12 Most Popular Types Of Kitchen Styles

Kitchen styles are like fashion trends. They come and go, but they never really disappear.   In fact, kitchen design is always changing in response to the latest innovations in food preparation technology and environmental awareness. And as you might expect with a subject that’s so closely linked to our lifestyles, there are literally dozens of different ways to lay out your kitchen. But which style will be best for you? Let’s take a look at 12 of them right now:

1) Classic Kitchen Style

This was originally designed around 1950's kitchens where people cooked on top of an electric stove or gas range while using pots and pans hanging from racks over the sink area. In many cases, the oven was also built into the wall.

Kitchens designed in a classic style are usually narrow and deep so they fit well with land constrained urban dwellings or small lots on the outside of town. Usually this type of kitchen is placed in the middle of the house. The walls are usually painted with plain colors but you can create a very contemporary look by picking out bold accent colors for the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware.

Today it is more about nostalgia than practicality since modern electric and gas stoves are usually built into the kitchen cabinetry. The classic layout has all of the major appliances located along a wall like a refrigerator, range and dishwasher. This is the most common kitchen style as it leaves more counter space for preparation of food.

2) Contemporary Kitchen Style

The contemporary design is an open concept where the walls dividing each room are broken down and /or removed.This allows all of the major appliances to be placed out in plain view, with a clear line of sight from one end of the kitchen to the other. This is also referred to as an "open floor plan".

Kitchens with this style are usually designed by a professional to create the impression that each room flows together seamlessly into one space. This can be very helpful when entertaining or cooking for large groups of people, but it may not meet the needs of smaller households who do not need as much space.

These kitchens often include modern appliances such as glass-fronted refrigerators with frost-free compartments, heated ovens and self cleaning stoves. They also often feature a variety of countertop materials such as solid surface composite materials for the backsplash, ceramic tiles or granite slabs.

The major disadvantage of having an open floor plan is that you must clean up spills immediately before they spread and become a bigger problem.

3) Efficient Kitchen Style

This kitchen style was designed after World War II when, in many cases, the major appliances were still built into the walls. The new design for kitchens during that period was to have as much cabinetry as possible to maximize floor space and reduce work surface clutter. Kitchens of this type were very popular from the 1960s through the early 1980s.

Although they can still be found in many older homes, new kitchens of this type are seldom built except when remodeling an existing kitchen where space is at a premium.

This efficient design requires that food preparation take place on a limited number of countertops and /or that some sections be made of movable units to allow the addition, removal or reconfiguration as needed.

4) Formal Dining Kitchen Style

Formal dining rooms and kitchens are basically the same room without a door separating them. In earlier years both areas were usually combined since most people did not have an area set aside for formal entertaining. The only difference between these rooms is that the kitchen will usually have more of a cooking theme with many appliances lined up along one wall.

The dining area, on the other hand, has chairs and furniture arranged to create small groupings in conversation areas or set for an elegant formal dinner. If you want to have an open floor plan but still retain some privacy this arrangement will solve the problem.

5) U-Shaped Kitchen Style

U-shaped kitchens are usually located at the rear of a house away from traffic flow, or they may be built in a home office area to provide more space for work. One benefit to this style is that you can easily see everything going on in the kitchen and you stay out of the way of traffic flow.

The disadvantage is that in a small kitchen, where there is nowhere else to put it, you may end up walking too close to your food preparation area while carrying dirty dishes and hot pots from one side of the room to the other.

The U shape will usually have all major appliances built into base cabinets with the countertops surrounding them. Since the appliances are out of sight, you will need to make sure that the area is arranged in an efficient way to allow for maximum food preparation surface area.

6) Gourmet Kitchen Style

The gourmet kitchen design combines state-of-the art cooking technology with a modern, high tech decor and usually occupies most of one floor because it has a large island or peninsula that separates the kitchen from the rest of the dining and living areas.

A gourmet kitchen utilizes a variety of materials, including stainless steel appliances which are usually built-in, tile backsplashes, granite countertops and cabinetry made with cherry wood or other hardwoods. The overall appearance is clean and brings warmth and luxury into the heart of your home.

7) Country Kitchen Style

The country kitchen style is a popular one for people who like to cook and entertain frequently. This style has many elements that are similar to the open floor plan, but without all the space requirements. It generally has smaller rooms close together with an overhead cabinet or island separating them.

One of the advantages of this style is that you can keep an eye on all activities while still being able to have some privacy. The island often serves as a food preparation and eating area. This arrangement will work well if you live in a small home or apartment, but need extra space for entertaining or just want to be closer to your cooking.

8) Family Kitchen Style

The family kitchen style has a big work area, breakfast bar and is usually in the center of your house. This allows you to enjoy early morning coffee while watching the news or reading the newspaper.

However some people may feel that this area could easily become overused and cluttered without proper planning. You need to decide if you want to have your morning coffee and newspaper in the kitchen, or move these activities into another room.

9) Open Kitchen Style

The open kitchen style is very popular now. In this kitchen design, the boundary between the living and cooking areas are blurred, which makes it more convenient for the cook to socialize with family or friends while preparing meals. The modern stove top designs mostly have dual fuel heating systems such as gas and electric features along with double ovens which help in cooking different dishes at the same time.

The kitchen cabinets are designed in such a way that the upper part is used for storing various utensils while the lower part is easily accessible from where foods and ingredients can be retrieved with ease.

There are several ways to build an open kitchen style. One of the popular methods is by installing a solid countertop on what was once considered as a wall between the kitchen and living room area. This countertop is usually in the center or along the left side of the kitchen. It can be used for preparing meals but also as a dining table with some stools around it.

10) Semi-Open Kitchen Style

The Semi-Open Kitchen design is another popular one because it combines the advantages of both open and closed kitchen designs. In this arrangement, you still have a lot of counter space but also some private cooking areas and storage with lids.

This type usually finds itself in houses that have an "L" shaped countertop with a peninsula on the right side. There is also counter space in the middle of this area, but it is private enough to be used for some quick food preparation or even for dining.

There are also other variations of this where the kitchen is totally open but there is a bar area that separates it from the dining and living areas.

11) Kitchens with Exposed Beams

Exposed beams in kitchens add a rustic look and warmth, especially when paired with dark wood cabinetry, chunky countertops, and subway tile or stone backsplashes. Exposed beams are often found in traditional kitchens , where they can be painted white or stained to match the surrounding cabinets.

It's also possible to find exposed beams in modern kitchens. In this case, clean lines and streamlined cabinets serve to balance the rustic or industrial look of exposed beams. Additionally, metal beams can be used in contemporary kitchens.

In a small kitchen, exposed beams can give the room a spacious feel. When paired with a tall ceiling, beams can make the room feel even taller. It's important to use beams sparingly when designing a small kitchen, however. In very small kitchens, they can overwhelm the space and make the room look cramped or cluttered.

With exposed beams in your kitchen , you'll want to keep an eye on surface cleanliness. Since beams are generally out of reach, you can't just wipe them down when they get dirty. Additionally, you'll want to make sure your cabinets are well-sealed where the beam meets the wall.

12 )  Under Stair Cabinets

The Under Stair Cabinet is another popular item among homeowners. This kitchen design idea is ideal when you want to make the most out of your space through a very efficient use of it. The area under the stairs can be used as storage and can also serve as a place for placing some extra seating arrangements (bench type).

This type of arrangement is ideal for kitchens that have some space constraints. This can be really useful in small apartments where the kitchen needs to serve the whole apartment and not just a single family with a few members living in it.

The typical Under Stair Cabinet has shelves and storage space underneath them for keeping various utensils, food supplies, and kitchen appliances. Additionally, it could have a counter top with some sink for washing of the dishes and utensils as well as a small refrigerator for storing some food supplies (in case there is no room in the main fridge).

The Under Stair Cabinet is a very functional and practical way of making the most out of your small space, but there is also another option for people who want to make their homes look more spacious.


- What are the benefits of under-stair cabinets?

The Under-Stair Cabinet is cheap, fast and easy to install. It does not require much skill when it comes to construction or installation. This type of cabinetry is also very efficient and practical for use in small apartments where there is a limited amount of space available.

- What is the difference between drawers and shelves in your kitchen?

There are some differences between these two types of storage areas and the main difference is that shelves are level with the countertops while drawers have a lip around them.

- What are the benefits of using glass for kitchen cabinets?

The main benefit of having glass kitchen cabinetry is that it allows you to see what items are stored in each cabinet without having to take them out. Glass kitchen cabinets are also easier to clean than wooden ones.

- How do I organize my space so I can get rid of clutter?

There are several ways that you can organize your home and get rid of clutter. The first thing that you should do is to throw away the items that you don't want or need anymore. Then, sort through all of your possessions and put them in groups according to what needs to be done with each item (such as throwing it away, giving it away, selling it, or donating it). Finally, put all of the items in their appropriate place and enjoy having a clutter-free home.


The kitchen is where people spend plenty of time in one way or another. There are many different styles for kitchens to choose from and it all depends on how you want your kitchen to look and function. It is important to know what kitchen style is right for you and your family so that you can make the most out of it.

A large number of people have already been enjoying the benefits of using modern cabinets into their kitchens and there are others who prefer a more classical look. Before making any investment at all, you should first know exactly what type of look you are going for and what design your kitchen will take.

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