Different Types Of Draperies – Read This Before You Buy

Draperies are drapery materials that go around windows and doors. Below are some of the most popular types of draperies.

There are many different styles and types of curtains: sheers, blackout, pleated, swags, tiers, cornice boards, tiebacks and pelmets. You can also choose from fabric or vinyl materials for your window treatments.

Ripple Fold Draperies

Ripple fold, also called ruche fold or ruffle fold, is a swag drapery style where fabric panels are joined together in the back to form pleats and then hung from a pole in front of the window. The material forms an undulating pattern that creates different folds on either side.

Ripple folds are typically made from sheer fabrics like silk, but also come in lace and cotton.

Ripple fold is used on formal occasions, for covering a large window or for classic traditional styling. The curtains have a soft flowy appearance that allows light to filter through them. Some ripple folds can be seen from both sides, while others are only visible from the back side.

Ruffled Draperies

Ruffled curtains are similar to ripple folds, but their pattern isn't as pronounced and they have many layers of fabric. Ruffles come in different shapes: full ruffles or half, which create a gathered look.  The bottom layer can be hemmed or allowed to hang freely.

Ruffled curtains are more casual and ideal for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. The curtains are hung on a rod that is placed at varying heights, from floor to ceiling. They may also be draped along the bottom two-thirds of a wall length window for a layered look.

Ruffle folds can have different types of gathers, like crescent or trumpet folds. Their pattern is typically a bit more ornate and used for special occasions.

Sheer Draperies

Sheer curtains are lightweight and translucent fabrics that provide privacy yet allow light to filter through them. The fabric allows you to see objects on the other side of the window but doesn't reveal details.

Sheer drapes are ideal for placing over a window when you still want to have some visibility from within the room. They come in different weights, which affect how much light they allow through. Some sheers are almost completely transparent, while others only let 50% of sunlight pass through them. Sheer curtains can be made from silk, polyester or cotton. Sheer curtains are often used on formal occasions or in the dining room where they can add elegance and style to a decorating scheme.

Tailored Pleat Draperies

Tailored pleat drapery is where fabric panels are joined together at the top but kept separate at the bottom. The bottom of the panels are then hung separately from a pole in front of the window, creating an asymmetrical pattern that falls away from a central point.

Tailored pleats can be used on formal occasions like weddings and funerals or in the bedroom. They are available in cotton, polyester, silk and satin.

Eyelet Draperies

Eyelet curtains are a simple style of drapes made entirely of fabric paneling with small holes punched through them. These panels can be hung on a rod from ceiling to floor or just below a window sill. The pattern causes the fabric to fall in a random manner, with some panels hanging longer than others.

Eyelet curtains are seen as casual and made from cotton, polyester or silk. They can be used for casual occasions like picnics or when decorating a child's bedroom.

Drop Draperies

Drop draperies are hung from ceiling to floor, with the bottom edge of the drapery sitting about two inches below the window sill or just above it. They are available in a wide range of styles and fabrics, and can be used on formal events like weddings. Drop drapes come in layered tulle, eyelet and pleat styles that create different appearances.

Drop draperies are formal and elegant, yet simple in design. They make it easy to focus on other decor elements in the room like furniture and accessories. They can complement a variety of themes like contemporary or traditional.

Melange Draperies

Melange drapes look similar to tailored pleats but have more layers that give them a softer, more fluid effect. This fabric can appear to be made of many different types of fabrics that are intricately layered together.

Melange drapes come in a wide range of colors and designs, which makes them ideal for adding personality to a room's decor. They work well on formal occasions or in the bedroom. The fabric may be made from silk, polyester or cotton.

Grommet Draperies

Grommet drapes are draperies with evenly spaced holes in the fabric that create a lace effect. The panels can be hung on a rod or curtain track; there are also styles where the panel hangs straight along the sides of a window sill.

Grommet drapes come in different styles. Some have a simple lace pattern, while others have more intricate designs that are created by combining panels of fabric with lace holes. These drapes can be made of silk or polyester and are often used on formal occasions like weddings.

Tuxedo Pleat Draperies

Tuxedo pleat draperies are made of panels that have a longer length in the center than on either side. This fabric is hung from separate poles at each end of the window and creates an uneven appearance when pulled back.

Tuxedo pleat drapes are often used for formal events like weddings, banquets or special anniversaries. The panels can be made of cotton, polyester or silk.

Striped Draperies

Striped drapes are made from vertical lines that have been sewn into the fabric's pattern to create an even stripe effect. These curtains can be hung on a rod with other styles of draperies on top of them. Striped drapes come in wide range styles, colors and patterns that can be subtle or bold. They are available in polyester or cotton fabrics.

Goblet Draperies

Goblet drapes have a rim around the outside, like the mug of a goblet. The fabric hangs from two separate poles that are placed on each side of the window. They work well for formal occasions, especially on larger windows. Goblet drapes are available in silk, cotton or polyester.

Chantilly Draperies

Chantilly draperies have a feminine touch because they look like ruffles that are sewn together. The fabric comes in different styles and colors, which makes it a versatile type of drape for any room or event.

Chantilly draperies make an elegant statement and can be used on a variety of occasions including weddings, anniversaries and even house warming parties. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, which makes it easy to choose one that matches the decor.

Gathered Draperies

Gathered draperies are similar to Chantilly drapes, but have lighter fabric and are often made of a sheer fabric with a visible thread pattern. The hems tend to be more ruffled than Chantilly drapes because there is not as much gathering. Gathered draperies often look more informal and are commonly used in bedrooms. They can be made of cotton, silk or polyester fabric.

Pleated Draperies

Pleated drapes have fabric that has been gathered into folds by sewing the edges together. The pleats may appear to stand up straight when they hang on rods or curtain tracks, but they can also be made of fabric with a crease already created in it. Pleated drapes are available in polyester, cotton or silk and come in loose or gathered styles.

Pleated drapes give any room added style and an elegant look on formal occasions. They can be used on the front door to welcome guests when combined with a matching valance.

Box Pleat Draperies

Box pleat drapes have a more traditional look and are often used in living rooms or dining rooms. These curtains can be hung on separate curtain rod brackets above the window or may be combined with other styles of draperies on top of them. They are available in polyester, cotton or silk fabric and come in different colors like gold or silver.

Gentleman Draperies

The gentle pleats in gentleman drapes create a shabby chic look, which makes them perfect for casual rooms or apartment homes. These curtains come in cotton or polyester fabrics and fit well on smaller windows.  Many elegant designs are brought out by combining different colored panels with other styles of draperies.

Gentleman drapes can be used anywhere in the home where casual country elegance is desired, such as living rooms or bedrooms. They work well on any informal occasion and are available in cotton or polyester material.

Rod Pocket Draperies

Rod pocket draperies are good for formal occasions and come in wide range styles, colors and patterns. The only items that need to be hung on the curtain rod are the panels themselves. Rods or tracks have been included along side of these curtains to support them. 

Back Tap Draperies

Back tap drapes have one or more pleats or folds with a pinch pleat in the back that allows them to hang on curtain tracks that are already installed. These panels do not need separate rods because they come with brackets at the top to slide onto rails, which makes it easy and efficient for just about any window. Back-tap panels are available in cotton, polyester or silk fabric and in different colors and styles.

Cubicle Draperies

Cubicle draperies have panels that are similar to other styles, but have an added rod pocket at the bottom. This allows them to be installed on door frames and sliding glass doors where curtain tracks or rails cannot be used. They come in cotton, polyester or silk fabric, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns like blue gingham, red plaid or green paisley.

Cubicle drapes are ideal for small places, such as doorways or glass sliding doors. They can be used in living rooms to cover a wall above a couch or in bedrooms over the headboard of the bed. Cubicle panels come with an extra rod pocket at the bottom that allows them to fit on separate curtain rods.

Semi-opaque Draperies

Semi-opaque drapes are ideal for formal occasions. These curtains have sheer fabric on one side and a solid color or pattern on the other side. 

Semi-opaque panels are available in many different colors and patterns like black and white, yellow and brown or even stripes. They can be used in living rooms or in restaurants on patio doors to give them a regal appearance.

Open Weave Draperies

These draperies look like they have stripes on them, which makes them ideal for casual occasions. Open weave panels are available in many different colors and patterns like green, brown, red or even blue stripes. They can be used on a wide variety of occasions from barbeques to picnics..


Q. What are the advantages of buying drapes from online stores?

  1. For one, you can easily find different types of curtains depending on your preferences and budget and buy them for a fraction of what they would cost at retail stores. You also get to save time by ordering online and have the package delivered directly to your doorstep so you don't have to go from one store to another.

Q. How many panels should I order for my living room windows?

  1. While most people prefer ordering multiple panels, you can also get away with just one panel if it is the right size and shape for your window. It's more important that the drapes fit in the window frame than how many panels you choose.

Q. How long does it take for the drapes to be delivered?

  1. Most online stores ship their products within 24 hours of your order so they can arrive in just a few days or even earlier if you place your order during the weekend. Keep in mind though that the exact shipping time will depend on the shipping company used and your location. If you don't want to pay for expedited shipping, just be patient with the delivery company so you can save extra money.

Q. How do I measure my windows for curtains?

  1. The first thing that you should do is determine what kind of drapes you want for your windows. Once you have a good idea about the fabric, size and style of drapes that you want, measure the height and width of each window. Then add around 5 or 6 inches to both measurements to get your desired curtain length.

Q. How do I match my drapes with my home's design?

  1. If you want to match the color and style of your drapes with your home's design, look at what other items are in your room. For example, if a lot of artwork is displayed on the walls, you may want to buy drapes in bold colors or patterns.

You can also choose from a wide variety of drapes made from cotton, polyester and silk in a variety of patterns and colors. One of the best things about drapes is that they come in different sizes so you can find one that will fit both the window and your furniture.


There are many ways you can decorate a room. You can simply hang some pictures on the wall or put a few knick-knacks in your cabinets, but if you really want to make your home stand out, it's important that you invest in proper window treatments. But before you start thinking about what kind of drapes will look best on your walls, you need to know what kinds of drapes are available.

Each type of drapery has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's important that you choose the right ones for your windows and budget. Finding a good online store can help you find the right drapes at affordable prices.

To get the right curtains, you need to measure each window and order the appropriate size. If you aren't sure of how to choose a curtain or where to buy drapes online, you can read the various types of draperies available so you know what's out there.

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