Types Of Pub Style Tables You Should Know

Pub style tables are a type of table where the top lifts off to reveal storage underneath. They are typically used for outdoor dining, and can be found in many types of establishments including cafes, burger joints, and pubs.

Square Tables

Like the name suggests, these types of tables are designed with a square structure, but they can come large or small, tall or short. There is a wide variety of designs when it comes to square pub tables, and whether you want them to be used as a way for people to set their drinks down while enjoying the atmosphere of the bar, or as a regular table used like other tables, with chairs included so that people can sit down and enjoy a meal if this is what they want, you can easily find what you’re looking for. They can come with four chairs or in a more intimate design with only two chairs, but they are always designed for the comfort and convenience of their customers.

Square tables are the most common type of pub table. This type is favored by those who want a standard square table with 4, 6 or 8 chairs around it. Square table sizes start at 2 feet on each side that will seat 4 people and go to 7 feet in length for accommodating 10 people.

Round Bar Tables

Round bar tables are a good choice for areas with limited space. They are generally cheaper than rectangular tables and take up less space to boot.

And they do not need a great deal of storage to be stored away when they are not in use, so might only need a cupboard or out building.

However these types of tables are not practical in areas where it is common for the tables to be bumped into often.

As there are no corners on round bar tables, they will be damaged more easily than a rectangular table and may become unsafe to use over a long period of time.

However, if you have an area where this won't happen, then these may be the best choice for you.

Counter Tables

The counter table is the most popular type of pub style tables. It's a rectangular wood, metal or other material base upon which a tabletop sits.

A counter height table has legs that are between 26 and 36 inches in height from the ground to the seat of the chair when it is placed in a sitting position on top of the table.

A counter table is a great choice for restaurants, bars and other establishments that serve meals at the tables.

The legs on this type of pub style tables are usually between 26 inches and 30 inches in height from the ground to the seat of the chair when placed in a sitting position at the table. A bar top provides adequate space for serving drinks and the lower height allows individuals to place their knees under the table.

Unusual Bar Tables

"Unusual Bar Tables," to describe a type of pub-style table that is quite wide and constructed in such a way, it adds an extra feature or two.

This unusual type of bar table is called "movable," because it has legs that are attached to the table top by pins. These pins are pushed through the bottom of each leg and then forced out through holes drilled in the underside of the top. The same type of pin can be used to allow those four legs to swing outward one side having a hinge, and the other side having a swivel connection at the top.

Corner Table

Corner tables are the first type of pub style table. These tables have seats on three sides, and open space in the fourth. This allows for easy socializing with neighboring customers or your party. Corner pubs also allow you to watch in both directions, which is quite convenient when a customer comes walking down an aisle while someone else is trying to walk the other way.

The only real downside to corner tables is that they can be a bit difficult if you are trying to socialize with more than one person at once. The table is small enough that it doesn't discomfit from being sat alone, but large enough that it is likely too full for two friends or family to sit at, should they decide to come in together.


Bistro Table

Bistro tables are rectangular in shape, and they can either be covered or uncovered. The uncovered ones have a single pedestal attached to the table frame that supports a leg from each corner. A full-sized bistro table has two equal length parallel legs connecting the flat tops of the tabletop with the pedestal at right angles. It is used in pairs to form a dining table.

Bistro tables are also sold individually, as occasional tables. They are a good alternative to small round tables. Bistro tables quite often have a matching chair built right into the design.

Curved Pub Table

Curved pub tables are similar to those square ones, but they have a unique design as the legs curve upwards. These kinds of tables also provide extra space for people sitting around it. They can be used in any kind or style of restaurant and you will surely find one that fits your preferences.

Curved pub tables are not just for restaurants, you can even use it at home if you want to create a casual and comfortable ambiance. This kind of table works best in a small space and is suitable for cozy nights with friends, or gatherings of family members.

Stools can be added to curved tables but you can also use regular chairs for larger groups. The curved edge helps to separate the seating area from where everyone can eat together around the pub table. You don’t have to use stools if you don’t want, but they are a nice addition to the interior. Curved pub tables offer a special touch and can be very attractive for many people. They are suitable both for traditional interior design and modern one that is why it is commonly used in many stylish restaurants around the world.

Semi-Circular Tables

Semi-circular or pub style tables are the most common, and perhaps for that reason they are often considered to be the default. These usually consist of a round seating area with curved benches around a central table. They can also be found as a completely closed cylinder with no visible legs at all. The circular shape accommodates a large number of people, but tends to create a private space for each group and also helps with noise reduction.

Semi-circular tables are often used because they encourage social interaction between the groups at the table. They can be found in pubs which have standing room only and do not ever get taken over by individuals who wish to drink alone.

Semi-circular tables are also found in restaurants and cafeterias where they encourage social interactions between strangers, helping to create a buzzy atmosphere. They also tend to lead people to buy more food as once you have been served it feels wrong not to eat what is on your plate.

Breakfast Bar Top Pub Style Table

Made from solid wood, usually oak or ash wood. This table comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular shape is rectangular with straight edges, but oval and circular shaped tables are also available. The size of the table is smaller then the other pub tables and normally later in the day it might convert into a breakfast bar.

The tops are normally constructed with 1 inch thick top. The legs and aprons can be made out of oak, maple, cherry or walnut wood. The table tops are normally dimpled and therefore easier to clean. The aprons are also trimmed with a decorative moulding.

When people visit the pub they will normally stand at this type of table while drinking their beer as this type of table is only made for standing purposes. These tables usually have extensions added on to them, which can be used as a secondary bar table or just extra space for people to move around.

Dining Table Pub Style Tables

A dining table pub style offers a large rectangular surface, but it also has thinner ends and corners. The result is the perfect solution if you want to seat six or more guests without sacrificing on space. These tables can also double as conference tables when used in other settings such as boardrooms and lecture halls. With a modern design and smooth finish, it is easy to match any décor.

You can choose from round or rectangular tables with four legs, two leaves, leaf extension, and a drop-leaf.

Oval Pub Style Table

These get their name from the fact that they are an oval shape. They can be made either out of wood or metal. Often they have a glass top for placing drinks upon. These tables are quite versatile and can be the perfect accent to any room. They can also be a coffee table in many cases. These tables typically measure from 30" to 48" in length and around 24" in width. They can be placed virtually anywhere as well.

These oval pubs can also have shelves underneath the top glass for storing your drinks or other items. These pub style tables are quite nice looking, so they are often used to attract attention and add a little elegance to your room. Oval pub style tables are great for placing in the center of a living room area, or you can use them to compliment any other table you currently have.

Console Table

Console tables are known to be antique furniture from the ancient Greek period. They're one of the earliest kinds of tables supported by Corinthian columns and richly designed with intricate carvings and motives that enhance the overall look of the table. The designs vary between different countries that have unique styles and contemporary looks.

The popular design for console tables is long and rectangular in shape. It is supported by two or more legs on each side of the table. The height is normally adjusted so that it can be placed against a wall as decorative furniture with an open front.

Industrial Style Pub Table

The Industrial Style Pub Table seems to be becoming the most popular style of pub table in homes and restaurants. One reason for this is its durability. The unique metal top is more resistant to scratches, dents, and dings than traditional tabletops made of wood or other materials. Another reason it has become so popular is that industrial tables are fairly easy to care for. There is no need to refinish or worry about the wood getting wet, as with many traditional pub tables.

To some people, this table looks like a great addition to their cabin but in others it may not look too good. Regardless of what style you are going for. This industrial pub table is fit for most home decor with some tweaks. The industrial pub table is any style table that uses metal as a base and has a wooden top. The style of this table may be anywhere from the rustic look to the more modern industrial look.


How do I maintain my wooden pub table without damaging it?

Cleaning the top of your pub style table can be a tricky one. If you are using a metal topped or stone-topped table, clean with warm water and mild soap to avoid scratching or dinging the finish. Wood tables should be cleaned with soapy water taken from a rag (no harsh abrasive cleaners) and wiped in the direction of the grain to remove oil buildup. Dry surfaces thoroughly before applying any liquid directly on them; this helps dry time as well as prevents moisture spots that often times result in mold growth through porous surfaces.

Popular materials that can be used to make pub tables?

Pub tables can be made of teak, mahogany, or other woods with a metal top. Antique pubs use dark-toned woods such as walnut or cherry with lighter metal; modern pubs tend to have stainless steel tops. 


Whether you are just getting a great new pub table for your home or business establishment, make sure that you buy one made of the best materials. This is because they can stand firm and remain sturdy even after years of use in any climate condition, making them perfect for outdoors and indoors.


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