How Many Types Of Table Cloth?

How Many Types Of Tale Cloth?

The best table cloths are the ones that can make a room feel complete.  The right color or material brings warmth to an otherwise drab space, while patterns and textures offer something new and exciting. It's not just about making sure your table is dressed up for guests, it's also about making you happy when you walk into the room.

These days, there are so many options available that finding one perfect for your home should be easy- but with so many choices out there it can get overwhelming! Check out our guide below to find inspiration for choosing the perfect table cloth for any occasion.

1. Shape

Rectangle Tablecloths

This classic shape will suit most rooms. Narrow in width but long, rectangular tablecloths are the best choice for dining tables or a kitchen island. They can also be used as an accent piece and placed on top of another table cloth to add color and pattern to neutral space.

Round Tablecloths

These are the shape that you've probably seen in restaurants or cafés. Round table cloths have a lot of advantages because they can fit any space- even a large round table is easy to cover with one of these. A perfectly fitted tablecloth will look elegant and sophisticated, but it also allows for some creativity as you can add a second cloth on top to create a contrasting pattern or color.

Round tablecloths are great for small rooms because they take up less space than rectangular ones. To make the most of this, try placing them in the center of your dining area and surrounding them with chairs (or even a buffet). You can also place them over longer rectangular ones to create a table that's wider but not as long.

Hexagon Tablecloth

This might sound like something you'd find on a farm, but it's actually one of the more popular shapes! Hexagonal and octagonal tablecloths are great for small spaces because they take up less space than other shapes.

They can also be used as a design element in larger rooms. Use one or two hexagon table cloths to accent the corner of your living room, dining area, and kitchen. The shape will add interest and color without taking up much space.

These types of tablecloths can be found at specialty stores or online. If you're not sure where to start, check out our guide below for the best places to buy tablecloths online.

Oval Tablecloths

Oval tablecloths are a great option if you have some extra space. You could even use one as an alternative to the centerpieces at each place setting, or go for multiple and create a geometric pattern that transitions from larger shapes to smaller ones as it moves outward.

We recommend measuring your table first before ordering these online because most companies don't offer oval tablecloths in store. Instead, they'll ship a rectangle cloth to you and then you can get it professionally tailored to your specific measurements. This process may be time-consuming but it's certainly cheaper than buying multiple rectangular ones!

Square Tablecloths

You won't see these very often, because they're pretty unusual to begin with. Square tablecloths are a lot like rectangular ones but a little cuter because of the curve at each corner. They can be placed on top of other rectangular ones or used as an accent in smaller rooms.

Square tablecloths are not available in the stores, so you'll need to get them online. Like oval tablecloths, they may require some tailoring in order to fit your specific measurements.

2. Materials

Linen Tablecloths

Linen is a favorite choice for living rooms and kitchens because it's durable and can be steam-cleaned easily. It feels warm and natural under your hands, which makes it comfortable to touch while you eat. This is also one of the more eco-friendly fabrics that you could choose because it doesn't require harsh chemicals to produce.

Linen is also a natural crop that has been used for thousands of years because it's easy to wash and lasts for a long time. It's pretty resistant to stains and spills, too, which makes it the perfect table cloth material if you have children or pets in your home. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight- linen will fade when it's exposed to UV rays.

Linen is available in a wide range of colors, but most are natural earth tones with a hint of warmth. If you're looking for something more bold, try contrasting colors like white linens paired with reds or deep purples!

Muslin Tablecloths

Muslin is polyester or cotton, which is a more affordable option that's easier to find than linen. It's also very easy to clean and maintain because it doesn't require you to use cleaning chemicals or go through the same rigorous process of hand-washing. It can be washed with soap and water, which makes it extremely convenient if your tablecloth gets dirty after a party.

Muslin tablecloths are a little less durable than linen, so they may not be the best choice if you have kids or pets. They can also fade more easily in direct sunlight, but some companies do offer UV-resistant options for an extra fee. Just make sure to check and double-check everything before you buy!

Cotton Tablecloths

Cotton is another affordable option that's just as easy to clean and maintain. Cotton tablecloths can be washed in a washing machine, but you'll want to let them air-dry afterward in order to avoid shrinkage.

These are good options if you're looking for something more traditional but aren't willing to splurge on linen. The only downside is that cotton tablecloths won't last as long as linen, polyester or silk. They can shrink and fade over time if they're not cared for properly.

Velvet Tablecloths

Velvet is a popular choice for formal events because it's luxurious and harkens back to the past. It's also a warm material that feels nice on your hands, which makes it feel as though you're dining in an upscale restaurant or five-star hotel every time you have dinner with friends or family.

There are two main types of velvet: crepe and crushed. Crepe is the more expensive version, but it's also less prone to fading and shrinking. Crushed velvet is a bit cheaper but it tends to get dirty very easily. It may not feel as luxurious either, because the fibers are so tightly packed together that you can't really sink your fingers into them.

Silk Tablecloths

Silk is usually only used for special events where people will be dressed up. It's a pricier material that requires more care, but it's also smoother and softer than the materials listed above.

Silk tablecloths are usually sold with imperfections or discolorations because natural silk isn't bleached during production. These imperfections can help you tell your real silk tablecloth from a fake one, but keep in mind that there's no way to guarantee the quality of your purchases unless you buy directly from the manufacturer.

This is another material with limited UV protection- it will fade or yellow if it gets too much exposure to sunlight. You'll want to make sure your guests don't leave their drinks on the table for extended periods of time, or you may have to spring for a new tablecloth after just one party.

Knit Tablecloths

Knit tablecloths are made from polyester and cotton blends that have been woven together. They're durable and flexible, so you can put them in the washing machine but they won't shrink or warp.

Knit tablecloths work well with other materials because their surface is smooth and even, so transparent overlays or underlayments can be used to create interesting effects for your guests without distracting them from the overall design of the tablecloth.

You may want to consider getting a padded overlay if you're worried about your table getting scratched or damaged.

Organza Tablecloths

Organza is a sheer, lightweight material that's used for overlays and underlayments. It can be made from silk or polyester fiber blends, but it will still feel smooth against your skin because the fibers have been stretched to make them longer than normal.

Organza tablecloths are well suited for high-end events where guests won't have to worry about spills or rough handling. The material is see-through, but it can still provide a lot of visual interest and even help you save money on other parts of the design!

Organza tablecloths are also good if you want to create an overlay with a vintage or retro theme. Organza has been used for decades to make wedding veils, so you may be able to find something that fits the theme of your party.

Netting Tablecloths

If you like the idea of an overlay but want more protection and durability, consider a net tablecloth for your big event! Netting is made out of cotton or polyester fibers- it has larger strands than organza, so you may be able to see through it if your light source is bright.

Netting provides better protection against spills or rough handling, but it's not as durable as other materials. You'll want to keep a spare on hand just in case something happens and the net can't be fixed in time for the big day.

Polyester Tablecloths

Polyester is another synthetic material that's used to make tablecloths. It won't fray or get loose like other materials, but it will fade if it gets too much sun exposure.

It's also very resistant to heat- polyester has been used as insulation for spacecraft! If you're worried about your design getting damaged through wear and tear, polyester tablecloths are a good choice.

The biggest advantage of polyester is its price- you can get a high quality polyester tablecloth for a fair price, and they will last for years to come.

You may want to get an overlay or underlayment if your event will be outdoors, since the material will degrade faster in extreme weather. You should also make sure your guests aren't rough with their tableware!

Suede Tablecloths

Suede is a fabric that's made from the hide of an animal like a cow, lamb, or goat. It can be very durable if it's treated when it's first produced, but it can also be prone to fading if it's not properly taken care of.

Suede has a very distinctive feel, so you'll want to make sure that guests won't have any problems seeing underneath the tablecloth! Some people may even consider it an eyesore or an unwanted distraction from the rest of your design. If you do insist on using suede as a table covering, make sure you have an opaque underlayment to protect your design!

Satin Tablecloth

Satin is a soft, silky material that's usually made out of polyester and silk. It provides smooth texture for your guests, and it can also be used as an overlay or underlayment to create a vintage or retro look.

A lot of people prefer satin because its texture feels more comfortable than other types of fabric. You may want to consider buying a padded overlay if your guests have children or animals, since satin tablecloths can be easily ripped otherwise.

Faux Leather Tablecloths

If you want to have a unique and contemporary look for your big event, consider faux leather tablecloths! Faux leather is designed to look like full-grain leather but without being as durable or heavy.

A lot of people prefer faux over real leather because it has lower environmental impact. You also don't need to worry about spills that much- all you need to do is wipe it clean! The downside of faux leather is that it will get dirty more easily than other materials, but if you're careful about your guests and their tableware, you shouldn't have any problems at all.

Chiffon Tablecloths

Chiffon is one of the most common tablecloths that you can find at a store. It's usually made out of silk or cotton, and it provides an elegant look for your big event.

Chiffon works better as an overlay since it's very thin, so take care when handling your design or you may accidentally tear it. You may want to invest in an underlayment as well since chiffon will get dirty easily- this way, you can hide the dirt from your guests!

Vinyl Tablecloths

Vinyl is a type of synthetic material that's made to look like leather, velvet, or chenille. It's usually used as an overlay or underlayment since it's not very durable on its own.

You can also purchase vinyl tablecloths in many different colors- you may want to match your design if your event has a specific theme!

Vinyl can be easily cleaned with antibacterial wipes, so you may find it better for events that have children participants. However, you should still exercise caution when handling your design- vinyl is prone to ripping if something heavy is dropped on top of it.

Faux Chenille Tablecloths

Similar to faux leather, chenille is made out of a type of synthetic material. It has the same texture as real suede but with more durability and less expensive price tag!

Take care when handling your design- it's prone to ripping if something heavy is dropped on top of it. Chenille can be easily cleaned, so you may find it better for events that have children participants.

Taffeta Tablecloth

Taffeta is a type of synthetic fabric that's very lightweight but durable. You can find it in many colors to match your design, as well as different textures like dull and shiny.

It does require more care than other tablecloths since it's prone to snags and rips. Take care when handling your tablecloth, especially if you're going to be using it for a theme or event where kids and pets are present!

Buckram Tablecloth

Buckram is a synthetic material that's very similar to chiffon- it's usually made out of cotton or silk, and you can find it in different textures like dull and shiny.

If you enjoy sewing or crafting, you may want to consider making your own tablecloth with buckram! It will provide an elegant look for your big event, and you can save money from buying expensive tablecloths at stores.

However, you should still be careful when handling buckram material- it's prone to rips and tears.

Nylon Tablecloth

Nylon is a synthetic material that works better as an overlay than underlayment. You can find it in many different colors and textures, such as dull, shiny, and metallic. However, you should be careful when picking out a design for your big event since nylon is prone to snags and rips!

Nylon can be easily cleaned with antibacterial wipes- this may be better in an environment where children or pets are present. It's also easy to sew, so you may want to try making your own tablecloth for your big event!

Felt Tablecloths

A lot of people prefer felt because it has a soft and inviting texture. You can find different colors for you to match your event, but make sure that they'll look good together before buying them! Felt is a bit more expensive than other tablecloths, but it's also the most durable.

However, you should still be careful when handling your design- felt can get dirty and stained easily. You may want to invest in an underlayment or overlay if this is going to be a problem.

3. Patterns & Textures

Geometric Tablecloths

Geometric tablecloths have many different patterns and textures- you can find them in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes! They're usually made out of a synthetic material that's easy to clean.

It's best to avoid using geometric tablecloths for your event if it has a kid or pet theme since they're prone to rips and snags.

Animal Print Tablecloths

If you want to add some drama and flair for your event, animal print tablecloths are the way to go! You can find them in many different animals like zebra, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, tiger, and more.

Floral Tablecloth

Floral tablecloths are widely popular due to their elegant design and beautiful appearance. You can find them in 3D, appliqué, fabric-appliqué, or embroidery designs.

Embroidered Tablecloths

Embroidered tablecloths are popular for elegant events like weddings and banquets. You can find them in many different themes like floral, geometric, animal, or traditional patterns.

Dots Print Tablecloths

Dots print tablecloths have a colorful look that's very popular for big events. You can find them in all kinds of colors like red, green, orange, blue, yellow, pink, and more! If you're planning an elegant event or just want something fun to match your color scheme, dots print tablecloths are a great choice for you!

Solid Color Tablecloth

Solid color tablecloths are popular for their clean and simple look. You can find them in many different colors, patterns, and textures like shiny, dull, or metallic! It's not as expensive as other tablecloths (especially if you're planning an event on a budget), but it can still be pricey.

Tie-Dye Tablecloth

Tie-dye tablecloths have a unique look that's perfect for hippy or fun events! You can find them in many different colors like green, orange, pink, and yellow. If you love bright colors and designs, tie- dye tablecloths are a great choice for you! It is also very durable material so it will be perfect for your big event.

But you should still be careful with tie-dye tablecloths since, depending on the setting, they can look sloppy or messy! It's also prone to snags and rips so make sure to use an underlayment or overlay!

Stripes PatternsTablecloth

Stripes tablecloths have a somewhat traditional design that works well for many kinds of events.

You can find them in different colors like blue, black, white, green, and more! You can also find them in many styles like pinstripe, gingham, houndstooth, plaid , and stripe. Stripe tablecloths are very popular for weddings and banquets.


- How do I choose the best table cloth?

First, decide on the size table your cloth needs to cover. Round tables will require a round tablecloth; square or rectangle shapes need a flat and rectangular cloth. If you have an odd shape or non-traditional fabric for a tablecloth, then choosing the size and shape of this first is usually best. Once you know what basic size that will work for your tabletop area, consider what other surfaces you would like to cover -such as tabletops, bar counters and any shelves or accent pieces you want to show off with some nice decorating touches!

Next, decide if lightweight linens are just fine for covering all those surfaces? It's important to consider how they are being used when deciding on weight -dinner parties at home will require more fabric coverage than a summer get together for instance. Lightweight cloths are great for providing some elegance and color to the surface, while still allowing you to move them from table to tabletop easily.

Cloth-like coverings can also be used as protection for your other surfaces -simply place over anything glass or wood to help keep it looking new. Bar counters may be especially prone to damage from condensation rings on the surface, so cloths can provide a bit of extra protection for a minimal cost.

- What are some of the benefits of using table cloths?

Tablecloths are commonly used to protect table surfaces from dents, scratches and water damage. This can be done by using a cloth that covers the entire tabletop or just placed over glass, wood or other delicate areas -depending on your needs.

Cloth can also protect tabletops from being damaged by condensation rings that may occur when glasses are placed on the surface. They can also help protect tabletops from heat damage caused by hot plates or dishes -especially useful for bar counters where the entire tabletop will get wet from condensation off of glasses.

- What are the most common mistakes people make when using a table cloth?

The most common mistake people make is using the wrong sized cloth for their needs. Using a tablecloth that's too small or large can have negative effects on how attractive your tabletop looks and feel. Make sure to measure the top of your surface to ensure you get exactly what you need! Another common mistake is leaving holes in between the tabletop and cloth -have your cloth just long enough to cover your tabletop by a couple inches. This will help keep crumbs and dust from getting stuck in between the two surfaces and under the cloth for easy cleanup. The final common mistake is not using a cloth at all!


Tablecloths have many different designs for all kinds of events. You can find them in patterns, textures, stripes, geometric shapes, and more! And the best part is that they come in so many different colors and styles to match any theme or color scheme.

Hope this article helped you learn more about types of table cloths! Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing a design for your next big event- I'm sure you'll find a design that looks great!

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