10 Types Of Yachts And What Makes Them Unique?

The term “yacht” is used to refer to a variety of pleasure boats. The name comes from the Dutch word "jacht" meaning hunting, and was first applied to a type of boat built for speed. In modern usage, "yacht" has come to mean any sailboat over 24 meters in length with at least one head (toilet) and more than six berths which can accommodate at least two people each.

This article will attempt to discuss the different types of yachts that are found in today’s world. Some have grown into size and become more stable through technology while others still use the old-fashioned techniques handed down from vessel to vessel.


They are a relatively new concept in yacht design. It is basically two hulls placed next to one another that are stabilized by an overlapping beam and a centerboard or daggerboard, all mounted on struts above the waterline. Catamarans can be either fin keel or full keel varieties and can reach speeds of up to 60 knots (about 70 mph.)

Catamarans are very stable in rough seas and are great for fishing. The downside to these vessels is that they only carry about 50% of the weight that a mono-hull vessel does. They also require an experienced captain and crew as well as special equipment. If you need to carry passengers, then this type of yacht isn’t for you. They are also very difficult to tack and become unstable when sailing upwind.

Cruising Yacht

A cruising yacht is the most common type of pleasure boat in use today, it is a multi-purpose vessel which can be used for racing, cruising or even chartering. They have large cabins with ample storage space which makes them ideal for overnight stays.

Some cruising yachts have separate cockpit, bridge and deck areas that provide shelter from the sun making it a great alternative during summer months. They are constructed with light-weight materials, usually fiberglass or aluminum so they can attain speeds of up to 25 knots (about 30 mph).

Many come equipped with air conditioning and large refrigerators. They have comfortable accommodations with private baths and cruise in tropical waters, the Caribbean being a favorite destination.

Crusing yachts are suited for offshore voyages because they are very stable and can easily handle heavy seas, storms or even icebergs. The downside to this type of vessel is that it


Monohull boats are the most stable but slowest of all types of yachts. They can be either fin keel or full keel varieties and have a single deck above water with one head (bathroom) which is accessed by pulling down a ladder just like on an old ship.

They are ideal for fishing because of their stability and they usually have a large cockpit with bench seating that can hold up to six people. They are ideal for racing because they offer the best performance and handling.

The downside to these vessels is that they require an experienced captain and crew as well as special equipment such as a compass, vhf radio, echo sounder, depth finder, binoculars and a flag.

They are very difficult to tack because they can not sail upwind which makes it hard to move in any direction! If you need to carry passengers then this is not the yacht for you. They are also quite large making them unsuitable for small harbors or docking areas. Most monohulls carry from 3 to 5 crew members.

Racing Yacht

A racing yacht is only used for racing and has never been used for any other purpose. It looks like a monohull but differs in many ways.

They are constructed with light-weight materials such as Kevlar, fiberglass or carbon fiber. They also have jib (foresail) mainsails rather than the large schooner type used on monohulls. They have only one head (bathroom) and a basic galley to prepare meals.

Their decks are low with no hull above the waterline, just a flat deck that extends from bow to stern which offers no protection during bad weather.

They carry very small crews of only one or two which makes them very fast reaching speeds of up to 50 knots (about 60 mph). These vessels are great for racing but not suited for any other purpose.

They can only have one voyage in a 24-hour period and require an experienced crew in order to tack, reef the sails, measure wind speeds and properly dock aboard a moving boat. These vessels are also very expensive and not suited for large crews or people who want to carry passengers.

Motor Yacht

A motor yacht is a very luxurious and expensive boat. It is generally larger than other yachts, with over 20 meters in length. I was staying on a ship for my honeymoon once and the rooms were amazing. The food was stunning too! I miss it so much!!

Motor yachts may be distinguished into private or commercial. The private motor yacht is used for non-commercial purposes and the hull must be owned by its captain.

The SMY 80 is a common example of a private motor yacht, with no more than 12 passengers, up to 15 crew members and not being chartered more than 7 days per month. It cannot be rented out in exchange for payment.

The commercial motor yacht, however, is used for profit and the hull does not need to be owned by the captain. It can carry more than 300 passengers and a crew of 40+ members.

Mega Yacht

A mega yacht is the biggest type of yacht. It may be used for private or commercial purposes. These vessels have huge pools and casinos! They can dock in many ports and have facilities for helicopter landings.

It is 35 to 150 m long and over 500 tonnes in displacement, with the top 10 largest yachts above 80 metres (260 ft) in length.

A mega yacht may be a pure sailing yacht or powered by sails as well as engines. The main difference of a mega yacht and a large private motor yacht is that the latter can be rented out.

Sports Yacht

A sports yacht is used for sporting purposes. It is mostly owned by millionaires and billionaires who want to have fun on it. It is generally smaller than a commercial or private motor yacht, with less than 30 meters in length. But the amenities are still amazingly luxurious!

An example of a sports yacht is the Sunseeker Little Squalus 40, a yacht that has a maximum capacity of 16 passengers. It is the ultimate sports boat, with facilities for waterskiing and scuba diving.

A sports yacht can be used for racing purposes, such as the Americas Cup. It must be able to sail at over 20 knots.

Open Yacht

An open yacht is a general name for a yacht which does not have a cabin. Instead, it has an open deck and an open cockpit. The main mast may be made of wood or steel.

It is much lighter than most types of yachts, with less than 30 tonnes in displacement. The crew size is usually fewer than 10 members. It is more affordable and a lot of people own it.

It is used for recreational purposes, such as racing or cruising. The cabin accommodation found on most other types of yachts are absent and the crew sleeps aboard the vessel itself in an open cockpit.

They may either be strictly sail powered vessels (i.e.: no engines) or power yachts (i.e.: equipped with auxiliary engines). The majority of open sports are sloops, though ketches and a handful of yawls have been built as well.

Flybridge Sportfish

The flybridge sportfish is a sailboat which has areas on the deck for fishing. The lower part of the boat can be removed and rigged for fishing. The flybridge sportfish can include a wheelhouse, which allows the crew to operate comfortably and protect them from rain, sun and wind.

The flybridge is the uppermost part of the boat, and it's often used for fishing during bad weathers, such as rain or snow. Flybridge sportfish could be easily controlled by one or two persons with out any problems because there is always a wheelhouse to enter.

Flybridge sportfish has no weather helm so the boat will not automatically turn into wind; this is good if you are going to do fishing because it can be hard to encircle the fish with out any turning. A flybridge sportfish normally comes in lengths of 32ft, 35ft or 36ft.

Flybridge sportfish is built to be as light as possible so it can go faster and easier, it has a pick up keel made out of fiberglass with the rest being aluminum. Flybridge sportfish will have an inboard motor and there is room on board for you to store the fuel for using while fishing or just cruising around your area.

Gulet Yacht

A Gulet is a traditional Mediterranean style boat that has become popular all over the world. The Anatolian Turks began building these boats hundreds of years ago, and they are still being built today in their homeland.

The Gulet yacht can offer you luxury traveling at very affordable prices because there are many companies who rent out Gulets for a party or if you are looking for a private yacht. The Gulet is the perfect size because it can just hold enough people to have fun and not too many that it becomes cramped.

Gulet style yachts were once used for fishing but they have been made so much better over the centuries that now they are only used for cruising and vacationing. Gulets are made in two separate classes, the 1-2 ton class and the 2-3 ton class. A Gulet yacht would be good for traveling up or down a coast line or just having a peaceful time on the water with your family or friends.


1. Yachting is a popular profession among the rich. What are some of the reasons for its popularity?

Yachting is a popular profession among the rich because yachts offer large, stable platforms that can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

-Boat showrooms and boat-building facilities.

-Yacht charter company.

-Offshore shipyard where naval combatants are constructed from prefabricated units.

-An exclusive island resort destination with dozens of hotels, restaurants, water sports centers and outdoor recreational activities like clay bird or target shooting for family outings or corporate conferences.

Many people work on yachts and live on them full time to manage their day to day operations which might differ depending on whether it's being used commercially or privately at any given moment in time!

2. How did yacht charters start?

Yacht charters became popular when yachts began being used for recreational purposes. The first uses were military; large warships would house an admiral and his staff along with their passages to and from the ship.

Yacht charters are also sometimes referred to as bareboat charters or skippered charters; they all refer to the same thing: a boat owner, who is leasing out a yacht for an agreed upon time frame without crew or captain.

3. What is a yacht tender?

A yacht tender is small boat that can be launched from tenders which are found on large yachts and cruise ships. They provide transportation to shore for those that have docked or anchored, but don't want to call for professional transportation services (taxis, limos) or spend the extra money to take a tender from their boat. They can also be used to carry guests around when in port or at anchor, but they are mainly intended for transportation.

Yacht tenders are usually enough to hold 4 people and a small amount of luggage (but you can always use it as a regular water taxi). This is especially helpful if you have just arrived in a new port and need to take ground transportation to your hotel.

4. What are some of the yacht parts and equipment that can be found in a typical small boat?

A typical small boat usually has an engine, motor, rudder, propeller shafts, fuel tanks/pump, steering wheel and compass. A radio (VHF) may also be included to allow communication with other boats that are at sea.

Depending on the size of the boat, a galley may be present. There are also more sophisticated features in bigger boats such as GPS systems and autopilot panels for navigation.


Yacht is a common type of private motorized sailing vessel. It is commonly known as a recreational boat or pleasure boat, which is used for the purpose of recreation and entertainment rather than transportation.

Yachts are also called ship/boat, which includes different types of yachts such as power, sail, steam-powered ships or ships using gas turbines. There are different types of yachts according to their size and capabilities.

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