9 Types Of Snow Shovels And How They Are Used And Tips

Many people who live in snowy climates know the frustrations that come with shoveling snow. Snow shovels, however, can help your back and make shoveling less of a painful chore. When you go looking for a snow shovel, there are many different things to consider.

Pusher Shovels

The standard snow shovel has a metal blade with a wooden or plastic handle. This style of shovel is most commonly used to push snow and ice from asphalt surfaces and sidewalks, but it can be useful in other situations as well.

A wide-blade model gives you the most scooping power, making driveway shovelling easier and faster. But when pushing snow onto a pile, you may need a model with a long handle. Consider your needs before making a purchase.

Pusher shovels are great for clearing walkways and driveways but they aren't the best choice when removing snow from your roof or ice from your gutters. If you need an instrument that can safely clear these surfaces, see below for more information on other types of snow shovels.

Traditional Shovels

A traditional shovel works exactly as its name implies, in most cases it has a rectangular blade with a long handle for removing snow and ice from flat surfaces. Traditional shovels are much smaller than pusher shovels but they lack the power needed to clear driveways and walkways quickly. They can be used effectively for roof flashing, gutter-clearing and other tasks that require careful precision.

A traditional shovel is best used for clearing snow from flat surfaces. If you want a tool that's better suited to shovelling snow, see below for information on the scoop shovel.

Scoop Shovels

The scoop shovel is designed for removing snow from flat surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. Its blade is curved and sharply pointed, giving it a scooping action that resembles that of a spade.  This design makes it an excellent shovel for moving heavy piles of snow from driveways and sidewalks. The curved blade will safely cut into the surface of your driveway and sidewalk as it removes snow.

Most manufacturers of scoop shovels offer a wide variety of sizes and colours. Before you buy, make sure that the blade on your model is strong and sharp enough to effectively cut through ice and packed snow.  After all, you'll be using it to remove snow from your driveway and sidewalks.

You'll also want to check the scooped width of the blade when in use. A bigger scoop means faster removal, but it may be too wide for many smaller paths and walkways. Also choose a model with a handle long enough for you to use comfortably, based on your height and body type. And be sure that the handle feels solid and sturdy in your hand.

Utility Shovels

If you plan on working outside for extended periods of time, a utility shovel might be the tool for you. Its blade is shorter and wider than that of a traditional shovel, and it is curved downward to give it more strength. This design makes the utility shovel ideal for heavy-duty work like clearing out a gravel driveway or sidewalk after a heavy snowfall.

These tools also work well for digging and moving large amounts of material, like sand or gravel. If you plan on using your utility shovel for this purpose, look for a model that is able to stand up to the elements. A stainless steel blade will resist rust better than a plastic one. It's also important that the handle remain sturdy and the material won't crack or splinter.

If you plan on using your utility shovel to clear snow or ice from a flat surface, choose a shorter model instead of a traditional shovel. The curve in this type of tool will allow it to scoop more effectively than a traditional shovel. But if you plan on clearing snow from your driveway, a scoop shovel is better suited for the job.

Angle Snow Shovels

The angled snow shovel is designed to remove heavy piles of snow from driveways and walkways. This type of shovel has more power than a normal scoop or pusher but less than a traditional shovel.

The blade of an angled snow shovel is long and curved. This design gives it the ability to scoop a large amount of snow quickly, making it an excellent choice for clearing out extreme winter weather. The angle in the blade also improves its cutting action, while the curved shape provides more leverage.

This type of shovel is often used by contractors and other professionals who work in heavy-duty environments. It is also a bit more power than they used to have when clearing snow. Using an angled shovel can help you remove snow faster instead of wasting time trying to drag it away from your driveway or sidewalk.

Telescopic Snow Shovels

If you have a long driveway or sidewalk, a telescopic snow shovel might be for you. This tool comes with two or three sections which can extend as they are pulled apart. This design gives the telescopic shovel the ability to reach deeper piles of snow without requiring you to move from one side of your driveway to another.

As with any other type of snow shovel, look for a model that is comfortable in your hand. And be sure you choose the correct size based on your height and body type. Some models also offer an extra-long handle which is ideal for taller individuals. Plus, a wide handle gives you more leverage to apply greater force.

These tools are often lighter than other types of shovels because they don't have large pieces of metal or plastic attached for strength. To make up for this lack of material, telescopic shovels are made with stronger and sturdier materials like steel and fiberglass-reinforced plastics.

Ergonomic Shovels

Ergonomic snow shovels are designed to reduce stress and fatigue in your hands, wrists, and back. This is especially important when you're removing large amounts of snow from a small area like your driveway or sidewalk. You don't want to be stuck with a tool that causes more aches than it does aid!

The handle of an ergonomic snow shovel is curved and comes in various sizes. This design gives you greater leverage, resulting in fewer overall strokes when cleaning your driveway or sidewalk. And it's usually easier on your body because the weight of the tool is offset from where it would normally rest against your hand.

The blades of these tools are also curved, making them the perfect choice for scooping large amounts of snow from flat surfaces. And because it will glide across your driveway or sidewalk with ease, you can tackle deeper piles with less effort required.

Having an ergonomic shovel on hand is also important if you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), or low back pain. All three conditions can make it difficult for you to properly grip and hold a snow shovel. A curved handle reduces the angle between your hand and forearm, helping reduce stress on these areas.

Car Shovels

A car shovel is a long-handled tool with an attached blade that curves downward. Its design makes it ideal for clearing snow from large vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks. The curved blade helps cut through snow while the sharp edge of the shovel lifts it away from your vehicle's windshield and windows. For better results, use this tool in conjunction with a snow brush.

Some car shovels come with plastic or metal extensions on each end which allow you to clear the wheels and other hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle. These are often called snow pusher, snow broom, windshield scooper, pick up tool, or any number of similar names. The bottom line is they will make your life easier when you're trying to remove snow from large vehicles.

A car shovel also offers an ergonomic grip with a curved handle. This design takes pressure off of your wrists and back while you're trying to clear snow away from your vehicle. And because it's lightweight, it is easy to maneuver so there are fewer chances of injury.

Sleigh Shovels

A sleigh shovel is a tool that comes with two long handles and a metal blade. It uses leverage to remove large amounts of snow, making it ideal for clearing driveways quickly. The curved blade forces the snow up and over your yard as you move from one end of your driveway to another.

If you are looking to purchase a sleigh shovel, be sure it comes in a size that is easy for you to handle. If the handles are too long, they will become difficult to control. The blade of the sleigh shovel should also come with sharp edges and a durable metal construction, allowing you to clear snow quickly and efficiently.

In addition to making your driveway clean and accessible, using a sleigh shovel helps reduce the wear on your truck or car tires. When snow is piled high, it often compacts and becomes hard to move with regular snow shoveling alone. This can lead to slipping and struggling while you try to remove it from your property.

The sharp blades of a sleigh shovel are designed to pierce through snow, allowing you to lift it off without too much effort. The leverage also assists with lifting heavier piles of snow out of the way.


Which snow shovel is best for me?

If you are looking to purchase your first snow shovel, the answer will largely depend on the area in which you live. If there is a lot of snowfall each year where you reside, purchasing an ergonomic tool is highly recommended. An ergonomic shovel will make it easier to clear snow from your property.

It's also helpful to check with neighbors and relatives to see which tool they use for their snow removal needs. After you've narrowed down the list of shovels that could be useful, it is time to evaluate your budget for purchasing a new one. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to remove snow, a plastic snow shovel offers a durable construction with a lower price tag.

If you are looking for top-of-the-line efficiency and power, you may want to spend more. Some ergonomic tools offer as much as 30% higher productivity when they're used properly . Having an ergonomic tool in hand can also help relieve stress on your joints, making the job easier for you and less painful over time.

How do I know which snow shovel will work best for my needs?

This is an important question that should be considered before purchasing a new snow shovel. Some things to consider include how many people live under your roof, if there are large vehicles parked in the driveway or garage, and the overall size of your yard. If you have a lot of vehicles that must be cleared from snow or a large driveway, it may require more than just one tool to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Where will I use my shovel?

If you are only looking to clear snow from a small pathway in your yard, purchasing a regular shovel may be all that you need. If the area you want to clear is larger or you have more than one car, it's best to look for tools with longer handles and sharp edges that can easily cut through deep piles of snow.

However, if you have a long driveway or walkways that are particularly snowy, it may be best to invest in a sleigh shovel. Sleigh shovels are more efficient at lifting snow from all surfaces and preventing it from being pushed back into your path as you work.

What size of snow shovel should I buy?

If you are purchasing a snow shovel for the first time, you may find it helpful to consider how tall you are. If you are taller, you'll want a shovel that extends up to your shoulders or elbows when in use. For shorter people, a tool with a shorter handle might be more comfortable and effective.

Where should I purchase my snow shovel?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. If you know a lot of people who have already purchased the same type of tools you are interested in, it may be helpful to ask them where they purchased their shovels from. It's also smart to consider using an online retailer if it is one that is highly recommended by others and has received strong reviews.

What should I look for in a snow shovel?

You'll want to consider how often you'll be using your tool, what features it offers or models are best suited for your needs before making a final purchase. There are certain things that can make some tools more effective than others.

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, consider a tool that has been designed with ergonomics in mind. If you are only using your shovel occasionally and have limited resources when it comes to buying tools, some plastic snow shovels will be more than sufficient.

How much money should I spend on my shovel?

It is recommended that you spend at least $30 on your new shovel. Since a snow shovel is a tool that will get plenty of regular use, it's best to look for one that has been designed with both durability and functionality in mind. You'll also want to consider the amount of money you'll need to pay for shipping if the retailer doesn't offer free shipping. Is it possible for you to find a snow shovel for under $100 that has been reviewed and rated highly by other consumers?

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to remove snow, a plastic snow shovel offers a durable construction with a lower price tag. If you are looking for top-of-the-line efficiency and power, a metal or aluminum snow shovel may be just what you need.


In conclusion, the best shovel for you depends on what your needs are. If you live in a place with significant snowfall, you may need a heavy duty shovel to clear it away. If you live in an area where snow is rare, then a lightweight shovel might be more suitable. Regardless of the type of shovels that you purchase, it is always advisable to keep your shovel clean and dry to ensure that it lasts longer than one winter season.

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