowers from your area. However, it's important that they're clean and smell nice!


If you're looking for a way to show your loved one how much she means to you, then giving her a bouquet is an ideal option. A bouquet of flowers can be extremely romantic if presented properly, so it's best if you follow these tips during the entire process.  Furthermore, don't forget to personalize the bouquet in order to make it unique!

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