Types Of Living Room Lighting: Best Living Room Lighting

It's important to have a variety of light sources in your living room. This will create different moods and atmospheres, depending on the time of day or night. You'll want to use one type for reading, another for watching TV, and yet another for putting together an elegant dinner party. The following are some types of lighting you might see in most homes.

Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps are an incredibly convenient way to light up your living room when you don’t have a lot of space. These lamps can be installed on the ceiling and can be pretty bright overall. Depending on the type of light bulb that you install in them, you might be able to light up your entire room with just one ceiling lamp. The cover of your ceiling light will often be a globe of some sort, and this will help the light to seem less harsh.

These types of lamps can be really stylish as well. Some of them will even come in a chandelier style. You will be able to play around with the types of ceiling lamps, and you will want to create some truly interesting designs. Your ceiling lamp is going to be a prominent feature in your living room, so it is sensible to take your time to pick out a good option.

You are going to be able to find different ceiling lamp options at all of the major retail spaces. There is a lot to consider, so it makes sense to look at many different styles before making a purchasing decision. You will find ceiling lamps that look very modern and others that adhere to more classic design choices. It won’t be difficult to find a ceiling lamp that will look like it fits in perfectly with your style.

Matching up your ceiling lamp well with the other design choices you have made in the room will allow you to create a very stylish living room area. This makes it so that you are very proud of the look of your home. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the living room, so having it be just how you like it is important. Ceiling lamps will give you just the right amount of lighting in most cases, so you will be ready to host guests in no time at all.

Desk Lamp 

A desk lamp is a great way to do some reading in the evenings. These lamps are especially useful for people with long commutes, and they can also be handy if you enjoy doing some work on your laptop while sitting in your living room. You will find that a lot of desk lamps have flexible arms, which will allow you to position them in different ways.

They can provide you with an excellent deal of light, although they are usually not very large in size. You will find that there are many options available when it comes to desk lamp styles. You should choose a desk lamp that matches the overall design of your living room.

It’s likely that you will want to select a style and color scheme that matches the rest of your furniture choices. It’s also smart to take your needs into consideration. This should make it a bit easier for you to find something that really fits the bill when it comes to your living room lighting situation.

You can buy desk lamps almost anywhere. There are plenty of retail spaces that sell different types of desk lamps, so you will have no trouble in this area. You will find that desk lamps come in a range of prices, and it’s up to you to choose the one that is within your budget. It’s also important to make sure that the desk lamp you do purchase works well with all of the other pieces in your living room area.

Standing Lamps

Standing lamps are a tried and true way to light up a room. If you want to have a lot of light in your living room area, then buying a nice standing lamp is going to make that possible. Generally speaking, these standing lamps can get quite bright. Part of the brightness is going to depend on the type of bulb that you put in the lamp, but it has the potential to really provide a lot of light for you.

A standing lamp is also a great way to add some character to your living room, too. If you're the type of person who likes to decorate their home with unique pieces that stand out, then this is going to be a great way for you to do that.

Being able to adjust these lamps can also be quite helpful. Some people like standing lamps because they can be adjusted, so they're not necessarily pointed in one direction. This is going to make a huge difference when it comes to the overall brightness of the room as well.


Sconces are a type of decorative lighting fixture that is mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. A sconce typically holds a single candle, candelabra light bulb, electric lamp, or small spotlight to illuminate an area in your living room. Sconces don't always have to hold a candle or other lighting device, however. Many people choose to display pretty objects in their sconces--such as flowers, small statues or vases with fresh cuttings from the garden.

You can also use them to light areas like stairways, hallways and even kitchen pass-throughs. Sconces are great for adding some drama and pizzazz to dark corners that aren't easily reached by traditional lighting sources.

Sconces come in a wide variety of styles ranging from the traditional to the unusual. Some are quite simple while others look like miniature pieces of sculpture with classical designs and figures, oftentimes using candlelight . Sconces can be made out of metal, glass or wood and are available in many colors.

Sconce light fixtures are fairly inexpensive, easily installed and they're a great way to add some unique touches of style to your living room without breaking the bank.

Ambient light 

Ambient lighting creates an overall level of light throughout the entire living room that enhances the feeling of well-being. Different areas in a room will have various levels of light, or different color tones from cool to warm colors depending on the intensity of the ambient lighting.

Ambient lights can be used alone without additional task lighting and are often used to complement overhead illumination or accent lighting in certain specific areas such as picture frames, mounted displays, fireplace mantels or along picture railings. 

Ambient lights soften the appearance of hard edges in the room and can help to eliminate shadows resulting from overhead lighting that can make rooms appear smaller than they actually are.  

Ceiling Fan with Light

One of the most popular ways to light up a living room is to install a ceiling fan with a light. Most ceiling fans will come with a light fixture attached to the bottom. You can certainly find ceiling fans without them, but they’re more commonly seen along with the light fixture. This is great, as it provides a convenient light source that can brighten up any area.

Depending on the size of your living room and how bright you want things to be, the ceiling fan light may be sufficient for your living room. It should be able to provide an ample amount of light that will make your living room seem much more cheerful. The light fixtures that come on your ceiling fan will vary in size and style, though. You might have multiple light fixtures that take normal-sized light bulbs, or your ceiling fan may feature globe lighting of some kind.

Whatever type of light fixture the ceiling fan has, it should work well for your purposes. Take your time to pick out the ceiling fan style that is going to appeal to you the most. There are a lot of different types, and you should be able to find something that suits you to a tee. The way the light fixture looks is definitely a part of the entire package, so be patient, and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ceiling fans can be very beneficial for your living room in other ways, too. This is going to provide circulation for your living room, and that will make everything much more comfortable than it would be otherwise. Even if you have a central air conditioning unit, it can be nice to have a ceiling fan. It moves the air around and keeps a room from getting stuffy.

Track Lighting 

Track lighting is a great option for living room lights because it provides a large amount of bright white light, which is perfect if you have less than flattering ceiling fixtures. What makes track lighting so versatile is that the track can easily be covered or concealed behind pictures or decorations on the walls and ceiling.

This type of lighting also allows you to spread out the light by placing a row of lights across the top and two rows on each side. The track lighting is often used in combination with table or floor lamps for maximum light around the room.

Track lighting can be utilized in a very creative way. You can even lay down the track and light it underneath so that you have a chandelier of sorts. There are many online tutorials to help guide you with the process.

Track lighting is also easily installed and fixed. It's usually held up by screws or nails and can be adjusted by lowering or raising the individual lights on each side of the track. The wires typically come in one long bundle with all of the wires together.

The wire is connected to the track on each side and covered with plastic or metal covering. All of these features are perfect for a living room because you can easily change the height, fix any light that may be broken, and easily move it around the room if you need extra lighting in another area.

Floor Lamp  

There are quite a few unique types of floor lamps out there, and they can add quite a bit to virtually any living room. Some of them have metal or wooden bases, while others might be made of glass or have shades with complex patterns on them. It’s also not uncommon for some floor lamps to include more than one light bulb, but it’s usually not more than two bulbs at most.

To properly illuminate a living room, floor lamps need to be positioned close to the furniture in it. Avoid positioning them too far away from any of the sofas and armchairs that are likely to appear in your living room. Of course, you can always get a wall lamp if you prefer how they look compared to floor lamps.


Another excellent source of natural light would be a skylight. Admittedly, living rooms aren’t the most common room that people install skylights in. There are still many people who love having a skylight in their living room, though. It makes for an excellent opportunity to allow natural light into your home, and you will be able to gaze up at the stars at night with your loved ones when the mood strikes you.

Installing a skylight isn’t too difficult either. You will need to do some preparations, and there are options you will need to consider. Like most lighting options, there are going to be different styles for you to choose from. You can go with smaller skylights or large skylights that will allow you to see a good chunk of the night sky.


Can I install a skylight in my living room?

You can install a skylight in your living room if, for example, you want to have a bright and airy space. It will make your home seem more spacious and add light during the daytime.

A skylight is ready to install when it can open at its own hinge or by hand. Once installed, it'll let sunlight and fresh air into your home all day long!

What are some creative ways to use track lighting in a living room?

Track lighting is often used in combination with table or floor lamps for maximum light around the room.

You would want to use track lighting in conjunction with a table lamp, especially if you have a low ceiling. They make ambient without casting shadows all over the room on everyone and everything there. A single track of lights will be sufficient, but you can also get creative by installing two different tracks at angles to each other so that they cross over one another when looking down from the top of the frame, like an x-shape made up of lights that shine brilliantly through window treatments and shades during daylight hours when turned off.


When chosen correctly can become the most dramatic centerpiece in your living room decoration. They are one of the focal points in designing a modern interior design for the living room. While choosing these lighting fixtures, you should focus on maximizing its benefits while minimizing costs and energy consumption.

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