Types Of Ottomans Essential For Your Home

Ottomans are a type of low, upholstered seat or footrest and differ from sofas by having no back and being placed against a wall. They come in many shapes and styles, including square, round, rectangle, horseshoe-shaped and octagonal. Ottomans can be used to increase the seating capacity of a room without taking up as much space as an additional chair or sofa would.

Types Of Ottomans Base On Styles

Standard Ottoman

It is a cross between a table and an ottoman. It comes in nine standard sizes, typically 26 inches to 36 inches in diameter, and its height can be adjusted. (Optional convertible cushions are available for some models.) Standard Ottomans also incorporate storage space with drawers or shelves underneath the tabletop surface of the ottoman.

Stacking Ottoman  

Very similar to the standard ottoman, the stacking ottoman comes with two shelves that are attached together by an axis point in the center of each shelf helping it. These types of ottomans are versatile as they can be used for anything from an extra seat to a coffee table.

It can be used as a coffee table, extra seating or even to make room for storage. Stacking ottoman can be used to accommodate additional guests at a party, and they can also have great storage potential.

Stacking ottomans are the perfect furniture piece for small living areas where you need to maximize space. The tops of these ottomans are usually larger than standard ottomans, making them versatile pieces that work well in any room of your home.

Lift Top Ottoman

 In addition to its upholstery, the lift top of this ottoman provides convenient storage space. Lift tops can be used in place of a coffee table or for additional seating. People often use these as an extra seat or provide it as a footrest and it can also be used to rest plates, serving pieces, and other kitchen tools. The top lifts up to provide additional storage space for books and magazines.

This type of ottoman is easy to assemble with no hardware needed. It can be moved from one room to another as needed, making it a versatile piece for any home or office furniture set-up. Lift top ottomans are a great addition to any living room, den or bedroom and can add comfort and style to any space.

Ottoman With Storage    

It is exactly what the name suggests it contains storage space under some rounder low back seats. These types of ottomans are typically in the shape of a hexagon and usually come with two separate storages that can be used for anything from blankets to magazines.

This is a great addition to any home as you get the added use of storage with an already comfortable and relaxing seat. It comes in many different colors, patterns and materials so it can fit virtually any interior design style.

Pouf Ottoman

A pouf ottoman, also referred to as a round bean bag chair or square bean bag chair, is basically a large cushion with no back or arms that sits on the floor and is usually stuffed with a type of foam or plastic beads. These are casual chairs that can be moved around the room as needed, and they provide added seating in an informal setting.

Poufs are great for children's rooms as well as small interiors where space is limited. The larger versions of this ottoman come in extra large shapes that can also be used as a coffee table or an end of the bed footstool.

Poufs come in many different colors and textures and are always available in fun patterns so you can easily coordinate it with your floor coverings, rugs or other furniture pieces. They also make great decorations for parties.

Tufted Ottoman

A tufted ottoman is a thick, puffy ottoman that's ideal for placing in front of a sofa to rest your feet upon. These can be used as extra seating or as footrests. You can also use them as coffee tables. The fabric-covered top has a zipper. If you get tired of the color or texture, you can simply remove the fabric and replace it.

Some tufted ottomans have solid-colored fabric tops with a hidden storage compartment for remotes, phones and other essentials. You'll also find models with a low backrest that tapers to the floor behind the seat. The ottoman footrest is upholstered to match the fabric on the top.

Cube Ottoman

A cube ottoman is a piece of furniture that functions as an extra seat, a footrest or a coffee table. A cube ottoman typically has 4 legs and is finished on all sides. It replaces the need for several different pieces of furniture, which makes it ideal for small spaces. These are various shapes and sizes so you can easily find one to fit your space. They can be used as a footrest, extra seating or for storage purposes.

This type is usually smaller in size so it can easily fit into various corners and hidden spaces within the home. This ottoman comes with a removable tray, which makes it ideal for serving snacks to guests or resting your feet after a long day at work. You can also use this as a coffee table.

Cocktail Ottoman

Cocktails ottomans are used for serving snacks to guests or resting your feet after a long day at work. They usually come with a removable tray, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. This comes in many colors so it can match the rest of the furniture perfectly. You can also choose from different shapes and sizes according to your needs and preferences.

Glider Ottoman

The glider ottoman is a type of ottoman that uses an inflatable lifting device to move the top surface area along a track. The back may be fixed to prevent slouching, or it may be attached and adjustable using various mechanisms. This allows for increased comfort when sitting in the chair, and also gives the option of a more traditional look on occasions.

The glider ottoman is available in a range of sizes to suit all applications, and can be made from the same or contrasting fabrics as the chair. Some models may also incorporate electric motors for optional power operation. The fabric may be permanent, removable and washable or just easy clean by wiping down with a damp cloth.

Types Of Ottomans Base On Shapes

Oval Ottoman

This ottoman comes in a variety of materials including leather, fabric, microfiber, twill upholstery etc. Oval ottomans are often covered in faux fur material which makes them perfect for family rooms, playrooms or even bedrooms.

An oval ottoman is a great piece of furniture due to its versatility and capacity for storage. A tufted pouf ottoman can be used as seating during your next party or holiday celebration. It helps make extra space in smaller living spaces and offers additional storage underneath the seat.

Square Ottoman

This ottoman is a rectangle with four legs. It incorporates storage space for blankets and throws within its design. Some models come with additional seating pillows that can be used to offer extra comfort to your guests. A square ottoman works well in any room including living rooms, dens, bedrooms, or even kitchens and bathrooms.

Round Ottoman

A round ottoman is the same shape as a circular footstool. It typically comes with removable covers that are available in many different colors, patterns and materials such as leather, upholstery fabric or faux fur material. This can easily be matched to your existing furniture while offering additional seating options for family members, guests and visitors.

Corner Ottoman  

These are usually made of wood or upholstered and they have a square shape. Corner ottomans can be used in different rooms of the house such as living room, bedroom, family room and so on. They come in many colors and designs to fit the surrounding décor.

Curved Ottoman  This ottoman has curved edges and it is made of wood, leather or fabric. A matching chair can be matched with a curved ottoman to form a conversation set.

Types Of Ottomans Base On Materials

Leather Ottoman

There are many benefits of having a leather ottoman. Leather is a strong, durable material that will be able to stand up against most things kids can do to it. It's also soft and easy on bare feet, making it perfect for use as a foot stool. Additionally, leather remains comfortable even in hot areas like by the pool or outdoors.

The leather ottoman can be used as a foot rest, coffee table or storage. But you can choose the one that will fulfill your requirement.

Fabric Ottoman

Fabric ottomans are great for any room where you want an eye-catching, unique piece of furniture. These can range from carved wood and metal ottomans to brightly colored and patterned fabric ones in a variety of styles designed to match various decorating themes. Fabric ottomans are a great way to make a room feel more comfortable and homey than it would with plain furniture.

You can often find fabric ottomans in rich, vibrant colors that make them ideal for non-neutral homes. Some of these are even available with matching chairs and stools to create a set that looks professionally designed.

Fabric is a good choice if you have children or pets in your home. It's more durable than leather so it's able to stand up better against spills, drool and pet hair. Plus, fabric is easy to clean when it gets dirty with just a few wipes.

Wooden Ottoman

A wooden ottoman is a classic piece of furniture that will never go out of style. Many people like them because they can be used any in any room or décor theme. These are made of hardwood and come in the natural wood color.  If you want to see more, check kitchen design pictures .

Wooden ottomans are made of solid hardwood construction and they provides extra surface to place your feet. They can also provide enough area for you to stretch out, do some yoga or even give someone a back rub.

Wooden ottoman is easy to maintain; it can be easily wiped clean with few cleanser while the spillover may be handled by using a damp towel. Wooden ottoman is sure to last for many years, so they can be passed down through generations of the family.

Velvet Ottoman  

A velvet ottoman adds a splash of color and style to your living space. Velvet can be used in various rooms like formal, semi-formal, or informal. The advantage of the velvet ottoman is that it's available in all sorts of colors and patterns.

Velvet material is not only beautiful but also comfortable. It provides a soft and cozy feel. When you place your feet on the ottoman, they will sink into the plush material a little bit which makes this kind of ottoman more comfortable to use than any other.


How Do I Clean My Ottoman?  

You should clean upholstered or fabric ottomans with warm water and a mild cleanser. Be sure to clean off any spillovers or drool with warm water before attempting to clean it. To prevent damage, try not to place the ottoman in high-traffic areas where there is lots of dirt and dust that can get on it.

To clean wooden ottomans, use teak oil, linseed oil, or furniture polish to restore the luster. These oils will help keep the wood looking shiny and new. For cleaning up spills on wooden ottomans, simply wipe it off with a clean damp cloth.

What Is The Purpose Of An Ottoman?  

Ottomans are used for a variety of things. Many people use them to place their feet on when they are relaxing or watching television. However, some also choose to use ottomans as coffee tables.

Ottomans are also very useful for storing things. Some leather ottomans have a secret compartment in them where you can place your valuable items so that others cannot see them but you can easily get to them when needed.

Which Color Goes Well With My Ottoman?

That really depends on the purpose you have it for. If you use your ottoman to put your feet on, go with a neutral color like beige, white or black. If you use it as a coffee table, choose something bright and colorful like reds or greens.

Nowadays people love to add more unique stuff in their homes or offices so that they can make it look different from others. So if you want to buy a new ottoman, you've come to the right place because here you can find a variety of different types and styles of ottomans.


These are all types of ottomans that are available in the market. We can choose any type we like from these because every type has its own benefits or flaws depending upon us.

As it is said, there is no such thing as a perfect product but there is always some utility in any product so we can also find something useful for us in all of these. So, before choosing any product we should do a proper research about that and see whether it will perfectly fulfill our needs or not.

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