Best Dryer : Types Of Clothes Dryers And Which One Is For You

It’s the end of a long day and you are finally ready to do your laundry. You have just put your clothes in the washer, but now what? The answer is to get yourself an efficient clothes dryer.

There are many different types of clothes dryers on the market today with various features and prices so it can be difficult to find one that fits all of your needs. To help make this process easier for you we have created a list below outlining some of the most popular types of dryers available today as well as their pros and cons. Hopefully this will help you decide which type would best suit your needs!

Vented Dryers

Vented dryers are some of the most popular household dryer models available today.

These models vent to the outside, but if you own an underground or multi-story garage this model may not be a good choice for you. This also makes it more difficult for you to hang up anything that you might have put in a clothes hanger.

The models that vent to the outside will usually have a timer or an automatic drying cycle included as well so you won’t need to worry about setting anything up beforehand. However, this can be a problem if your dryer is hooked up to gas because you will either have to have access to your laundry room while the dryer is on, or you will need to find a way to turn off the gas while you’re out.

Top Load Laundry Machines

Top loading washing machines are a great way to achieve a more thorough cleaning of your clothes. They also usually have more room available for your clothes than other models so you will be able to dry anything that is too large or bulky for the regular laundry machine.

These machines tend to dry cleaner and according to some consumers they actually end up saving you money. However, they are usually larger and heavier than other models so you will need to make sure that you have space available for one of these machines.

Top loading washing machines also have their drawbacks and these can range from having to take your clothes out of the washer by hand because there is no room on top to leaving excess water inside the machine that will then ruin your clothes.

Separate Dryer

Separate dryers are perfect for those who have already purchased a washer.

These machines usually offer the same features as other brands, but they are often much cheaper and you don’t have to worry about having your model being discontinued because you will be able to find parts for it.

Some people may not like the idea of owning two different machines and having to go outside in order to hang up their clothes. However, you can simply use your dryer for small things such as towels and underwear and still use the washing machine for everything else.

Dryers with a Heated Drying Rack to dry pants and jeans

Dryers with a heated drying rack are perfect for users who plan to dry items that cannot be hung up such as pants and jeans.

These machines usually have an automatic sensor so you do not need to worry about setting anything up beforehand, but this also means that you can’t change the temperature or time once it has begun.

These machines are generally more expensive than other types of dryers because they require extra features like a heated rack and are also larger than regular models.

Indoor clothes dryers

If you live in a colder climate you may want to consider purchasing an indoor clothes dryer because they are usually smaller, lighter and less expensive than other models.

They can be hooked directly up to gas or electricity depending on your preference. They also usually do not require any special installation so you won’t have to worry about tearing up your walls or carpets.

They are optimized for drying delicate fabrics such as wool, silk or cashmere- each machine provides a different cycle for specific requirements

Seasonal clothes dryers

Seasonal clothes dryers are specially designed to dry items that would normally be affected by spring and summer weather such as dresses. They use electric heating coils that do not contact the air inside the machine

These models usually have a timer or automatic drying cycle so you do not need to worry about setting anything up beforehand, but this also means that you can’t change the temperature or time once it has begun.

These models are also more expensive than other types of clothes dryers because they require extra features like a heater and are also larger than regular models.

Seasonal clothes dryers are perfect for those who live in warmer areas or have outdoor events during the spring and summer seasons. However, these machines can be very expensive and may not be worth the expense for those who live in a colder climate.

Outdoor clothes dryers

Outdoor clothes dryers are perfect for those who live in warm areas, have outdoors activities during the spring and summer seasons or can simply save money.

These machines usually have a timer or automatic drying cycle so you do not need to worry about setting anything up beforehand, but this also means that you can’t change the temperature or time once it has begun.

You can manually change the height of your clothes or use a wrinkle release feature to smooth out wrinkles before hanging your clothes up.

However, if you have no space, they may not be worth purchasing because many of these machines require at least a few feet in order for the air to circulate inside properly.

Steam clothes dryer

These machines operate on hot air that is heated by a steam chamber. This method of drying clothes is usually much slower than other types of dryers, but it results in very clean and soft items.

You can adjust the temperature and cycle to meet specific needs or you can use a built-in function called “steam refresh” which allows you to remove wrinkles while the clothes are still damp.

This method of drying is great for items that require special care, but it may take a long time depending on the size and moisture level of your clothes.

These machines are also very easy to use because they often come with automatic temperature control, automatic cycle selection and a built-in hanger.

Vertical style clothes dryers 

Vertical style machines generally cost less than other models and are very light weight. They often come with a built-in drying rack such as the LG MS2114CDR which allows you to hang heavy items like jeans vertically, which conserves space.

However, they require more energy usage and take up a lot of space so they are best for those who have a lot of clothing or want to save money on their utility bills.

Permanent style clothes dryers

These machines often come with air circulators that provide fast drying, energy efficiency and time saving capabilities. However, they do not usually have a built-in drying rack or the option to use a drying blanket. They require a separate installation but are well worth the cost for families who own a lot of clothing or live in areas where you will benefit from reduced power consumption.

Dedicated Clothes Dryers

These machines are usually very large and require special installation. However, they provide extra storage space to allow for more clothing. They also have a built-in drying rack that can be folded down when not in use so you can easily store it if necessary.

Dedicated Clothes Dryers for those who only want to dry larger loads of clothes at once, such as pillows, blankets, comforters and sleeping bags

Countertop clothes dryers

These machines are perfect for those with small living spaces or apartments because they do not require a lot of space. They usually have collapsible drying racks which can save additional space when not in use and are very easy to use.

The downsides include slow-drying cycles and lack of features, but the stylish design allows you to create a modern and simple appearance.

Gas Drying

Using gas for your clothes dryer is a lot less expensive than using electricity, and since your dryer will heat up instantly, you won’t waste as much energy making sure your dryer is nice and hot.

When you use a gas clothes dryer, you will find that your clothing will dry in much less time, which means that everything will last a lot longer since they are not held at such high heat and tumbled for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, if you do not have a natural gas hookup at your home, this can be very expensive and will add to the cost of your new clothes dryer.

If you have problems with your gas clothes dryer, you will have to call a professional to come and fix it, while most homeowners can take care of problems with their electric clothes dryers by themselves.

Timed Dry Drying

If you want to avoid having a clothes dryer that uses so much energy, you can choose one with timed drying. This is perfect for saving on your electricity bills and will also allow you to control how long the drying time takes in order to reduce as many wrinkles as possible while making sure everything dries completely before you remove it from the dryer.

Sensor Dry Drying

Sensor dryers are great for saving money on your energy bills, but if you hang wet clothes in the machine, it may end up taking a lot longer to dry them. This type of machine can automatically detect when clothes are still damp and will keep tumbling until they are completely dried so that you do not have to come back to a wet load and start the entire process over again.

A lot of homeowners find that this machine is awesome for saving money, but it does take a little longer to dry everything than other technology sold today.


How different is a gas clothes dryer from an electric one?

The only difference is cost. Gas dryers are cheaper to operate but require a gas hookup, and electric dryers require electricity but take longer to run because they have heating elements.

Do sensor dryers take longer to do their job than other types of machines?

Yes they do take a little longer but the key is that you can put wet clothes in it which will dry them without being long and wrinkly. They're perfect for apartments or small living spaces to save on space and need less electricity than normal.

What do I need to know about the installation process for a gas dryer?

It needs to be hooked up to a natural gas or propane line coming out of your wall and you will also need a vent pipe that reaches outside the house in order for it to work. Call a professional if you're unsure how to do this yourself.


Types of clothes dryers can be broadly classified as gas, electric, timed or sensor. The type you choose will depend on the cost and level of convenience for your personal needs.

If you have a larger load to wash at once but still want to save space in your home by not using an outside venting pipe, consider buying a dedicated machine that is designed with this feature.

For those who do not need large loads dried all at once and are looking for countertop options that don't use any floor space then these may be the best choice for them too! In order to help avoid wasting money by over drying items which leads to wrinkles or warped fabrics- try out one of our recommended machines today!

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