13 Types Of Oak Wood From Around The World

Oak wood comes from a variety of oak trees that produce light-colored acorns for their fruit. Oak wood is often found in furniture, houses, and sports equipment like baseball bats.

Oak Wood is made from several different types of trees. The most commonly known type of oak wood is light-colored acorns because they are used to create items like furniture, houses, and sports equipment.

White Oak

The white oak is one of the most common types of oak wood, and is a type of red oak. The tree reaches up to 80 feet in height, and can reach up to 200 years old. White Oak Wood has a durable grain with tight growth rings. It has very little sapwood making it very stable when exposed to the elements.

White Oak wood has a fine texture. It ranges from pale to dark brown and the bark is slightly thick and hard. White Oak wood grows best during fall and winter seasons.

White Oak wood is resistant to decay and insects. Its hardness ranges from moderate to hard, and has a density of approximately 57 lbs per cubic foot. It has been used for furniture, cabinets, flooring and boats. It is also very popular with builders due to its ability to resist cracking when nailed or screwed.

Pin Oak

This type of oak wood is a rare tree and has an open grain. It ranges from pale to brown in color, with dark streaks appearing every four to six years. Some people use it for furniture or decorative woodwork because of its distinct grain pattern, but it is not very durable.

It is used in the manufacture of furniture, tool handles, flooring, staircases, barrels, veneers and gunstocks. It is easy to work with but it can splinter and crack if not properly dried.

Red oak 

Red oak is a red-colored wood and has a hint of pink when it's first cut. The color darkens as time goes on. It commonly grows in the southeastern part of North America but can also be found in Europe, Asia or Africa. Red Oak trees are usually tall and wide. When the trunk is mature, it's usually in diameter. The average height of red oak trees is 90 to 150 feet tall.

Red oak usually forms a darker ring with every growth cycle, so you should know how old the tree is by counting the rings. Red Oak wood has vitamin-like qualities that moisturizes the skin and helps it maintain its elasticity.

Red oak wood comes from a deciduous tree that has red-brown acorns. This type of oak wood is often used for construction because it is strong and resistant to rotting.

The wood can be used for furniture, cabinets, floors, and veneer. It is also a great substitute for mahogany because it has the same color but is less expensive. It also has a fine texture that polishes well.

Burr oak

Burr oaks have slender leaves that grow in clusters. Their bark is a shade of gray and turns silver with age. It has small nuts that are very bitter until they fall to the ground, where wildlife eats them. The wood from this tree can be used for furniture or flooring but isn't as durable as other types of oak wood.

Bur oak wood is very heavy in color with a grain pattern that has small holes throughout. It's heavier than most other types of oak, but it's still used for furniture because of how easy it is to work with. This type of tree grows primarily in Southern states such as Florida or Texas, so it's not as common in the Northern states.

Black Oak

The black oak is usually considered to be the tallest of all oaks, often reaching heights of 100 feet. It is also known as the water oak. The bark is gray and furrowed, but it does not have any branches on its trunk like other oaks do. The acorns tend to be smaller and darker than other oak trees.

Black Oak wood grows in a blotchy pattern because there are formations on the trunk called lenticels. Lenticles are surrounded by pores that hold water and therefore keep the tree alive during long, hot summers.

Black Oak wood has a coarse texture with pits that vary in size and color. It ranges from light to dark brown but usually turns red when it is being used.

The black oak is very heavy and difficult to work with. It's hard and heavy, like black walnut wood. Because it is so dense, it sinks in water, which makes it a popular choice for boat building. Black Oak wood is also popular with furniture makers because of its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear due to the open pores on its surface.

Chestnut Oak

This type of oak wood is very rare in the U.S. and is also sometimes called rock oak because it grows in dry habitats. The acorns are smaller than most oaks, but they have a sweet taste to them just like chestnuts do.

Chestnut Oak trees grow to be between 50 and 75 feet tall with an average trunk diameter of four feet, and the bark is very dark brown or almost black. The branches are usually grayish-black and tend to droop as they grow.

Its wood is used in construction because it is resistant to rot and decay. It's also hard enough that it can be used for building boats. Its grain pattern looks like an upside-down basket weave.

It is typically brown in color, but the lighter colors come from trees that grow near streams or limestone rocks with red soil. Because Chestnut Oak wood grew close to rivers and rocks, it's usually very durable and strong. The grain pattern of the wood varies just like black oak, but the difference is that chestnut oak wood can be polished and varnished.

Water Oak 

The water oak is also known as the blackjack oak because it has a very short trunk when compared to other oaks. It grows in moist areas, such as near streams or rivers, so it tends to grow in clusters instead of being spread out.

Black oaks have many branches that extend from its trunk. Water oak trees usually don't have any branches on their trunks and instead have small branches extending from the main stem further down. It has brown bark with a tight texture, so it tends to be very strong and durable.

Water oak wood is ideal for outdoor furniture because of its resistance to decay and rot. The wood is very hard, so it doesn't need sealing or painting. It has a fine texture that feels smooth to the touch but also has an open grain in which moisture can pass through.

Bur oak

Bur oak trees are very large and live a long time, often up to 200 years. The leaves are broad with five deep lobes that look like the fingers on a hand. Sometimes they are called "hand split" because Native Americans used them to make boats, canoes, and baskets.

The bark of this type of oak tree is bluish-gray with vertical grooves. Their wood can be used for interior flooring because of its durability and uniform pattern, but bur oak is usually used to make furniture due to its coarseness.

Bur oak trees are more prevalent in Canada than the U.S., but they are still found around the Great Lakes region.

Black locust

This type of oak has large leaves that are shaped like a horse saddle or even an upside-down heart. The tree's bark is silverish-gray and has deep furrows that run down its trunk.

Black locust is a fast-growing tree, so it was very popular to use for railroad ties. It was also a very important wood during World War II because manufacturing it turned out to be easier than producing steel at the time. It is even resistant to termites and other pests, which is why it was used for outdoor furniture as well.

The wood can be cut easily, but it doesn't polish or stain very well, so it's usually used for flooring and other construction materials. It does have a very unique color that makes it stand out in homes with lighter-colored flooring.

Shumard oak 

Shumard oaks have large, dark leaves that point upward and grow in clusters. Their bark is grayish-brown with narrow vertical grooves that run down the trunk of the tree.

The wood from this type of oak tree is very heavy and durable. It's used for constructing barns or houses and furniture because it has a very tight grain pattern. The wood also polishes and stains well, which is why it's called the "show" oak.

An interesting fact about Shumard oaks is that they can reach up to 90 feet tall and have been around for over 200 years in some areas of the U.S.  The wood from this tree also tends to be very resistant to pests or rot, which is why it's still used for construction materials.

Chinquapin Oak 

This oak has small leaves that grow in clusters. The bark is grayish-brown and has a shallow furrow running across its surface. Chinquapin oaks are often used to make furniture because of their tight grain pattern and ability to be stained, polished, or painted easily. It's also one of the sturdier types of oak wood.

Chinquapin oaks contain more tannin than other types of trees, which makes them resistant to bugs and rot. It was once used for railroad ties because it's heavier and stronger than a number of other hardwoods.

The name "chinquapin" comes from the small nuts that become bitter after they fall to the ground. Wildlife tends to eat them, which is why they have such a strong taste when in their natural state.

Blackjack oak 

This type of oak tree grows in clusters instead of growing alone. Its acorns are very bitter, so they aren't eaten by wildlife. The bark is dark gray and has long vertical strips that run down the trunk of the tree. The wood is used for flooring, furniture, and barrels because it's very durable.

The name "blackjack oak" comes from the way that it is cut from the trunk. Blackjacks are used to twist off the wood instead of using chainsaws or other tools.

Because this type of oak tree grows in moist habitats, it's usually lighter colored than other types of wood. It is infused with red and brown hues, which also make it very durable and strong.

Blackjack oak  is derived from the burr oak tree, but it is lighter in color and can be polished to a very smooth finish. The grain pattern is also tighter than other oaks, which makes it more resistant to rot or decay when exposed to moisture. It's used mostly for flooring because of its resistance to moisture and insects.

Mesquite oak

This type of oak tree has large leaves that grow at an angle up toward the sky. The reddish-brown bark has flat ridges and grows in strips along the trunk and branches of the tree.

Mesquite oaks are extremely adaptable since they grow in both dry or wet soil, but they prefer to be in places where water is easy to come by. They're usually found along fence rows or near areas that have a lot of sunlight and aren't exposed to storms on a regular basis.

Mesquite wood is very durable and can be used for flooring or furniture. Many people pass it up, however, because it has a dark appearance that shows dirt easily.


-How do you treat Oak?

Oak is a very hard, strong wood with natural resistance to insects and decay. Prior to use, most flooring manufacturers treat the product with preservatives that offer greater protection against wear and tear from everyday life. When planning to stain oak flooring, make sure that you read and follow the manufacturer's directions and recommendations to improve the life of your flooring.

-What types of oak grow in Texas?  

There are a number of oak species that you can find growing in Texas, such as red oaks, Shumard oaks, and live oak trees. You might also visit a local nursery for advice on other types of oak trees that grow well in Texas.

-What types of oak wood are resistant to rot?

This is usually dependent on the climate in which you live. Chinquapin oaks are often used for building railroad ties because they're extremely durable and have strong resistance to insects and decomposition. However, some species of oak that grow in more rural areas may not have the same type of resistance.

-What type of oak wood is the strongest?  

Oak trees are some of the most durable, strong species in North America, so there's no exact answer to this question. Each variety has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you might want to consider before choosing a certain type for your home or business.


Oak is a type of tree that belongs to the genus Quercus. People often use oak wood for building barns, houses, furniture, and flooring. There are several different types of oak wood which can be resistant to rot or may not be resistant to rot. Oak trees are an excellent and durable material that should last for years with proper care.

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