A Complete List You Will Need To Know About Types Of Fireplace Mantels

When you think about a fireplace mantel, most people imagine the traditional wood-carved mantle. But there are many different types of mantels out there that can accommodate any style home and needs. From sleek stainless steel to rustic brick, we’ll explore all your options in this article.

Types of fireplace mantels on materials

Stainless steel mantles

If you're looking for a sleek fireplace mantel to match your modernist decor, stainless steel is the way to go. This material is going to be one of the most popular types of fireplace mantels on the market today because it's very easy to maintain and can easily coordinate with any interior design.

A stainless steel mantel is a great option for those who are considering a fireplace as part of their home's construction, but aren't yet committed to the decorating scheme it will match.

Brick mantels

There's nothing quite like brick when it comes to that rustic look and feel. Brick fireplaces, and brick mantels, go hand in hand when it comes to that old-world look. While most brick is made from clay, certain types are made with synthetic materials.

These man-made bricks aren't nearly as porous as real brick and may be better suited for a fireplace application where you need to prevent heat loss through the mantle.

Wood mantels

Wood mantels are still very much in style, and for good reason. When wood is used as a mantle, it can be finished in such a way to offer many different looks. If you're looking for something that can match any style home, regardless of the interior decorating scheme, wood mantels are a great choice because they can be finished in one solid color or a variety of colors such as black and white and grey.

Wood is also very strong and durable which makes it a great choice for a fireplace mantel that will take a beating over time.

Stone and Rock mantels

When most people think of a stone fireplace mantel, they immediately go to granite. However, you can get the look and feel of a gorgeous stone mantle with any number of different rocks. This type of mantle is often used in rustic home decorating schemes because it matches perfectly with any woods or furniture pieces that are made from natural materials.

Rock is also an excellent choice of mantle for those who don't like the look of a wood mantel but still want a little bit of color in their fireplace design. Most rocks can be stained, and with so many different stone colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your home's decorating scheme.

Stone and rock are a great choice for those who want to have the feel of a rustic fireplace, but want something that will last for years.

Glass mantels

Glass is a very popular choice for those who want to bring a little bit of light into their home. Glass fireplaces and mantels can be the perfect way to include a small amount of natural light in a dark corner.

While glass isn't usually chosen as the primary material for fireplace mantels, it's often combined with another material such as wood. This is a great way to offer the light from glass without any of its disadvantages like size or weight.

Types of fireplace mantels on style

When you think about a fireplace mantle, most people imagine the traditional wood-carved design. But there are many different styles that can be found depending on your taste and preference. From sleek stainless steel to rustic brick, we’ll explore all your options:

Bracket designs

If you're going for a traditional look, then you want to go with an over-mantel that is made from the same material as the rest of your fireplace. This means if your mantel is brick, then your over-mantel should be brick too.

Stainless steel or wood can also serve as excellent modern alternatives. Simply design your mantle, and have it specifically designed for that fireplace.

Artistic designs

Another popular type of mantel is a free-standing style with no over-mantel. In this case, you can create any type of look that makes sense for the room as long as there is enough support from the fireplace itself.

For example, you can use a metal frame for an artistic glass design or wood slats to add character.

If you're not sure what will look best with the fireplace, then leave it to an expert for that added touch of style.

Concrete mantles

While concrete is typically used in construction such as countertops for kitchens or bathrooms, it's also an excellent material for fireplaces with modern looks. Here, concrete is not only easy to maintain but also can be cut into specific shapes and colors.

Concrete mantels are the perfect option when you want a more industrial look for your fireplace. Just like wood mantels, concrete can be finished in a variety of colors to best match your interior.

Modern fireplace mantels

When you picture a modernist style for your home, think stainless steel. Available in a wide range of finishes designed to coordinate with the rest of your decorating scheme, stainless steel is easy to maintain and looks great in any type of home.

It's also a great option for those who want to have an artistic touch added to the fireplace, like a unique glass piece. This creates an interesting focal point for your living room and allows you to add just the right amount of style that matches your interiors.

Modernized wood mantles can be used in the same way as their brick counterparts but will have a different look due to the material.

Traditional fireplace mantels

Fans of traditional designs will find that there are many options when it comes to choosing a style for their home's décor. From wood to brick, the materials you can choose from are endless.

This is not only an excellent way to maintain the look and feel of your house but also offers the opportunity to add artistic touches to an otherwise ordinary fireplace. For example, you can include a beautiful glass center for a truly unique look that matches your home's interior design.

If you're not sure what will work best with the rest of your house, then leave it up to the pros. They'll ensure that everything looks great and is in line with your original design scheme.

Beach house mantels

Chances are, if you live near the beach or in a coastal location, then you want to bring some of that nautical design into your home. This is where wood fireplace mantels come into play. From natural driftwood to distressed pieces with applied color to stained designs, there's sure to be something that fits the look you're going for.

Wood mantels can be the focal point of your beach home, or they can be used as a smaller touch of nautical décor in one room. Either way, you will love the rustic look and feel that this type of material brings to the space.

Art Nouveau mantels

If you want a touch of Old World style for your fireplace, then wood is probably not the best choice. Instead, try concrete or metal that is finished with a design from that period.

Take a look at this amazing example of an Art Nouveau mantel made from iron and steel with decorative bolts. This type of design is gorgeous and will have the look you're going for, all the while leaving an interesting focal point in the room.

Victorian fireplace mantels

As with any design that's popular during this time period, there are many Victorian fireplace mantels available. It started out with designs from wood and brick but has evolved to other materials like iron.

The most common look is for the entire fireplace surround to be made of a single piece of marble or iron. With no seams showing, it's truly a great look for the Victorian style.

Roman fireplace mantels

Roman designs have gained popularity over the last few decades and are now something to consider when choosing your fireplace mantel. There are even Roman inspired fireplaces that make it easy to stay true to this design without having an actual piece of marble or metal in your home.

Roman fireplaces can be found in a wide range of materials like wood or metal and come in a variety of designs. This is one style that you can get creative with to fit the needs of your home's interior.

Onyx fireplace mantels

If you're looking for an exotic look that will really stand out, then onyx could be the right material for you. It's a unique stone that is often associated with royalty because it was so extravagant to use during the Victorian and Art Nouveau periods.

This style will work in almost any home, regardless of décor or architectural style. Best of all, you can choose from a wide variety of colors that are sure to match your existing home.

Tile fireplace mantels

If the look you're after includes beautiful tiles in an intricate design paired with other types of stone, then this is another great material for your fireplace. Tile can be used on the whole surround or just as a decorative accent piece that adds to the décor and style.

This type of material works best when you want to draw attention to the fireplace, so be sure that it's an area of your home that will get attention.


How to find the best mantels for your fireplace?

You can use the fireplace mantel as a show piece of your living place and it will add more charm into home interior design. Even though you have already chosen which type or wooden mantels to buy, however there are several types of fireplace mantels that can be customized such as:

When having a fireplace in your home, it is not only a place to put the firewood, but how to make your fireplace become alive by choosing the right decoration for it.

How do you clean the mantel in your fireplace?

The mantel of your fireplace needs to be cleaned regularly with mild soap and water. Use soft clean cloth to wipe it, then you need to dry it completely before using again.

How to cover fireplace mantels?

There are various of designs and types of fireplace mantels you can choose, but in order to make your home looks more elegant, contemporary design or modern design is suitable for it. Therefore it will be better if you don't put a lot of decorations on the mantel.

In case that you want to add some fireplaces accessories in order to cover the mantles, you may try with natural elements such as sea shells or glass. It will keep your fireplace looks more natural and beautiful.

What kind of materials are used for fireplace mantel?

There are many kinds of materials that can be use for the fireplace mantel , but in general it's best to choose sturdy material such as wood or ceramics materials. You may also use glass for the fireplace mantel that can give natural light from outside into your home interior design.

What is the mantel in fireplace used for?

You have to remember that fireplace mantles are not only as a decoration but also it's function to cover the firewood or wood, so it can prevent you from getting burn when you put the fire place on.

How to install the fireplace mantel?

There are various of design for fireplace mantels that you can use in your living place. The most recommended is to choose one that has simple design and made from sturdy material. You don't need to be worried when choosing this kind of fireplace accessories because it's very easy for installation.

The key thing you have to consider during installation of the fireplace mantel is to measure exactly how big it is. In order to get the perfect measurement, you may use blueprint of your living place as well as fireplace that has already exist in your home interior design.

What kind of fireplace accessories are most recommended?

For people who love modern or contemporary design, it's a great idea to choose fireplace mantel that is made from ceramics or hard wood such as pine wood. This kind of material will bring natural look for your home interior design and make the room looks more elegant.

There are many fireplace accessories you can add on your mantels in order to beautify your fireplace mantels, however you have to choose carefully of what kind of accessories that will be suitable with your fireplace mantel.

For people who want to get elegant and classy design in their living place, it's best to choose natural wood as the material for the mantels. In this case, it can make your fireplace looks more prominent on home interior design.

How to design fireplace mantels?

There are several designs of fireplace mantels that you can choose for your fire place. The most commonly one of them is plain and simple design with wooden material such as pine wood or oak tree materials. It will give natural look into your home interior decoration.

The other type of fireplace mantels can be designed in the form of flower or other natural elements. It will give special touch to your design and make it more beautiful and elegant.


Remember to clean the fireplace mantels regularly so that it will not get dirty and don't forget to touch up any scratches. Choose materials that can be used for long time such as hardwood or ceramics materials.

You also need to set how much budget you want use to decorate the fireplace mantel, because there are so many options you can choose for your home's fireplace that will not be too expensive.

It's best to consult with professional architect or renovator about the fireplace mantels because there are some kinds of fireplace mantel designs that has special techniques and tool used during installation.

As long as you have already known what kind of material, patterns and design that you want to use, you can start designing your fireplace mantel because it's not hard as you think.

It's important for you to consider safety whenever decorating and designing the fireplace mantel, so make sure you clean up the fireplace regularly in order to avoid any danger or accident caused by dust in it.

Make sure that the material you choose is able to resist fire or heat.

Remember that you can choose any kind of fireplace mantels without having to be worried about the price because there are various of designs, patterns and texture that's suitable with your budget.

Good luck for choosing the best one!


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