Types Of Fountains And What Makes Them Unique ?

Some people believe that the fountain is a symbol of life and love. This is because water has always been seen as symbolic to many cultures. It’s also considered to be a sacred element in some religions such as Hinduism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. The first fountains were created by ancient Romans who used them for decoration purposes.

Fountains have evolved over time with different styles being invented; ranging from naturalistic designs which imitate real waterfalls like the Taj Mahal or Versailles to more abstract sculptures like those found in Stravinsky Fountain in Los Angeles or Trevi Fountain in Rome. Today there are many types of fountains available on the market but they all serve one purpose: providing their surroundings with a sense of freshness, serenity and well-being.



These are the most traditional and classic type of fountains. You can find them in any public or domestic environments but they are mainly used in parks, commercial plazas, residential areas and within churches. They come in a range of different shapes and styles from slim columns made of granite or marble to sturdy ones made of reinforced concrete or stone.

Aesthetic fountain

As the name suggests, these fountains are used as objects that make a visual statement in your surroundings. They are usually placed alongside buildings and other structures to add life to an area.

You can find them inside public parks, church yards or town squares and they come in various shapes and sizes. The most popular design is the modern one with abstract water jets, tiered basins and decorative ponds.

Float fountain

These are similar to aesthetic ones but what makes them unique is that they float on a body of water like a pool or lake. They can be made of many materials including metals, stones or some synthetic materials. The good thing about this type of fountains is that they are available in many sizes and shapes.

Water wall fountain

Water walls use water to create a vertical garden or waterfall effect for either decorative or functional purposes. This majestic feature can be found in various settings like commercial buildings, transportation terminals, libraries among other places where a vertical water display is needed for practical or visual reasons. It can be made of glass, stone and ceramics or any other material that is strong enough to withstand high-pressure water jets.

Water wall fountains are available in two designs: the cascading one which simulates a real waterfall and the flat one with a sheet of water that falls gently down.

Water ball fountain

This type of fountains is a variation on kinetic ones. They are very popular nowadays due to the fact that they can be used anywhere because they don’t require any water supply and neither do they need electricity for their operation.

What makes these fountains different from the other kinetic ones is that they don’t shoot water but rather produce a beautiful display of arches and rings. They usually have at least two tiers to create the different effects.

Indoor Fountains

The indoor fountain is a very versatile and unique feature that is used to create an aesthetic, naturalistic or relaxing environment inside a house. They are available in many different designs including small tabletop ones up to large wall fountains which can be ideal to add some life to your workplace or lobby area.

The indoor fountain is an excellent option for both small and large spaces. They are often used to create a peaceful background noise which helps people concentrate, relax or even fall asleep more easily.

Outdoor Fountains

These fountains are very popular nowadays because they can be found in landscaped gardens, church yards and parks. Their main purpose is to add a sense of freshness, serenity and well-being to their surroundings.

The outdoor fountain comes in many varieties which include decorative fountains, water play fountains for kids, memorial fountains and pet memorial ones. They can be made out of stone or any other sturdy material that is waterproof and doesn’t easily break or crack.

Spouting Fountains

These fountains are a variation on the normal water fountain. Although they are very similar to it, their main purpose is different. They don’t allow you to drink from them but rather for decorative purposes only.

They come in many designs and styles but there is one common factor among them: they have a spout that produces a vertical water display. They are very easy to clean which makes them preferable in many areas for that reason.

Swimming Pool Fountain

This type of fountain is very popular with homeowners and pool owners because it creates a refreshing atmosphere around the pool. They come in many designs and styles, but they all have at least one thing in common: they produce vertical water jets that create ripples on the surface of the swimming pool. This adds beauty to your backyard or patio area while keeping it cool and fresh.

The swimming pool fountain is available in many designs including the waterfall, the birdbath, the cone and a rectangle. It is made of different materials like concrete, ceramic and fiberglass among others. The water can come from an aboveground pool or below ground one depending on your needs.

Spillway Fountain

This fountain is a variation on the spillways that are usually found on dams. Like them, they create large vertical water columns but what makes them so special is that they can be used in small spaces like containers or small wall niches.

They come in both indoor and outdoor versions and their main purpose is to add an accent to your back yard or patio area.



Marble is a very versatile and easily available building material. It is one of the most expensive but at the same time it can make your house look amazing. Others may prefer to have concrete or stone fountains because they are more long lasting and durable.

There are also cheaper materials such as fiberglass or resin which can be used for smaller spaces, but they don’t look very natural. It all depends on your taste and budget.


They add a natural look to the surroundings and can be more permanent in comparison with other options since they’re made of wood which usually lasts longer. They’re usually cheaper than fiberglass or other similar materials but of course you can’t expect them to last forever.


Granite is one of the hardest stones around so it makes a great choice for outdoor fountains. It naturally comes in different colors which makes them look very natural and unique when compared to other types of materials that can be easily painted or stained.


These days many people choose glass over metal or plastic since the formery look more natural. They come in many designs and styles to match any outdoor decor and they also offer a wide variety of colors so you can easily pick one that will fit your home’s exterior.


The popular metal fountains are usually made out of brass or bronze because they are not corroded by chemicals or seawater. They are usually more expensive and you can find them only in a few places around the US. Again, it all depends on your taste and budget.

Metal fountains don’t corrode like those made of metal so they last longer but one problem with them is that they can be very heavy to move and install.


These fountains are known to weather naturally over time so if you have the budget you can choose them because they give a more natural look to your home.

Concrete fountains last longer than most of the other options and they require minimal maintenance, which is why some people prefer these types of outdoor fountains.


These fountains are usually very cheap and they last for a long time depending on their quality. The only problem is that they don’t have much design options, especially because most of them look alike. But this can be fixed by adding some personal touches to your fountain like lighting or flowers around it.

Bamboo Fountains

Made from natural bamboo, these fountains are usually painted or stained in order to resist corrosion from water since no sealants are used. They can be very expensive and they add a natural, artistic touch to your home or yard.


Mosaic fountains

These usually come in a large design that can be made out of several smaller tiles. It is a good choice for those who like to add some personal touches to their property because they can easily be painted and stained.

Cascading fountains

These are usually made of several tiers which cascade into each other and it can be either a small or large fountain. Their design can vary but their function is the same, to provide a soothing environment for your home or backyard.

Hanging fountains

This is one of the most popular styles and they are usually made out of metal since many people like to hang them from trees or other similar features. They come in several forms but they all have one thing in common, to be used outdoors. You can find many types online that include those with LED lights.

Tabletop Fountain

These cute fountains are made to be placed on flat horizontal surfaces. They can vary in size but they’re usually made of either bronze or marble which makes them look very natural and elegant.

Octagonal Crystals Fountain

Made out of one piece of stone, this fountain looks very organic and it will add a relaxing ambiance to your home. They come in several sizes and shapes but they’re usually more expensive than other similar fountains.

Solar Fountain

This is a good choice for those who want to save on their electricity bills. It usually comes with a solar panel that will absorb the necessary energy to keep your fountain running.

LED Fountains

These fountains usually come with a pump that is powered by solar energy and they also have LED lights which makes them stunning to look at. It comes in several sizes so it is a good choice for both large and small spaces.


What are the benefits of choosing a fountain for your home?

Fountains are usually made to increase the natural look and style of your home, but they can also help you relax and get rid of stress. They usually come in different sizes and designs so you can pick one that matches your taste.

How long does it take to install a fountain?

The time depends on how big or small your fountain is, but in most cases you can have it installed in a day.

What should I do once I choose my fountain?

Once you’ve chosen your outdoor fountain there are some things that you must consider before purchasing, like the design and style of your home because if you don’t then it might not fit with the overall look of your property.

Will it work properly?

Yes, if you choose a good brand and make sure that the fountain is assembled properly then it will work just fine for many years to come.

Is there any maintenance necessary after purchasing a fountain?

Depending on your new outdoor fountain you might have to take care of it by cleaning, adding more water and checking the pump from time to time.

What is the best material for a fountain?

It all depends on you, but if you want your fountain to look natural then marble or bronze are your best options.

How much does it cost in general?

It all depends on the size of your fountain and its design but if you do your research properly you can find some great deals that will suit your budget.

What should I do if the fountain leaks?

Before calling a technician first check for any blockages in the fountain’s hose and make sure that the pump is running smoothly, if everything checks out then call your local technician to help you with it.

What can I do to prevent the pump from breaking down?

If you leave the fountain under direct sunlight or if there’s a lot of debris in the water then it will easily get clogged and damage your pump. Follow these simple maintenance tips and you should be fine:  Keep your fountain out of direct sunlight, especially during summer.  You should also clean the fountain and the pump if you spot any debris in or around it.


The choice is yours, you can either go for a bigger version or a smaller one. But if you want to save on your water bill then solar fountains are your best bet as they don’t require electricity to operate properly. They also have timers that turn them off automatically so if you forget about the fountain and it overflows, the solar panel will pick it up and stop producing water until you turn it back on again.

Before choosing your fountain make sure to check if your city allows you to have one because sometimes they are not allowed in certain areas.  Follow these simple steps and choose wisely!

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