Types Of Lisianthus Flowers: A Profile Of Lisianthus Flower

Lisianthus flowers are a genus of flowering plants in the family Iridaceae. They are native to South Africa, and related to irises. The name "lisianthus" is derived from "Lysander," which was the classical Greek name for someone with blond hair or light skin tone, plus "anthos," which means flower. So lisianthuses have white or pale yellow flowers that look like they're made out of silk ribbons. But there's much more than just their appearance that makes them so special!


Petalite is a popular type of lisianthus flowers, and it has been used in many weddings. Petalite is also known as the "queen of cut flowers", because of its hardiness and longevity when preserved properly. They are naturally compact, so they don't require any special equipment for their growing requirements, like shaping or staking.

Petalite also starts off from a seed. When growing it from a seed, it is important to have fresh seeds that come from well-known sellers. Some may sell expired seeds which may end up being unsuccessful when planted in the germination process.

Petalite can take up to 60 days to germinate, but it does have an amazingly high germination rate. The buds are also very hardy at this point in time, and it is imperative that they be handled with care. When the petalite starts to bud it requires that you treat it like any other budding flower would be treated; watering and light requirements.

Papillion lisianthus flowers

Papillion lisianthus flowers are one of the most attractive and fragrant of all types of lisianthus flowers. They are made available in many colors from lavender to deep pink, red or orange. Papillion lisianthus flowers are much more fragrant than the commonly used garden varieties of lisianthus.

There are best planted in the spring and summer months. Make sure to give them full sun for at least 8 hours each day or partial shade. If placed in areas that get too hot they will dry out and not get the full color effect. They should be planted in moist soil but can survive on a little drier soil as well. They are best grown in areas with cool to mild climates, this will give them a longer blooming season.

Papillion lisianthus flowers are one of the easiest types of lisianthus flowers to grow. They can be planted either in pots or directly into the ground. Planting them directly into the ground is always best, because they do not like transplanting.

Peach Blossom Lisianthus

Peach blossom lisianthus belongs to Protea family, also named as Leucosidea and is mainly grown in the tropical parts of Africa, Asia, Australia and Central and South America . It is hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 10 – 12 with a minimum temperature range of 50 degrees F (10 degrees C). You can plant peach blossom lisianthus in full sun to partial shade. Peach blossoms grow from 6 inches to 3 feet tall and wide, with the blooming period of spring through summer. The flower's petals are pink or white in color, the flowers have a distinct tropical fruity aroma, and can bloom in clusters.

Peach blossom lisianthus is best planted directly outdoors in the fall and hardy to USDA zone 10. If you live outside of this range, grow your peach blossoms as annuals by planting them in containers.

Peach blossom lisianthuses make excellent cut flowers for centerpieces and arrangements. They can also be used in wedding bouquets, on the brides table or a place setting at weddings; and would look lovely when combined with white roses or calla lilies.

Buffalo King lisianthus

Buffalo King lisianthus is the best-known variety of lisianthus flowers and it is also the most popular. It has a large number of plants and huge potential for development, so many domestic and foreign nurseries have successfully cultivated this variety. This flower type has been introduced to Japan, Germany, France and other countries more than thirty years ago.

The origin of Buffalo king lisianthus flowers: first appeared in the early nineteen seventies, single plant with eight buds with large and strong stems. It was discovered by a small number of local farmers who had to sell it in person at the local flower show. The price exceeded that of other varieties and the bud size was larger than that of other varieties. So it received the name "Buffalo king".

Because the price was high, only a small number of farmers cultivated buffalo king lisianthus flowers at first. However, when the Buffalo King flower showed outstanding performance in overseas exhibitions such as Asia Flower Show, Taipei International Floriculture Exhibition and Silk Road International Exposition, the number of farmers cultivating buffalo king lisianthus flowers increased rapidly.

Snow Queen Lisianthus

Snow Queen Lisianthus are among the newest types of lisianthus flowers to arrive on the floral market. These pure white, snowball-like florets have a smooth, even texture and no edges or outer petals. Snow Queen lisianthus flowers are extremely popular for wedding bouquets because they last long and are very versatile. This is a favorite for many florists because the flowers are easy to arrange and can be found in several different colors.

The petals of this lisianthus flower average from 3/4" to 1 1/8" long and grow in clusters. Snow Queen lisianthus flowers have few inner petals, but they do have a more rounded form than some other types of lisianthus flowers. These flowers are great for environmentally-friendly weddings or simply as everyday decorations in the home because they don't drop too much.

Snow Queen Lisianthus make excellent bouquet and boutonniere centerpieces. They also look good when used as place cards at a formal dinner party or restaurant. For those who enjoy lisianthus flowers in the home, Snow Queen lisianthus are perfect for the floral arrangement because they hold up extremely well and adapt to any environment.

Dazzle Lisianthus

Dazzle  lisianthus is an array of spectacular color combinations. The flowers are fully double and exhibit rich vibrant hues. Available in many huge varieties, these blooms offer saturated colors and a wide variety of sizes for your every need! Like most lisianthus, they also boast sturdy stems making Dazzle Lisianthus appropriate to be used in floral arrangements. Aside from this, they also can be arranged as a single bouquet or in small clusters.

The Dazzle Lisianthus is available in white, peach, orange, hot pink and purple. Their blooms can also be used as a background for the use of other flowers or plants. 

This flower is perfect to be given as a gift because of its wide variety of colors and sizes. In addition, it has been noted as the perfect flower because it arrives fresh and ready for display.

The Dazzle Lisianthus can be found in florists all over the world. It is important to note however that this variety of lisianthus blooms without leaves only have a short lifespan after they are picked, making them unsuitable for long distance shipping.

Butterfly Songbird Lisianthus Flowers

A short stem carries multiple 4-petaled blossoms with contrasting or complimentary shades on each flower. The petals often radiate from an opening at the center of the bloom. The center of the flower may be yellow, pink or white and is often accented with spots.

Butterfly Songbird has a medium-sized, open bloom that contains 10 to 20 petals. The vivid petals are light and dark pink with white spotting. These blossoms need plenty of sun for their colors to radiate. Butterfly Songbird thrives in soil that is well-drained but rich in nutrients. It can stand heavy rains, heat, humidity and drought. The plant grows 2 to 3 feet tall and has a similar spread.

Butterfly Songbird is a perennial that may not need to be replaced for more than two years. The plant can handle both frost and extreme heat, but it needs plenty of sun to thrive.

Sweetheart lisianthus flower

Sweetheart lisianthus flower is an ancient Chinese variety that is in the chrysanthemum family.The lisianthus ranges from white to purple, pink and red, with distinct pink and white petals.

Which initially is light colored (almost white). As they mature the center spot will go from palest orange to darker red. The stunning effect occurs when thousands of bulbs are planted in clusters together or as borders around a bed.

When planting them in a bed, place them at the front of the garden. The larger they are and more open space between bulbs, the longer it will take for your lisianthus to flower.

They're great in pots or planted around an existing lawn as long as there's no bare soil showing. You can plant these bulbs anywhere from one to three inches down. Once they bloom, you can cut the flowers and put them in a vase. You must leave at least 4-6 inches of stem above so that the bulb has something to grow up from. 

Golden Sun

Golden Sun is one of the most popular types of Lisianthus flowers. It gives off a golden glow and has a very special scent compared to other lisianthus flowers. Golden suns are also famous for their thick foliage which makes them an excellent choice during winter or cooler climates.

It is a hardy plant which means it requires less maintenance and comes in many different colors. Golden suns are a good choice for anyone who is looking to grow them in their home, specifically if you want something that won't need too much attention. Lisianthus flowers are great for decorating purposes during the holidays and different events.

Razzmatazz lisianthus flower

The razzmatazz lisianthus flower is a type of lisianthus that originates in South Africa. It has a very unique color pattern, with hues of cream, violet and magenta. In fact, the color resembles that of a raspberry! The razzmatazz color is one of the most popular colors for lisianthus flowers.

The razzmatazz lisianthus flower is found in the Razzmatazz and Bravo series. It is obviously one of the most popular types of lisianthus flowers, because it has been named after itself! The name "razzmatazz" came from a type of raspberry wine called "Raspberry Rhapsody".

The razzmatazz lisianthus flower is considered to be a very rare flower. Only a few growers are able to get their hands on some seeds for this type of lisianthus, which makes it even more popular. It takes a skilled grower to know what kind of nurturing will bring out the best color on a razzmatazz lisianthus flower.

Angelika lisianthus flower

Angelika lisianthus flowers are native to South America but have been seen in North America as well. Angelica is known by its hardiness, beautiful colors, and amazing growth rate. They grow from two to three feet tall, the blooms are mostly light pink with darker colored stripes.

Angelika Lisianthus has not been affected by diseases that normally affect roses and petunias. This makes it ideal for growing in containers or planters. It can even be planted in lawns to produce a nice display during spring months when grass is dormant. Lisianthus can be found in your local garden centers.

Angelika lisianthus flowers are easy to grow and care for, even though they are little delicate at times. To ensure that you get the most out of these unique flowers, it is important to water them correctly. It should not be done too much nor watered too little to ensure that its beautiful lush looks remain, and that the flowers are able to bloom.

Tickled Pink lisianthus flower

Tickled Pink lisianthus flower is the kind of flower which is very much in use in wedding decoration. In fact it is tickled pink lisianthus flowers suppliers who are the ones to make arrangements for such weddings, so that people can have a great day.

Tickled Pink lisianthus flowers suppliers have a lot to offer to their clients when it comes to varieties of lisianthus flowers . They are the ones responsible for providing best quality as well.

There are very fragrant and one of the most in use for making wedding arrangements. They can be presented in various ways, but tickled pink lisianthus flower stem is what is used the most.

Tickled Pink lisianthus flowers have varying colors like red, white, yellow, pink, orange and purple  . They are the best flowers which one can present on any occasion and thus tickled pink lisianthus flower suppliers can be contacted at the time of need .


Is there a difference between lisianthus and orchid?

The only differences are in the size of the petals. Lisianthus has smaller petals than an orchid.

What is the best color of lisianthus flowers?

The most preferred colors are red, white and pink. These are used for making wedding decoration.

Are lisianthus flowers available in all seasons?

No, it is available only during winter and spring season. During these two seasons lisianthus suppliers have them available in large quantity and at a low price.


Lisianthus flower is an annual plant with delicate fragrance and beautiful colors. It is used for a long time as the decoration of church, wedding, anniversary and some other ceremonies. As it has various shapes of flowers and different kinds of colors to choose from, people could use these flowers in their daily decoration or in special occasions like wedding ceremony, party, and celebration.

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