Types Tv Furniture: Distinguish TV furniture

TV stands and entertainment units are furniture designed to house your television, DVD player, video games or any other electronic equipment you need in order to enjoy a night of viewing. The type of furniture that houses your TV will depend on the size and shape of the unit as well as how much space you have available. There are many different types of TV stands available for sale so it is important to know what features make each stand unique before making a purchase.

Types TV furniture

Open Shelving

One of the most common designs for TVs stands is open shelving. Open shelves are ideal for small units because they minimize the amount of space needed to house your equipment. These units may include cabinets or drawers for storage and some even have doors allowing you to store larger pieces such as books, magazines or DVDs .

One drawback with this type of design is that it leaves your electronic equipment exposed. They are a great option for people who live in small apartments since they do not take up much space and free up floor space allowing you to use the area below the stand as a storage area.


With a singular, holistic shape, the console design incorporates useful shelving and abundant surface area into a concise piece of furniture. Most models have closed shelving and a rectangular structure. The clean lines and unadorned surfaces of the console keep design elements to a minimum, creating a highly versatile piece that can be used in many different room settings.

One style of TV stand is drawer consoles with doors that slide open for storage or closed for display. These are designed for flatscreen TVs and are available wood veneer or painted, and in a wide range of sizes.

Stand With Audio Towers

The TV stand with audio towers is a modular form that mimics most of the functionality and presentation of a full entertainment center, with a pair of tall structured shelves flanking the central stand and television itself. These allow for the placement of speakers and any other supplemental equipment.

The stand functions both as a storage and display unit. This design provides the best possible solution for housing your entertainment system into one neat package, with space-saving components that work in harmony with each other. When it comes to sound, these towers are first class, capable of delivering crisp, powerful audio from a variety of sources.

The only difference between this stand and the full-blown entertainment center is that there is no room for a cable box at the base of one tower. In its place you could put your stereo receiver if you chose not to wire your sound system throughout the room. Any standard audio components can be housed in one of the towers, freeing up floor space for your home theater system.


The hutch is a venerable piece of furniture, where cabinetry or shelving are stacked atop a horizontal counter space. The TV stand variation merely makes room for the television and carries flanking cabinetry.

This is an enclosed unit with doors, but can have open shelves. The latter style is typically used as a bookcase. Hutch can also refer to a piece of kitchen furniture that is mainly used for storing plates and other items.


Cabinet TV stand designs come in two main styles: one that closely resembles console models, with a closed cabinet beneath the open surface on which the TV rests, and one that resembles a standard armoire, with drawers placed underneath a large fully enclosed space where the display can be hidden when not in use.

The second style is preferred by many because of the extra storage and security offered. While a good option for those with lots of electronic equipment, this style can be quite expensive. Because of the compact nature of cabinet-style TV stands, they are usually well suited to smaller spaces or rooms that have a lack of space for other larger furniture pieces.

Swivel tv furniture

Swivel tv furniture is a simple design that turns for those who miss the opportunity to see live football or important television program. This type of furniture has a rotating base so you can always find the best position to watch your favorite show. Often this type of furniture is used to save space in small apartments.

For example, a swivel tv set can be placed near the window and then it is possible to turn when you want to relax on the sofa. This type of furniture is amazing if you have an area with raised floor so that you can still watch tv while lying in bed.

The material from which are made this type of TVs is very important. Usually swivel furniture is made from wood or metal. The most expensive models are made of mahogany and other exotic woods. Swivel tv set made of metal could be more practical because it is not very heavy but still looks amazing, especially in combination with modern design interior.


The floating design is a wall-mounted unit that allows for completely open floor space and a clean, unobtrusive look. These contain shelving and, often, cord concealment. TVs can be stood on top, or wall-mounted themselves above the floating stand.

Most floating TV wall mount designs can support televisions weighing up to 50 lbs.

Aesthetics are a key factor when choosing your mounting hardware, and the floating design is a great choice for anyone looking to create a minimalist appearance with their installation by eliminating the visible hardware typically associated with most brackets; or if you want a quick, no-fuss approach to mounting your TV.



Wooden stands, sometimes called mantels or cabinets, are an attractive option for mounting your flat screen TV on the wall. Most wooden stands are made out of natural wood such as cherry and oak. These kinds of wooden stands look great with most modern home décor giving you the versatility to match any room.

Wooden stands are generally not the best option if you live in a very humid environment. Humidity is known to have effects on wooden furniture causing them to warp and swell which can cause TV mounting screws to loosen or detach from your wall.

Wooden stands are generally made from solid wood that has been stained and finished with a sealer. This give you an attractive stain color finish for your TV stand while also protecting the natural wood from any damage it may incur over time. If you plan on painting your stand, make sure to find one that will match as closely as possible to your desired color.

Wood is a very strong material and can support most TV's weighing less than 200 pounds.


Metal TV stands are becoming more popular as the prices have been dropping due to the popularity of flat screen televisions. Metal TV stands not only look good but are extremely sturdy and durable providing many years of use even under extreme conditions.

They are very easy to clean and maintain requiring nothing more than a simple wipe down. They are generally available in a smooth black or powder coated silver. They are relatively light weight and can be easily moved from one room to another, unlike wood television stands which require two people to lift.

The downside to metal TV furniture is, of course, that they do look very industrial and utilitarian compared to other types of TV stand. The large open steel framework can make them feel cold and impersonal. With care, however, they can be painted or papered to match walls of other rooms so that the TV stand is more invisible.

Glass furniture

Glass furniture is in some respects much like the glass in your window. It can be used to allow light and sunshine into the home as well as being a filtering material that might screen out glare. Nevertheless, it is less common in our homes than the glass in our windows mainly because it's fragile and expensive. But with the right care, glass furniture can endure a lifetime.

If the glass is to be kept in a room in which it will come into contact with people, then as well as being no more likely than any other fragile item of furniture to suffer damage by being knocked against, it needn't necessarily be treated in any special way. But if the glass is on show and might benefit from an occasional wipe then it is best to put a cover on it.

The choice of material will depend on the look you are trying to achieve, whether that be formal or informal and what your budget permits. A glass cleaner can help maintain clarity by using a lint free cloth with the cleaner applied and then wiping in one direction only in order to avoid streaking.



Contemporary design is defined by its essence of the now. These are new, fresh designs that couldn’t have appeared decades in the past. Whether minimalist or ornate, wood or metal, contemporary styled TV stands will make a boldly progressive appearance in any home.


The traditional style evokes a timeless look, with rich wood tones, dresser-like cabinetry, and a solid, natural appearance that. exudes an air of dignity and formality. These TV stands are a great choice if you want to make the most dramatic decor statement, but aren't necessarily concerned with keeping up with contemporary design trends.

Traditional-styled TV furniture is available in many sizes, from small pieces that can serve as end tables or space savers and large pieces designed to fill the largest of rooms. They are available in a wide range of colors, from rich cherry tones to golden oak shades, and are often finished with a high-quality varnish for added durability and style.


Rustic design is defined by its natural appearance and simplicity. These TV stands are made from rough-hewn, unfinished wood with a distressed finish. Their honest nature lends an overall "real" vibe to the home. These are the perfect TV stands for those who prefer something a bit more casual and laid-back.


The industrial style is made up of materials such as metal, concrete and glass. It has a very simple design and is usually well finished. It can be used in any room of the house and has a very functional look. Many times an industrial style furniture piece can be recycled into something even more useful.


How to clean tv furniture?

If you want to know how to clean your TV furniture, it's better to use a white paper towel with mild soap. For the possible tough stains, make a small piece of cloth with dishwashing liquid and water. Rub it on the stained area and let it rest for a few minutes before scrubbing off any dirt. Remove all cleaner from the surface by wiping dry with a new paper towel before germ-exposing your skin!

How to maintain tv furniture?

Should be repainted every 12 months to protect the surface. When cleaning the surface, it is recommended to use a specialized cleaning solution.

Although furniture products are treated with finishes to protect them during manufacturing, furniture can still be easily soiled during use. We recommend removing any stains immediately to prevent the product from staining or tarnishing. Use pads when placing objects on.


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