The Best Types Toy Organizers You Need Know

When you have a home with kids, you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep things organized. This is especially true when it comes to toys because they are often scattered all over the place. There are many types toy organizers that can help make your life easier and allow you to spend more time doing what really matters. In this article, we will discuss some of the different options that people have in terms of toy organization and then look at which one might work best for your situation.


The simplest type of toy organizer is a free-standing one. As the name suggests, this type can stand on its own and does not need to be attached to any wall or furniture piece. While it is probably the easiest to install, you do have more flexibility with other options as well .

The primary benefit of a free-standing toy organizer is that it can be easily moved from room to room. This can make it easy to keep things organized in different parts of your home – especially if you have a large family and need to keep the toys separate for each kid .  The downside of this type, though, is that it takes up a substantial amount of space. If you are trying to save space, something like a modular type may be better.

Modular Toy Organizers Another popular toy organizer option is the modular type. There are several different versions of this type available. The primary difference between them seems to be in regards to size and how they can be stacked together.  If you want a more permanent option, wall-mounted versions are available. These can be easily installed and provide a convenient way to get things organized quickly.

There are also stand-alone or free-standing options. Sometimes these can have multiple bins that can each be labeled for easy identification . A modular toy organizer is great if you need storage in different parts of your home. It can be moved or rearranged more easily than a free-standing model as well.

Hanging toy organizers

Hanging toy organizers are the best choice for tidy room and budget. They come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. You can hang them even on a wall so they not only save space but you do not have to buy cabinets or cupboards for keeping toys tidy.

Yoy can have sections which can be labeled so that it is easy to find things. You can fill each section with different color toys according to your kid's interest.

Hanging organizers are suitable for small children and pets too because they have no edges where they could get hurt. The material used in hanging organizers should also be soft even if the organizer gets knocked over. Hanging organizers are suitable for everyday use and can also be used for closet storage as well.

Yoy do not need to keep you child away from toys since they are colorful and attractive too. Yoy can also hang it in the bathroom, kitchen or any other room according to your needs so you eed not have separate storage for bathroom and play room.

Wine rack toy organizer

Wine rack toy organizer is one of the most common organizers available in different colors, sizes, materials, patterns and styles. They can be used to hold books as well as toys so they are multipurpose organizers. You can find them in many shapes too like square , rectangle or round so yoy can choose according to your need.

You can buy them in set of two or three so they are ideal for keeping books and toys. You can even find them in sets of four or five. Wine rack organizer is made up of durable materials like wood or plastic. They are perfectly stacked together so you can keep books in bottom and toys in top. You will get enough space to store your heavy books .

One thing that makes wine rack-toy organizers set unique is its appearance as it contains a shape of wine glass in the middle of its frame. These organizers are not only used for toy storage but also for decoration purpose.

Another advantage of wine rack-toy organizer set is that it can be placed anywhere in the room as there will no headache of lifting heavy books on top of each other. So you can place them near your study table, beside your bed or even in your kid's room. And if you are running out of space in your study or office, then you can keep them in storeroom as well.

Storage Bin Design

 The most convenient way to store toys is with storage bins. Children's playthings are usually kept in toy boxes, toy chests or storage cabinets. The most popular type of toy organizer is the bin amazon , which is also the most affordable. Bin design is angled to provide maximum use of storage space.

Bins can be placed over a bed or against the wall on the floor or an upper shelf. Plastic bins are durable and easy to clean, therefore they should be considered for storing dirty toys in the playroom. Angled bins amazon models also come in large sizes that could store stuffed animals. These large bins are usually called toy chests, which can have any color or design.

Cubbie-Drawer Design

A cubbie-style toy organizer is a great option for providing your children with easy access to their toys. This design allows storage of a wide variety of toys, from board games and puzzles to stuffed animals and dolls.

Cubbie bins are constructed in such a way that only the front section slides out, making it easier for small hands to pull out just the toys they are looking for. Often, cubby bins can be stacked to create a tower of toy storage that is both stylish and functional.

Shelf-Style toy organizer

Shelf-style toy organizers is a type of toy storage that utilizes hanging rods on which toys are placed and the shelves underneath for additional storage. The shelf-style toy organizer has a small footprint, making it ideal for smaller kids' room. It is also good for places where there isn't much floor space to spare.

Shelf-Style toy organizer is a type of toy storage that hangs from the wall or door and utilizes large hooks and shelves for additional storage. It is great for small rooms with limited floor space.

There are many different styles of Shelf-Style toy organizers available in the market today. Some have hooks that can be hung on door knobs and some even come with wheels attached so that they can be rolled around. You should choose a Shelf-Style toy organizer according to your needs and the available space.

The best shelf-style toy organizers has adjustable shelves on which toys can be stored, allowing you to customize its capacity to suit your needs. Some have hooks in addition to the shelves, allowing you to hang your toys from the rod. It should be easy to clean and should come in a variety of colors and designs

Other than that it is important that the Shelf-Style toy organizer have sturdy rods that can hold all of your toys. It should also have wide spaces between the hanging rods so that it can accommodate many different types of toys.

The parents should also check whether the Shelf-Style toy organizer they purchase have sturdy shelves that can hold all the stored toys and whether it is easy to mount to the wall or door. The best brand will allow you to store various types of toys on your shelves such as action figures, dolls, arts and crafts items, and stuffed animals.

Plastic toy organizer

Plastic toy organizer comes in clear or opaque. Unlike solid containers, it allows you to see what's inside. It keeps dust and dirt away from toys. You can even label the bins for easy reference. Most of these organizers can be hung on the wall or placed on shelves.

It comes in different shapes like a rectangle or square. It has small holes at the bottom to allow air to circulate inside. They are stackable and available in sets that you can separate according to sizes or colors or themes. Some even come with lids for additional protection and security of toys.

It is made from 100% recycled plastic. It is water resistant, doesn't get brittle even when frozen and doesn't produce toxic fumes when burned. There are different sizes to choose from and can accommodate both large and small toys like action figures to dolls or stuffed animals. They're easy to keep clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth.

It is available in different colors like blue, green and red. They are unbreakable and doesn't easily crack or break even when stacked on top of each other. It's air-tight so toys can be stored for longer periods of time with limited maintenance. There is also a clear plastic bin that allows you to see what is stored inside.

It comes in different sizes with a variety of bins so that you can separate your toys according to types and sizes, or even color. It can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. They are available in many department stores and toy suppliers at affordable prices.

Fabric toy organizer

Fabric toy organizer is a type of toy organizer that is made from fabric material. Toy storage bags are usually used to store toys in the form of spatial and they make it easy for children to organize their toys. Fabric organizers can easily be attached to the wall by using adhesive hooks or Velcro strips.

Fabric toy organizer stores the toys in different areas and it makes the children to locate them easily. Toy storage bins are generally used for storing toys that are available in large number. Fabric organizers make it possible for you to store different types of toys without cluttering your home or room. Fabric organizers can contain large number of toys because they are flexible. Toy boxes with lids are generally used for storing toys that are available in large amount.

Small toy organizers

Small toy organizers are a must-have for every parent. It becomes necessary when the kids have more than one toy to organize and store away neatly in a safe place. Searching for suitable organizers on the Internet is not easy, as there are many options available with regard to size, design and shape of storage bins.

When it comes to strong durable child furniture pieces, they should be preferred over the cheaper, flimsy ones. The unit must adhere to safety standards and not produce any toxic substances that might harm the delicate skin of kids.

Big toy organizers

Big toy organizers are available in different sizes and styles. They come in this color and that design, so finding the one that will fit your taste is not that difficult making you end up buying a product from a certain brand.

At first, there are large toy organizers which measure 15x22 inches. This type of toy organizer has shelves that can be adjusted according to your need. It also features a handle with wheels allowing you to roll it from one place to another, making toy and game storage more convenient.

The second type is special organizer for toys that kids appreciate the most like stuffed animals, games, puzzles, cars and other things of this kind. This type has extra versatility since not only can it be used for kids' toys but can also be utilized for other things as well.


What is the best way to organize toys?

The best storage solution for kids toys are bins with labels. You don't have to label every single bin but I think it's a good idea to label the toys that will be around the longest. Consider bins with lids for toys that are small such as figurines or barbie doll accessories. 

Can I use my Fabric Toy Organizer for Home Decor?

Yes, fabric organizers would work well to add a stylish way to store and organize small items strategically in your room.


Toy organizer is important in organizing the toys. They are not only for keeping the place tidy, but also they can serve as decorating item. Their design also varies from being simple to much more complicated one. Some ideas would be helpful if you want to organize things on your own, such as making a simple storage for every child of his or her toys. You can make a small shelf with some make-shift shelves or any other arrangement which is suitable for you and your child. There are so many ways to organize your toys, so be creative!


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