What Are The Different Types Of Pineapple

Pineapples are versatile and tropical. They have a sweet yet tangy flavor which makes them perfect for desserts or as a refreshing snack. Pineapples are also best when they're fresh, but in the event that they're not available you can always find canned and frozen versions at your local grocery store. 

There are several different varieties of pineapples available, and each has its own unique taste. The Cayenne pineapple is a great choice for salsas, desserts, or even as an ingredient in fresh fruit salads.

Hawaiian Pineapples

Hawaiian Pineapples have a red tint, and they're not as sweet as true pineapples. Their flesh is more juicy and contains fewer seeds than the common pineapple. The Hawaiian variety is also smaller with fewer leaves surrounding the core.

The Hawaiian pineapple is mostly used for making juice, because it's so juicy. Hawaiian pineapples also contain more of a fibrous, tough material called "eyes" which need to be removed before the fruit can be eaten.

True Pineapples

True pineapples have a green tint and their flesh is less juicy than in Hawaiian pineapples. Their sugar content is higher than that of Hawaiian pineapples, which makes them sweeter. The true pineapple also has more leaves surrounding the core than Hawaiian pineapples.

True pineapples are also used to make juice, but these juices aren't as juicy as Hawaiian pineapple juice. The true pineapple is more popular for eating because it's tasty and easy to prepare. It contains a large amount of sugar so it's good for making desserts or as an addition to other foods like meat and salads.

True pineapples tend to be larger than Hawaiian pineapples.

Abacaxi Pineapples

Abacaxi pineapples are types of pineapple cultivated in Brazil. They grow on the ground with very little leaves around it, unlike the common pineapple which grows high off the ground with many leaves surrounding the stem.

Abacaxi pineapples can be found in many supermarkets in that country and they also grow wild there too. Abacaxi pineapple is very sweet and juicy, making them a delicious fruit. They're great for eating fresh as they are or used to make juice.

Abacaxi pineapples can be found in all supermarkets across Brazil, especially during the off-season when imported varieties of pineapple are scarce. Abacaxi pineapples have a soft, deep brown peel and creamy yellow flesh. They have a wonderful aroma and taste.

They’re relatively new to the market so most people aren't familiar with them as of yet but they'll quickly gain popularity once more and more Brazilians start trying these delicious fruits!

Manzana pineapples

This delightful variety comes from the Dominican Republic, and it’s very sweet and delicious. It has a rough skin with prickly bumps so you can't eat it as is like the common pineapple. For this reason they're usually only made into juice or used in desserts.

Most people prefer to use these pineapples for making jam, syrup, pie filling, cakes, and pancakes. They make the most wonderful fruit preserves because their pulp is so soft and delicious!

You can find this pineapple in Dominican supermarkets or even some stores in New York City, Miami, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Montreal, and other cities.

The Manzana pineapple has a small core with green leaves surrounding it. Its peel has rough bumps similar to the pineapple fruit but they're much smaller. It’s a tasty fruit that's delicious eaten raw or in desserts.

Queen Pineapples

Queen pineapples are very sweet and juicy but they're much smaller than any of the other types of pineapple. They have a deep red color and a rough peel, with lots of prickly bumps that need to be removed before eating.

Queen pineapples come from Jamaica where they’re popular because their flesh is firm unlike the soft flesh of the common pineapple. Queen pineapples are mostly used to make juice and jam, but they're also great for eating fresh!

Queen Pineapples grow abundantly in Jamaica's tropical climate. Most people buy these pineapples at local grocery stores or pick them from their own personal garden. They taste delicious, especially when flavored with coconut, an ingredient commonly used in Jamaican cooking.

Queen pineapples make the best juice because they have a very sweet flavor that's complimented by their slight acidity. These tasty fruits are also great in salads, desserts, and jams!

Cayena Lisa Pineapples

Cayena Lisa pineapples come from the Dominican Republic and are also called Cayena pineapples. They're very sweet and soft with a large core surrounded by green leaves.

The Cayena Lisa pineapple has a prickly skin so you have to peel it before eating it or making juice. These pineapples have been grown in the Dominican Republic for decades and is the most common type of pineapple there.

Cayena Lisa pineapples are usually made into juice or used in desserts because they’re so delicious! They can also be eaten fresh with just a sprinkle of sugar to compliment their wonderful taste. Cayena Lisa pineapples are quite small so you'll want to eat a lot of them at once!

Red Spanish Pineapple

Red Spanish pineapples can be found in the Philippines. They're a very juicy pineapple with a rich red color and spiky skin that needs to be removed before eating or juicing

This variety of pineapple is more sweet than any other pineapple, making it a great fruit for eating on its own! The flavor has been described as "different" from other pineapples, but some people say it's similar to the taste of a tomato or an olive.

Red Spanish pineapples are often used for making juice or pastries. They're also used to flavor shark soup! YUM!

Smooth Cayenne Pineapples

Smooth Cayenne Pineapples are a variety of pineapple that grows in the Caribbean Islands. They're the most popular flavor of pineapple in this region, making them easy to find at grocery stores. Their flesh is juicy with a tart taste.

There's not much else to say about these pineapples because they're so common! They have a spiky peel with prickly bumps all over it, but you can easily remove the skin before eating.

Smooth Cayenne pineapples are widely used in desserts, juices, pies and other sweet treats! They're also eaten fresh when they're ripe.

Champaka Pineapples

Champaka Pineapples are another variety of pineapple that come from the Caribbean Islands. They're very sweet with a pleasant, tart flavor and spiky skin.

The Champaka pineapple is quite large so it's best to share it with a friend! These pineapples are used in many different recipes such as juices, juices, pastries, and more. Pineapples are also quite delicious when eaten raw!

Brecheche Pineapple

Brecheche Pineapples are another popular variety of pineapple that comes from the Caribbean Islands. They're sweet with a slight bitterness and soft, spiky skin.

This is probably one of the most delicious pineapples you can eat! It's also very juicy and super easy to peel, since it has no prickly bumps on its skin. The Brecheche pineapple is the most common pineapple in the Caribbean Islands and people living there often use it for juice and dessert recipes!

Mauritius Pineapple

The Mauritius pineapple is a variety of pineapple that's grown in Africa. These pineapples have a sweet and strong flavor and soft, prickly skin.

These pineapples are used in juices, drinks, desserts and other recipes. They're also quite tasty when eaten fresh!

Panare Pineapple

Panare Pineapples come from Brazil and are also called Brazilian pineapples. They're sweet with a tart flavor, making them one of the most delicious types of pineapple.

Because these pineapples aren't as common or popular as other varieties, you may have to search for them at grocery stores! Once you find them, they're well worth the effort!

Pernambuco Pineapple

Pernambuco Pineapples are another type of pineapple that's native to Brazil. The flesh is very sweet, but keep in mind that the skin is quite prickly and you'll want to peel it before eating or juicing. These pineapples are used for making juice, dessert recipes and topping dishes!

These pineapples are quite large so you can cut them into slices or smaller chunks to share with friends. They're also very juicy which makes them an easy fruit to eat because there's nothing to chew on like you would have to do when eating a strawberry!

Ripley Pineapples

Ripley Pineapples are native to Australia and have a sweet taste which is most similar to the taste of honey. They're also quite juicy, making them easy to eat on their own!

The spiky skin has prickly bumps all over it, but you can easily peel Ripley pineapples without getting poked by anything. This makes them a popular choice for juicing and desserts!

Sugarloaf Pineapple

These pineapples have a square shape which makes them perfect for display! Because of this unique shape, Sugarloaf pineapples are used in drinks and cocktails because they look so fancy and delicious. They're also quite juicy which makes them easy to prepare for dessert recipes, juices and more!

These pineapples are very sweet but they don't have a strong flavor. It's easy to peel off the skin before eating, so enjoy!

Maipure Pineapple

Maipure Pineapples are originally from Venezuela and have a sweet, tart flavor. Once you peel the skin off, they're ready to eat!

When you're shopping for pineapples, look at how smooth the skin is and check the color because it will tell you a lot about how juicy they are. Maipure pineapples are easy to peel and eat, but try to get ones that aren't bruised or damaged by any means!


What is a pineapple used for?

Pineapples are used in many different ways, from cooking to decorating drinks or desserts. Pineapples are also incredibly juicy and quite sweet, which makes them perfect for juicing and eating raw!

How do you cut a pineapple?

Cutting pineapples can be difficult because of the prickly skin. You may not want to slice the whole pineapple because it takes up a lot of room in your refrigerator or on your countertop, so you can cut them into slices and then store them in smaller containers!

What is the most popular variety of pineapple?

The most popular type of pineapple is the Cayenne Pineapple, but the Sugarloaf Pineapple comes in a close second. These pineapples are incredibly tasty and sweet, so you'll want to make sure that they're available at your local grocery store or fruit stand!

How much pineapple juice is needed for one person?

It's best to check the nutrition labels on pineapple juices because each brand of juice will have a different amount of juice per bottle. You can also just taste the pineapple juice to see if you like how it tastes!

How do you make pineapple juice?

Cutting pineapples is one thing, but juicing them is another. It takes quite an effort to extract all the juice out of a fresh pineapple, so you might want to invest in a juicer if you really like pineapple juice!

However, there are ways that you can make fresh-squeezed pineapple juice without an expensive piece of equipment. One way is by using the following steps:

1) Cut up the pineapple and remove the skin. Make sure to remove any stickers or labels on the pineapple.

2) Cut a small hole in the side of the pineapple using a knife, and stick your hand into the hole to pull out all of the juice. This method is much faster than trying to extract all the juice by pressing it with a juicer. Make sure to collect the juice in a bowl or mug so that you don't make a mess!

3) Enjoy the fresh juice! Remember to clean up your work area and wash your hands so that you don't get cut by any sharp pieces of pineapple.


Pineapples are very tasty and juicy fruits that are used in many different ways. They're quite healthy for you too, so add them into your diet today!

There's lots of information in this article on the types of pineapple , including how they taste and what they look like. You can also learn about a few recipes made with pineapple and some easy methods for juicing pineapples. Enjoy!


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