Which Types Of Cucumber For Your Diet?

Cucumbers are known for their ability to make salads more refreshing and delicious.

There are many different types of cucumber, from the common English cucumber to the less-common Armenian cucumber. The type you choose depends on how you want your salad to taste or what kinds of toppings it will have. Read on for a breakdown of some popular varieties!

English cucumbers

These are your common garden variety cucumbers. They grow easily, and are usually the least expensive option. They also tend to be longer than their other kind of cucumber counterparts.

Buying Tips: English cucumbers are also called hothouse cucumbers because they can be grown inside in nearly any climate. This makes them easy to find, and also inexpensive.

Whichever way you sliced it, the English cucumber is a great choice for your salad toppings! It can be used whole in long slices or chopped into smaller bits to be blended with other ingredients in your concoction.

Armenian cucumbers

These are a lot smaller than the English variety, with thin skins and less seeds. They have an especially crunchy texture, which stands out when added to a salad.

Armenian cucumbers tend to be more expensive than their other kind of cucumber counterparts, but it's worth it for the taste. They are especially good on their own or with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt, so you can always save money by pairing them with other food.

Armenian cucumbers are best for salads that will be topped with fresh vegetables and herbs; they grow better than the English variety in warm climates and are less likely to get dented in transport.

Greek cucumber

These are known for their spiciness. Although they have a skin that can range from white to green or even red, Greek cucumbers tend to have thiner skins than other varieties. They're also usually longer and narrower.

If you like having your breath tingle after eating a salad (or even if you just like a little flavor in your vegetables), then Greek cucumbers are the ones for you! They're great with or without seeds, and they add a nice crunch. The only downside is that they tend to be more expensive than other types of cucumber.

These cucumbers are best when used on their own as a snack or sliced to top salads with lots of other vegetables for added crunch and flavor.

Persian cucumbers

These are another sort of long, narrow variety of their kind of cucumber counterparts. They are usually thinner than the Greek variety, but they still have their tasty crunch regardless!

Persian cucumbers are a good option for those who want a milder taste in their salads and for people who want to plant them in warmer climates. You'll also find that they tend to be more expensive than the other kinds of cucumber.

These cucumbers are best when thinly sliced to top a salad or when chopped finely and mixed into your dish as a whole. They're great by themselves, too!

Hamburg cucumbers

Like the Greek variety, Hamburg cucumbers are also known for their spiciness! However, these cucumbers are usually longer and a bit chunkier than the other varieties. They have a skin that can range from white to dark green or even red. Unlike other cucumbers, they contain many seeds inside.

Hamburg cucumbers are a good option for those who like spiciness in their salads and want to plant them in warmer climates. They're also more commonly available than the other kinds of cucumber, so you'll be able to find them at your local farmers market.

These big seeds mean that Hamburg cucumbers make excellent vessels for stuffing! Whether you're looking for something warm or cold, there are plenty of recipes that you can use with them.

Bulgarian cucumbers

Unlike the other varieties of cucumber, Bulgarian ones have a very thin skin that ranges from white to light green in color. They are usually shorter and fatter than other types of cucumber too!

These cucumbers are a great option for those who want smaller, more compact plants. Since these cucumbers grow quickly, they're also known as "baby" or "small" cucumbers.

Lemon cucumber

These have a very thin skin that ranges in color from yellow to light green. They're usually shorter than other varieties!

These cucumbers are best when eaten fresh, straight from the garden! However, some people like them lightly pickled. You can also try your hand at making a lemonade or other lemon-themed drink with them; they're very easy to grow in small spaces as well and make a great side dish for a salad.

Pink cucumbers

These are also sometimes called Chinese, Armenian or Turkish cucumbers. Unlike most other types of cucumber, they have a very thin skin that's usually white in color. They're also usually shorter than other varieties!

These are one of the easiest kinds of cucumber to grow; since their vines are smaller and compact, they aren't as likely to sprawl or take over your yard. These cucumbers are also best for warmer climates, so you'll be able to grow them pretty much anywhere!

These cucumbers are great for when you want something crunchy! They're especially good in salads and lightly pickled. Try making a side dish out of them for your next meal!

Slicing Tip: You can also slice them and spread them on a sandwich, or bake them into some homemade bread. They're excellent in sweet dishes like cakes and pastries because they have a very light flavor that's perfect for complementing other ingredients!

Pink cucumbers are an excellent side dish or sandwich ingredient because they're very crunchy! These are the smallest of all cucumbers, so they're great for small spaces or containers!!

Thai cucumbers

These have dark-green skin and are skinny and light in color. They're also sometimes called "salad cucumbers".

These cucumbers are the most popular of all varieties! Since they withstand high temperatures well, you can grow them pretty much anywhere.

The Thai cucumber is very thin and deliciously crunchy. They're a perfect addition to a salad or you can slice them for sandwiches and wraps! You can also try growing them in containers on your patio so that they won't take up much space at all!

These cucumbers are easy to grow in small spaces or containers because they don't take up much room and aren't very sprawly!! They're perfect for picnics or packing into school lunches!

Japanese cucumbers

These have a very thin skin that's usually white or black in color and its seeds are thick. They're also usually shorter than other varieties!

The Japanese cucumber is an excellent option for growing on trellises; since they grow upwards instead of outwards, they take up less space and don't sprawl or take over your yard! They're also a popular addition to salads, and they're especially delicious when sliced!

Japanese cucumbers are a perfect side dish or sandwich ingredient because they're very crunchy!! They make a great addition to salads and sandwiches because of their delicate flavor. You can even try freezing them so that you'll have fresh frozen cucumber cubes for smoothies anytime!

Cucumbers seem like one of the most simple vegetables, but there are a lot of different types! They all have their own unique features that can make them perfect for certain dishes!!

Burpless cucumber (a mild-flavored variety)

This type of cucumber does not have a bitter aftertaste, and has few seeds.

Cucumbers that are grown in warm soils tend to be less seedy than those grown in colder temperatures. These types of cucumbers also develop more quickly.

Burpless cucumbers can be used for pickling or slicing into salads .

Kirby cucumber (a seedy variety)

Kirby cucumbers are large in size, and usually have a dense flesh. These types of cucumbers grow slowly, and tend to develop very few vines . They are often used for pickling . This is because the seeds can be easily scooped out after being pickled .

Pickling cucumber (a seedy variety)

These types of cucumbers are smaller than their other relatives, but can still be quite large. They sometimes have a bitter aftertaste if the seeds are left on. Pickling cucumbers tend to grow faster than other varieties, and don't develop vines as much as other varieties . The cucumbers are often used for pickling .

White cucumber (these have a mild flavor and no seeds)

This type of cucumber grows best in cold soil and are usually covered with a white film . White cucumbers can sometimes be used for slicing into salads, but they are primarily used for pickling or serving with relish .

Muncher Cucumbers

These have a mild flavor, and some varieties are specifically bred to be eaten whole .

The biggest problem with munching cucumber is that the seeds are hard to cut out. Therefore , it is common for people to use them in things other than salads

Watermelon Cucumbers

These grow quickly, and can get pretty large. they also have a mild flavor, and contain seeds like the muncher cucumber . They are pretty easy to grow, but can be tricky to keep watered because of their size .

Straight Eight Cucumbers

These grow long and straight with few spines or knobs. Because of this , it is easier for them to develop a bitter aftertaste . Straight eight cucumbers are often used for pickling or slicing into salads .

You can still use these cucumber types to make delicious dishes! Especially if you're new to gardening, try growing some traditional varieties that have worked well in your area for years! Also: don't forget taste testing the fruits of your labor!

Ashley Cucumbers

These have a very mild flavor, and thin skin. They're not seedy , but are sometimes bitter .

The vine of the Ashley cucumber grows close to the ground, and tends to sprawl over other plants . This is due to the bush variety that makes up this type of cucumber . The plant will take root if it is left on the ground, which can make harvesting difficult.

Diva Cucumbers

These are very large , and have a relatively mild flavor. They do not contain many seeds, but they can be bitter .

Diva cucumbers grow quickly and near the ground . Because of this, the vines on these plants take control over other plants in your garden! It's hard to harvest them if you're growing other vegetables nearby!


What are cucumbers?

Botanically, the word "cucumber" refers to the fruit of plants belonging to the family Cucurbitaceae. Cultivated varieties of this fruit are called gherkins in England and picklers in North America. Due to its high water content (95 %), the actual fruit is 20% of the whole cucumber. The fruit's yellow color comes from a carotenoid called lutein.

Cucumbers are eaten raw and pickled, typically in salads.

Why are there so many different types of cucumbers?

Cucumber varieties have been developed to suit a range of cultivation conditions and uses. Extremely long, slender cultivars are grown for pickling; creamy-white or pale yellow fruit is characteristic of 'Armenian', 'Lemon' and 'Parikia' cultivars; deep green, cylindrical fruit characterize 'West Indian' and 'Burpless Tasty Green'. Cucumbers grown for home gardens are generally medium-sized (50–60 cm) with dark green skins and mild taste.

The pickling types are high in oleoresin. Curly or lumpy-rind cultivars tend to be bitter, but can be used for pickling if the bitterness is not objectionable.

Where do they grow? 

Cucumbers originated in India , and were brought to Europe in the 16th century. They are now widely grown around the world, wherever produce can be sold.

Today they're a popular vegetable that is available year-round; it's also used as garnish or served with cheese . Cucumber plants are also grown commercially on a large scale.

Cucumber plants are between 12 and 36 inches tall . They grow well in a soil that is rich, but well drained . Some gardeners will add a good amount of compost into the beds before planting, others focus more on aeration and drainage. Commercial cucumbers can be grown under cover or in heated greenhouse structures for year-round production. Cucumbers are heavy producers and need ample space in a planting area to mature properly.

Do different cucumbers taste the same?

Different types of cucumbers have different flavors. They can taste a bit bitter, so always taste your harvest before using it.

How is a cucumber grown?

The cucumber is a fruit that grows on plants. Cucumbers grow from seed, which can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring, or outdoors about 2 weeks after the last frost.

Cucumbers are warm-weather plants and cannot tolerate cold temperatures.

Is a cucumber a fruit or vegetable?

Cucumbers are fruits, but they're consumed as vegetables.


Cucumbers are juicy and a refreshing fruit that can be eaten raw or cooked . They're good for you, as well! Cucumber plants don't have many pests to hinder their growth. Gardeners who like growing vegetables will surely enjoy cultivating cucumbers in their garden, since they grow quickly and easily . There are several varieties of cucumbers to choose from! They can be easily grown in your garden using a simple method of soaking the seed in water overnight, then planting them outdoors.

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