Types Of Fireplace Tools: Necessary Tools When Using The Fireplace

A fireplace is a great way to heat up your home, and many people use them for more than just heating. People often have a fire in their fireplace on cold winter nights to watch and enjoy the warmth of the flames. They also use it as decoration, or even an art form. There are different types of tools that can be used with a fireplace such as logs, kindling sticks, newspaper, poker sets and tongs. Fireplace tools come in all shapes and sizes from small handheld ones to large stand-alone ones that take up most of your mantelpiece! This article will cover some popular types of these tools so you can decide which one is right for you!

A large selection of fireplace tools is available on the market today. Every family may have a different set of preferences and needs, so make sure to take your time deciding which ones you want for your fireplace. The following are some of the types of fireplace tools:

Blow torch

A blowtorch is used to create a flame at the end of the nozzle that can be directed as needed. This tool is usually used for lighting fires and soldering materials together. The tip of the blowtorch can also be used for getting into areas that would not otherwise be readily accessible.


Sometimes lighters come with an attached safety screen or they can be purchased separately. They are usually inexpensive and are designed to produce a long-lasting, steady flame for use in fireplaces. When choosing lighters for your fireplace, make sure to choose ones that have a long-lasting flame.

Kindling wood

You will need kindling wood if you want to get the fire started as quickly and easily as possible. The best kindling woods are small bits of hardwood that will start burning first, like twigs and pine needles. Wood that is too large or soft will not do as well. If you plan on using firewood for your fireplace, make sure to keep a small amount of kindling wood handy for lighting the initial blaze.

Plastic tarp

A plastic tarp can sometimes come in handy when trying to protect your floor or carpet from any potential damage caused by fireplace ashes or sparks. These are not a must, but they can help make your fireplace experience much easier and more pleasant.

Fireplace log lighter

A fireplace log lighter is just as it sounds: a tool that can be used to ignite the fire. This particular type of fireplace tool is available in several different sizes and shapes, including one that resembles an aerosol can. There are others, however, that resemble more traditional lighters or torches.

Fireplace shovels

These handy tools allow you to directly put new logs on the fire, without having to move existing ones first. They come in a range of sizes, so you can choose one that is suitable for your fireplace. Some are designed with built-in wood holders as well, which can keep the fuel right next to the fire you are trying to light. 

Fireplace tongs

These will allow you to pick your logs off of the pile, without having to touch them directly. They will also make it easy for you to move your logs around if needed, so that even a small fireplace can get enough air circulation for an effective burn. A good pair of fireplace tongs can last for years, so make sure you get one that is sturdy.

Fireplace gloves

Some people like to bundle up while sitting by the fire, and these handy accessories will allow you to do just that without getting burned. They are affordable and easy to find at most stores that sell fireplace tools, which makes them a popular choice for people who like to work with fire and want to avoid the possible dangers.

Fireplace tinder

Sometimes, a fire can be hard to start. This is especially true in the colder months, when the wood may have absorbed too much water to light quickly. A good fireplace tinder can help you get your fire going faster and easier than with any other type of fuel. Many versions are designed to burn off any excess water in the wood ahead of time, which will help you get a hotter burn as well.

Fireplace blankets

These are handy accessories for anybody who wants to snuggle up in front of their fireplace on cold nights. They are large and comfortable, allowing them to protect you from harsh drafts that can hurt your body and put your fire out. They have become popular with many homeowners, especially those who want to ensure their home is always protected against the elements.

Fireplace mints

These are a great alternative to pinecones or other types of decor for your fireplace mantle, and they smell heavenly when lit. Many people prefer these little treats as an alternative to more traditional items, since their scent will send you right to your favorite memory of a fireplace.

Fireplace grates

These are particularly handy when you want to add variety to your fire by cooking on it. The grate will help support your pots and pans, ensuring that they don’t touch the flames directly and get damaged. This is an affordable way to prepare your favorite foods or drinks while sitting by the fire, no matter what time of year it is.

Fireplace guards

A fireplace can be dangerous if you don’t take proper safety precautions, especially when you have young kids that might be tempted to touch it. Fireplace guards are designed to put a barrier between the flames and those who might be at risk of getting too close, which can help you avoid a dangerous catastrophe.

Fireplace braziers

These are a handy tool if you want to roast marshmallows or cook other types of foods at your fireplace. You can set the brazier right in front of the fire, then insert a pot with some food inside to start roasting. This is also an affordable way to add variety and fun to your next camping trip.

Stand and Tool Set

A set like this not only has everything you need to keep your fireplace running smoothly, it is also designed for easy storage. You don’t have to worry about where to put your tools after each use; just close them up and they will be safe until the next time that you light a fire.

Wood Insert

If you want to create a warm, cozy ambiance with your fire, wood inserts can help make that vision a reality. They are designed to fit inside of a fireplace and bring extra warmth to the room. This is an affordable way to add more flavor to your home without having to do much work.

Fireplace mantel decor

Many people like to add a decorative touch to their fireplace mantel, and there are many different types of decor to choose from. Most stores that sell fireplace tools have an array of items that you can use to spruce up your living room, from accents for different holidays or the changing seasons to family pictures.


For anyone who wants to build a fire for purposes of gathering and socializing, spades are a handy accessory. You can use them to shovel the pieces of wood into place rapidly, making sure your friends don’t have to wait on you while you take hours to build your fire from scratch.

Lidded pot

When you are cooking or roasting something at your fireplace, it is important to keep the heat inside of the pot. This is why a lidded pot is so handy; you can close off the top and ensure that every last bit of warmth goes into cooking whatever you’ve put in there.

Coping saw

If you are working with a wood-burning fireplace, a coping saw is the ideal tool for you. It will allow you to cut any kind of wood that comes your way without having to worry about damaging your fireplace or getting hurt.

Fireplace poker

A poker is an essential part of anyone’s fireplace tools collection. You can use it to remove ashes from the fire, or to rearrange pieces of wood when you are trying out a new recipe. It is an affordable tool that can help keep your fireplace running smoothly, and it can also be handy for use in other parts of your home.

Fireplace brush

A flexible fireplace brush will allow you to clean your chimney more efficiently than with a traditional, rigid brush. This means less stress for you, and better results when it comes time to release the next round of smoke from your fireplace. A marterial brush is for use when you are cleaning your fireplace (or another brick surface) rather than wood. This kind of brush can remove layers of loose material or soot without damaging the structural integrity of what it touches, making it ideal for those who want to keep their chimney and other architectural elements clean.


Which fireplace tools are best for beginners?

For beginners, the best tools to buy are ones that are specifically designed for use with a fireplace.

Unknown marker to know the oven is not safe?

There are many common fireplace safety violations that people need to be aware of, especially when working around an open flame. Here are some signs your fireplace may not be safe:

1) The drapery or other coverings above the fire are missing. This could cause loose clothing and nearby objects to catch on fire.

2) Open flames in the burning chamber exceed eight inches (20 cm). Very large fires can produce hazardous levels of carbon monoxide more quickly than small fires, especially if they're blocked inside your home where ventilation is minimal.

3) The chimney has no caps for the top and/or they’ve fallen off, leaving a gap where sparks could escape. Any spark that enters the untapped area of your chimney has a chance to become trapped inside and start a dangerous fire.

4) The fireplace opening is blocked with furniture or other objects, especially if this happens often.

5) Fires are started without using proper kindling materials (newspaper, wood chips, etc). The kindling is necessary to generate a flame that is large enough to ignite your fireplace logs.

6) You see soot or carbon deposits on the walls, ceiling or other parts of the fireplace. This could be an indication gas leaks are occurring due to poorly fitted chimneys or faulty equipment.

7) The fireplace and surrounding floor area are overly dusty. Dust can accumulate on the surface of your walls or ceiling, but when it is excessive you could have a serious problem with air quality in your home.

8) The logs are charred at the bottom or show other signs of burning poorly. This could mean that you’re using too much firewood, or that you’re burning wood at the wrong rate.

9) The fireplace is located in an area where a spark could easily start a fire and spread.

10) You see cracks along the seams of your chimney or around the fireplace opening. This indicates structural weaknesses that could lead to dangerous internal leaks if not attended to.

11) The fireplace hasn’t been cleaned in a long time (several weeks or longer). It is critical to maintain your fireplace regularly for safety reasons and good air quality.

12) The homeowner does not use an approved chimney damper when the fire has gone out, even after repeated warnings from firefighters about the dangers.

13) The nearby flammable materials are not cleared of any flammable liquids at a safe distance from the fire pit, or they have been stored too close to the fireplace for an extended period of time.

14) You smell gas in your home but your gas line is disconnected and/or there aren’t any gas-powered appliances turned on. Gas can leak into your home through cracks in water pipes or other conduits, especially if you smell it near the fireplace area.

15) The homeowner is using incense or candles inside their fireplace. This is an unreliable practice and could lead to a fire quickly.

16) You see smoke coming out from behind the flue. This is a sign that there are problems with your chimney or fireplace, especially if it’s brand new.

17) The fireplace has been recently installed without using local building codes or without any proper permits. Installing a wood-fired fire chamber on your own can be very dangerous, especially if you do not follow any regulations.

18) You see a fire burning inside, even though the outside temperature is below freezing. If the internal temperature of your fireplace becomes too hot then water and other volatile gasses will start to condense inside the chimney. This could cause moisture problems or structural deterioration of the surrounding materials.


If you have a fireplace in your home, it is important to invest in the right tools. This will help keep your fire running smoothly and make cleaning up ash easier on you when the time comes. We hope this article has helped get you started thinking about what types of fireplace tools are best for your needs!Fireplace tools are vital when it comes to using your fireplace, whether you want to use it for cooking or just for decor. Choosing the right set can make everything run more smoothly; choosing poorly can mean that you need a replacement sooner than expected. Many people prefer metal-handled sets because they don’t chill as quickly as wooden-handled sets, making them safer to use.


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