16 Different Types Of Pillows – Your Guide To Pillow Comfort

 Pillows are a home furnishing. They serve many purposes, including supporting the head and neck, as well as providing comfort to people who sleep in bed. The shape of pillows can vary from square or triangular to round or rectangular. 

Pillows may be made of synthetic materials, such as foam or goose down, or they may be filled with natural products like cotton. There are many different kinds of pillows to suit the needs and preferences of individual people.

Why use a pillow and its benefits?

Pillows are important for body health, some people will sleep without pillows but most of them only use pillows when they want to rest their heads or necks. The following list explains why we should use pillows:

Comfort It is undeniable that the pillow gives our head a comfortable place on which to rest during sleep, it can help alleviate some of the stress and strains that our neck might feel. Support When resting our head on a pillow, it helps us support our head in a level position which also reduces strain and potential pain. If you get headaches often then investing in one of these can be beneficial to try and reduce occurrence or severity.

Preventing flat head syndrome When we sleep without a pillow, it can cause our head to remain in the same position which could lead to flat head syndrome. This is simply where the skull becomes misshapen due to being positioned in the same way for too long.

Firmness If you have neck pain or are trying to reduce strain on your neck then it may be a good idea to invest in a firmer pillow.

Temperature control A feather or faux-down pillow can help keep you cool during the night, whereas if you tend to get hot while sleeping, synthetically filled pillows can help wick away some of the excess heat your body produces.

Breathability If you find that your face sweats when you sleep at night, then a pillow such as a gel filled one may help to improve your comfort through the night.

Some main types of pillows

There is a wide variety of types of pillows available on the market today which will suit any person’s needs and preferences depending on what they desire out of their pillow. Below we have listed some common types:

-Buckwheat Pillow

This pillow has been around since ancient times and it’s still popular today because it offers great support for the neck during sleep. It also helps to keep your spine in alignment throughout the night so that there is less back pain in the morning.

Buckwheat pillows can be heavy and they may not be available at every store but this type of pillow has many benefits including better breathing by keeping airways open while you sleep.

-Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam is very popular because it provides support to the neck and head while also contouring to many different shapes. It has the ability to relieve pain in the back, shoulders and joints which helps people sleep through their night.

The only downside is that it can sometimes bring about hot flashes or cause you to feel warm when you lay your head on it. However, there is a memory foam pillow that can be chilled in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before use which helps with this problem.

-Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows are very popular for their soft feel and durable materials which can help prevent dust mites from invading your pillow. A cotton pillow can be a little harder to find but they have some benefits like being able to help relieve allergies due to its hypoallergenic properties.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have the ability to contour to your head like a memory foam pillow can, so it may not be suitable for some people.

-Water Pillow

This type of pillow is filled with water which helps to keep the spine in alignment while you sleep. It relieves pressure on your neck and head, therefore reducing pressure points that could cause pain.

The downside to a water pillow is that it can be bulky and move around when you roll over during the night or when you change positions in your sleep.

-Feather Pillow

This type of pillow is made from real feathers and can be very comfortable to lay on during the night. It’s also very soft, durable and affordable which makes it a good option for someone looking to replace their old pillow. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t offer the same level of support as a memory foam pillow can and may not be suitable for people who experience allergies.

-Gel Pillow

This type of pillow offers a cooling effect which helps to keep your head from getting too hot during the night, especially if you tend to sleep hot. It’s very soft and offers great support for your neck which helps relieve pain in the back and shoulders.

The only downside to a gel pillow is that it may not be as durable as other types of pillows are. They can also slide around when you move during the night, causing you to wake up multiple times during the night.

-Latex Pillow

The latex pillow is made from a special kind of rubber called latex. Latex pillows are all natural, unlike foam pillows which contain chemicals and also may be scented.

No matter the material used to create a latex pillow, they all share similar characteristics. Latex pillows are relatively lightweight, soft and stable. These three attributes help to create a quality night's sleep for those who use one.

-Down Pillow 

Natural down pillows are filled with feathers from ducks or geese. The best quality natural down pillows are hand-stuffed and made by a professional, but the majority of them come from machines that use force to stuff the pillow.

These mass produced products tend to have more feathers poking through their covers than their handmade counterparts. Natural down pillows are some of the softest and most comfortable available. They are also relatively lightweight, making them easy to move and store when necessary.

-Polyester Pillow  

Polyester pillows are the most common type of pillow on the market. They are soft enough to be comfortable, yet supportive enough for your neck and head.

Not all polyester pillows are created equal though. Some brands will use low quality materials that could start to sag and fall apart after just a few months of use. Polyester pillows are highly affordable, so you can always go back and easily replace it if this happens.

Although polyester pillows don't offer the same level of comfort as down or memory foam pillows, they are an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a cheap, yet good quality pillow that offers moderate support.

-Pregnancy Pillow

Many pregnant women find that pregnancy pillows help them get a better night's sleep. As the baby grows, you naturally become more uncomfortable. A pillow between your knees and another behind your back will do wonders for comfort and pain relief during pregnancy.  

However, what type of pillow you choose is entirely up to you. Essential factors include the size of your bed and how much space you have to store it.

If you're looking for a comfortable pillow that offers great support, consider memory foam or latex pillows . They are both very soft, but don't sink too far when weight is applied to them. This means they will provide you with the support you need to enjoy a good night's sleep without causing any soreness or pain in your neck.

-Plush Pillow

Plush pillows are known for their soft and spongy material, which makes them very comfortable to lie on. They are usually filled with hypoallergenic or natural materials that help keep the pillow fresh smelling and clean.

The downside to a plush pillow is that it may not offer as much support as some of the other types of pillows out there. If you like to sleep in a curled up position, these pillows will not be very good for you.

-Bamboo Pillow

The bamboo pillow is quickly becoming a popular choice for people who want comfort and good quality in an all natural product. Bamboo pillows are filled with either shredded or small clusters of wood pulp that have been compressed together to form the shape of the pillow.

Because they're made from wood material, there really is no way to clean them. Instead, you just need to replace the pillow every few months for optimum comfort and freshness.

-Travel Neck Pillow

Travel neck pillows are some of the smallest and most lightweight options available. They can be folded up and stored in your bag or car, easily making them one of the more portable products out there.

These types of pillows also come with a removable cover that can be washed to keep it clean and fresh smelling. If you're looking for a pillow to take with you on the go, one of these would be an excellent choice.

-Solar Sleeping Pillow

Solar pillow, or "solar bag" , as it's sometimes called, is a large clear plastic bag filled with air. Often these solar pillows are laid out in the sun to warm them up and melt the frost from inside.

However there are also small hand-operated devices that can be used to accomplish this task. Some people choose to put these solar pillows under their coat while sleeping on the ground in order to keep warm.

Solar pillows work by drawing body heat from your head and surrounding air, thus keeping you warmer for longer periods of time. The sunlight also helps evaporate any moisture inside the pillow, which will prevent mold or mildew from developing at the bottom.  

-Lumbar Pillow

If you're suffering from back pain that is caused by sitting too long, a lumbar pillow could be the answer. This style of pillow is shaped like a donut and is meant to be placed in your lower back area while driving or resting at home.

The idea behind using this type of pillow is that it helps support your back as well as provide comfort. Some people also like to use this pillow in the car because it provides a little extra space between their legs and the steering wheel.

-Wool Pillow

Wool pillows are very soft and comfortable. They can either be filled with wool or have a wool covering. Either way, they provide plenty of support while still being soft to the touch.  

Like bamboo pillows, wool pillows will need to be replaced every few months because the filling will compress over time. You'll also need to wash the pillowcase between each use.


- What is the best time to replace a pillow?

People need to change their pillow once every two or three years. That is when they feel some itching sensation on their head while sleeping.

- What is the best pillow to relieve head pain?

The pillows that are curved and made of latex are considered as one of the best to relieve head pains. It can help straighten neck curves while sleeping. People may also feel free to use full body pillows for this purpose.

- When can you switch from flat bed mat to pillow?

People can switch to a pillow when they feel that it is too difficult for them to sleep on a flat bed mat. They will have more comfortable sleeping with the help of pillows.

- What are the different types of pillows available?

There are numerous types of pillows in the market these days. It is hard for people to choose a pillow for his/her sleeping. The most common types of pillows available are memory foam pillow, latex pillow and buckwheat pillow.

- What are the most common types of pillows available?

There are many different types of pillows that you can choose from, such as buckwheat pillows, latex pillows and memory foam pillows. Many people also enjoy using body pillows in order to relieve back pain while sleeping.


Pillows are an essential part of a healthy sleep routine. They provide the comfort and support that helps your body relax and heal while you rest, but it can be difficult to find one that suits your needs perfectly.  The best way to pick out the right pillow for you is by considering what type will work with your sleeping position or preferences as well as any medical issues like allergies or insomnia.

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