You Should Know About 12 Different Types Of Patio Chairs

One of the best items to enjoy a good summer night is sitting in your backyard with friends and family. The best way to do this is to sit in one of the many types of outdoor patio chairs. Depending on what type of chair you have, will determine how much fun you have sitting around your table.

Take the time to learn about the different types of chairs and which one will be perfect for your next get together.

Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is a great addition to any patio. It's size makes it perfect for patios with limited space, and the rocking motion provides that back and forth feeling that will make you think you're on your front porch again. A rocking chair is great for children, as it gently rocks them to sleep after a busy day.

Rocking chairs are great for any person who needs to relax and recoup after a long day.

A rocking chair creates just the right type of motion that will lull you into a nap or even a peaceful night's sleep. These types of chairs are also very light weight, making it easy to move around your backyard so you can take in all of nature's beauty.

Rocking Chairs are great for people with bad backs, as the gentle rocking motion helps to alleviate pain and muscle aches.

Patio Lounge Chairs

Lounge chairs are perfect for relaxing with a good book, or taking in the sun. They usually have a large back and arms that make them feel like you're reclining in your living room. Lounge chairs do not move; they are made of solid material. Once you find the perfect angle for lounging, all you need to do is lay back and enjoy the sun.

A patio lounge chair is great for a party, as it allows you to lie down and chat with your friends while keeping yourself out of the way of traffic on the patio. A lounge chair provides a nice place for people to sit while they are waiting for dinner or the grill to be ready.

Lounge chairs are great for your back, hips and joints. The material is usually designed to contour to your body and help reduce aches that occur in the night from a long day's work.

Lounge chairs can be found with or without an umbrella hole in the center of them, allowing you to move around your yard while staying covered from the sun's harmful rays.

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs provide a wide, yet firm seat that makes you feel like you are sitting on a cloud. They have an open back to allow for the air to flow around your body making it cool even on warm summer days. An Adirondack chair is perfect for people who want to do some reading on their patio without being cramped.

An Adirondack chair will also provide a large, flat surface to place your drink while you relax in the comfort of your own backyard. If you are looking for something that will last many outdoor seasons, wood is the way to go. Wood is very durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Teak, cedar and redwood are great choices. Metal is another durable option, although it will require more maintenance.

Wicker Chairs

Wicker chairs are very light weight and easy to move. They have a solid back and arms that will allow you to get the full effect of your surroundings while relaxing. Wicker has been around for many years, but has now been joined by plastic wicker that allows you to enjoy the same comfort at a much lower cost.

Wicker is made from different types of materials, such as rattan, cane and reed. All of these varieties provide a very light chair that will be easy to move around your patio. You can even find wicker chairs that have matching cushions available in wide variety of colors to add some color to an otherwise bland patio.

Wicker furniture is made from very light material and will break easily. It should be handled with care; if it becomes tangled or caught on something it could break during removal, making replacement necessary.

Wood Folding Chairs

Folding chairs can be used in many different ways outside of typical seating arrangements. They can be placed around a fire pit for you and your guests to sit on while enjoying a fire. They can also be used as a towel holder around the pool area or placed in an entryway to help organize coats and accessories.

Folding chairs are very versatile, making them one of the most popular patio chair choices available. They are perfect for camping as they fold up easily and are easy to carry.

Camping Folding Chairs

A camping folding chairs are a great choice for your next outdoor camping trip. They fold up very nicely making them easy to pack away and take with you when going on vacation or visiting family and friends, as well as convenient for storage in the off season. Camping folding chairs can be found in a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials to please the most picky decorator.

Camping folding chairs are made from light weight material that is easy for one person to carry but still sturdy enough so that when you sit down you won't feel like you will break through it. This type of chair also has a rubberized coating to make it water-proof and prevent any damage from occurring if it gets wet.

Camping folding chairs are also made with padded material that provides you with a softer seat for an added level of comfort. They will stand up over time even after repeated exposure to the elements.

Hammock Chairs

A hammock chair is an excellent choice for your backyard or patio space. You can lay out and enjoy some time away from everything else and relax while swinging gently in the breeze.

Hammocks are available in many different fabrics to match any type of decorating style you have, as well as include a variety of colors to choose from based on your personal tastes. Hammocks are also made from a variety of materials, but cotton and nylon are the most common fabric choices.

Hammock chairs can be hung indoors or outdoors to provide an added level of comfort for you during any time of year. You won't have to worry about it getting wet as it is water resistant and will dry very quickly after being exposed to the elements.

Hammock chairs are very sturdy and will hold up to even the strongest winds with no trouble at all. They aren't made from a flimsy material like other patio chair varieties, but instead are made of a thicker fabric that provides you with confidence in it's quality for years of use.

Patio Chair Cushions

Cushions can be found in a wide variety of colors and materials to match any decorating style or personal taste you have. You can even find matching pillows for your furniture if you want to add a little something extra. Cushions are available for a wide array of patio chair types so there is sure to be one that fits your needs and preferences.

Patio chair cushions can be machine washed, making them extremely convenient when it comes time to clean them up after the season has ended. You won't have to worry about spending all day scrubbing them off as they will be clean and dry in no time at all.

Patio chair cushions come with a variety of different features depending on the type you choose including, but not limited to, locking zippers, straps and ties for an added level of security or waterproofing treatments such as water-resistant treatments.

Patio Stacking Chairs

A patio stacking chair is a multi purpose chair providing you with added flexibility when it comes to storing your chairs. You can stack an assortment of different colors and styles in the corner of your yard or on a balcony, deck or porch depending on where they are needed most at the time.

Stacking patio chairs come in a wide variety of different colors to match any decorating style and personal taste you have. They provide you with added convenience when it comes time to store them away as they stack on top of each other saving room for other furniture pieces around the yard or patio area.

Stacking patio chairs are very durable and built from strong materials that will last for years before they need to be replaced. They are made from a variety of different materials and styles but the most common type is aluminum.

Patio Benches

A patio bench is a multi purpose chair providing you with added flexibility when it comes to storing your chairs. You can place them along the edge of your yard or in an area that gets a lot of traffic during warm weather months where people need a place to sit and rest while enjoying some down time.

A patio bench is made from the same durable materials as a stacking chair and provides you with a stronger alternative to an outside chair that will keep you comfortable and secure during your time of rest.

Patio benches are available in many different colors and styles allowing you to match them up with any decorating style or color scheme being used on the yard or patio area.

Patio Rocking Chairs

A rocking chair is a very comfortable addition to any home or deck giving you the ability to relax and unwind after a long hard day. If you are looking for an alternative to other chairs that offer little in the way of comfort, then this is one option worth checking out.

Rocking chairs come in many different styles and materials with cedar being the most popular choice for a variety of different reasons. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and will last for many years before you need to replace it.

When shopping for a rocking chair look for a model that has adjustable back support, arm rests and swiveling or locking wheels on the bottom so as not to damage your decking surface.

Metal Lawn Chairs

Metal lawn chairs are very popular and often referred to as deck or beach chairs. They provide you with a durable alternative that is designed for use on the patio area, back yard or at the pool.

Metal lawn chairs come in many different designs allowing you to match them up with any decorating style or color theme being used in your yard. They are often purchased in sets of two or three so that you can place them all around your yard or patio area with a small table and umbrella to provide the ability to host outdoor parties.

Metal lawn chairs come equipped with wheels making it easier for you to transport them from one location to another as needed. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to accommodate any type of customer no matter if they are male or female.

These chairs have a variety of uses from providing shade for your patio area, seating at an outdoor wedding or birthday party, or just as additional seating for the pool area.


Are patio chairs waterproof?

Yes, especially if you invest in a quality set. They are designed to be used outside, and will hold up to whatever the weather throws at them. The material is made of synthetic or natural fibers such as cotton, nylon and polyester.

What colors come pre-dyed?

For your convenience manufacturers will sell chairs that are already pre-dye. This means you can order your chair without having to color match it separately. Most colors include black, brown, dark blue, green and khaki.

Do I need a cover for my patio chair?

You do not necessarily need a cover for your patio chair. If you are planning on storing it outside then you should. The chair will last longer if it is covered and not left out in the elements.

What is the best way to transport my patio chair?

When moving your chair it is recommended that you roll them instead of carrying. This will keep from putting stress on the legs of the chair and will prevent any accidents from occurring.

What is the best place to store my patio chair?

If you want your chair to last longer then storing it outside under a covered area is highly recommended. This will protect the chairs from any moisture, sun and bugs that may try to eat away at it. Also avoid stacking the chairs on top of each other. You don't want them falling on top of each other and causing any damage.

What color will go best with my decor?

When you are looking for patio chairs there are many different things to think about outside of the obvious color. You need your chair to match with your personal preferences, what type of neighborhood you live in and if you have children or pets at home. Think about how often you will be using the chair and if it will be left outside. If this is the case, a darker color or one that blends in to nature may be best.


If you are in the market for patio chairs, then you already understand how important it is to get a set you like. Hopefully this article has given you some new ideas on what to look for and where your hard earned money should be spent. Think of everything that will go into using your chair - make sure they can stand up to whatever circumstances you may face!

When you are ready to buy, make sure that you look at all the options available. You want to get a chair set that is durable and will last through all of your outdoor entertaining or for just everyday use. Don't be afraid to spend money on something that will give you enjoyment for many years to come. When looking for patio chairs, there are a number of factors to consider. You may want an all weather chair that can withstand the outdoor elements better and take frequent use or have a more decorative design in mind.

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