Various Different Types Of Shower Handles

There are many different types of shower handles that people can choose from including designer shower handles and traditional shower handles. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles too!

Based On the Number of Handles

Single Handle Shower Faucet

There are single handle shower faucets that include one lever to control the water flow as well as temperature. This is a convenient method for controlling water flow as it does not require turning knobs or moving levers. Simply turn the lever in one direction to increase water temperature, and in the other direction to decrease it.

Double Handle Shower Faucet

This one includes two separate levers, each with its own handle. One is for the hot water and one is for the cold water. This is a convenient method because it only requires turning a single lever to control both temperature and pressure of the water. The knobs are spaced far enough apart so that they do not get accidentally turned.

Based On Valves

Single Temperature And Flow control Valves

The fixture with single temperature and flow control valve is a combination of two separate faucets set in one body. The handle or lever controls the water temperature, while the second handle controls the water pressure (flow).

This type of valve contains either two parallel spigots for mixing hot and cold water or a single spigot for mixing hot and cold water. There is a safety disk in the middle of the valve to ensure that both water sources cannot be turned on with one hand.

Self-acting Temperature Control Valves

A self-acting temperature control valve is a single unit that controls the water supply to both hot and cold. The control of water flow (pressure) and temperature occurs through a single lever that is used by the user to control their desired showering experience.

The temperature mixing valve is located downstream of the flow control valve, to ensure water delivery at a constant pressure. The temperature mix may span over 2oC so the user may adjust their desired showering feel.

Diverter Valve Shower

A diverter valve is not a new concept. It's been in use for over 50 years, but has become more popular due to environmental concerns and energy efficiency. A diverter valve mixes hot and cold water together before it reaches the showerhead or sprayer. It then directs the temperature controlled (diverted) water to where the user wants it.

A diverter valve can be activated by a separate handle, or a wall mounted hand shower that is operated independently of the main shower. This type of shower has become increasingly popular in homes with gas fired boilers because they are very efficient in terms of energy use and extremely cost effective to operate.

Thermostatic Valves

Some plumbing designs require a thermostatic valve in order to operate. The main purpose of a thermostatic valve is to maintain the temperature of mixed water at a constant level.

From experience, users who have used this type of shower handle have found it helpful with increasing energy efficiency and lowering their water heating costs.

A thermostatic valve allows the hot water to pass directly to the showerhead or hand held sprayer at a constant temperature, despite pressure changes that might occur when someone turns on a faucet in a different area of the house.

Based On The Bathtub & Shower Faucet 

Shower Only Faucet

A shower-only faucet is a fixture that only supplies hot and cold water. This type of faucet is installed directly to the wall over the tub or shower basin. It does not supply any other accessory such as a soap dish, hand shower holder or separate temperature control valve. The faucet is installed with a single 3/8-inch female compression fitting.

Additionally, it is not designed to supply water in both directions. There are many different styles and finishes available that can match the decor of any bathroom. 

Drop-in Faucet

A drop-in faucet is a fixture that has been designed to supply water directly from the wall on which it is attached. It features different accessories, such as soap tray, hand shower holder and temperature control valve that are mounted onto the main unit.

The main body of the faucet is installed by inserting it into a hole in the countertop. A number of different finishes and styles are available to match your décor. Many faucets have an extension spout that extends from the main body for over-sized sinks or tubs.

Handheld Shower

A handheld shower fixture is a separate spray unit that sits on the tub or shower wall, or can be placed in a free-standing bracket. It has two control knobs: one for water temperature and another to adjust the flow of water. A handheld shower is useful when taking showers because it gives you the ability to clean yourself several times quicker than using a standard shower head.

A handheld shower is preferred in situations where someone must use the bathroom because it makes it possible for that person to wash themself at any location, and can be done alone without help from another individual.

Tub-only Faucets

A tub-only faucet is a fixture that supplies hot and cold water. These types of faucets are installed directly to the wall over the bathtub or shower basin. This type of faucet is used in situations where guests are only visiting, and do not stay at home for extended periods of time.

A tub-only fixture is designed to be used only near a bathtub. It does not have an aerator, and the water flow is restricted to provide enough pressure only for washing of hands or the body. A tub-only fixture is commonly used in homes where there are children under the age of five living, who tend to play with bathroom fixtures while bathing, thus resulting in damaged equipment.

It can also be used in homes where the bathroom has been converted into a guest room, and when only one person will occupy it at a time. This is due to the fact that separate water temperature control valves are not needed since no other than the user will use the tub.

Wall-mounted Faucets

A wall-mounted faucet is generally used with a sink. This type of faucet is installed directly to the wall over a lavatory basin or other basin-like fixtures such as tub and showers. A two-handle design is used with this type of fixture, allowing for separate temperature controls.

This kind of shower handle provides several advantages over conventional diverters; they are convenient, easy to use, and easy to operate. And as a plus, they do not require technical knowledge on the part of the user in order for them to be properly used.

The most important advantage that people will love about it is that it allows you to save water by not using your more expensive hot water when all you need is some cold water for the task that you need accomplished.

Shower Faucets with Cross Handles

A shower faucet with cross handles or vertical cross handle is a fixture that has at least one side-mounted control lever to adjust the flow of water, as well as temperature controls. These types of faucets have two separate hot/cold mixing valves located on opposite sides. The valve also has two handles that are used to control the temperature of the water.

These types of faucets are commonly installed in showers or bathtubs. They are designed so each user can adjust their temperature and flow of water without affecting what the other person is doing at the same time. This kind of shower handle would be ideal for a couple who wishes not to affect each other's bathing time.

If you're living in a family of three or more members, this shower handle would be very handy since it offers great convenience and save water usage as well as energy cost. On the other hand, installing two open-style faucets is also a good option if you want to save water when you are taking a shower.


Q: I have to choose the type of shower handle. What should I do?

A: You have to select the best type of shower handle according to your need. Best type is one that meets all your requirements and will be long lasting for you.

Before purchasing it, check following things:

Check the material of the handle and installation method or connection method. Check if it is durable and easy to use in future also. If you get any problem when using it, then purchasing this will be a waste of money for you.

A handle set comes with a shower arm and shut-off valve connection. Other types are just the handles and will require you to purchase a shower arm separately, which can get pretty expensive if you wish to install a new tub or replace part of your current plumbing.

You have to choose the type of shower handle according to your budget and requirements. If you want it for long term use, then you have to select the best and durable product that will stay high quality throughout the lifetime.

Q: I have a small child in my family. What type of handle is better to be used for my kid?

A: The best for your kid is the one that includes a tub filler with water temperature control valves and separate handles for hot and cold water. It's recommended to be installed in bathtubs. Because of this, they can turn on and off any faucet without worries if the other person would feel cold or get burned.

Q: What is a shower set?

A: A shower set has two main components; the arm and handle or lever. This unit controls the water flow by allowing cold/hot adjustment through a diverter. This allows you to control your water temperature more efficiently and with convenience.

Q: Why do people use handles or levers instead of the faucet?

A: Using a handle is very simple, easy, and safe way to take a shower. You just have to move that up and down for adjusting water flow and temperature according to your needs. You do not have to touch the wet surface of the faucet while taking shower. You just have to use a handle which is safe and will give you more comfort in taking warm or hot water showers according to your need.

Q: I'm looking for a shower set to save water and energy. Which is the best product for that?

A: Shower sets with a low flow feature include diverters will help you in saving more than half of your hot water use, compared to other conventional models. It conserves water consumption up to 20-40% for each shower head, helping to reduce water and energy costs.

Q: What is the easiest way to install a shower set?

A: If you want to mount an adjustable diverter to a wall-mounted faucet, it's best that you choose a non-compression type. Also, you can do it yourself or hire a professional plumber for assistance. For more info on installing a shower set, you can check out other references for the best shower sets review.

Q: I have a shower head and faucet that are missing their knobs/handles. What do I need to replace them with?

A: If your old pair of handles is missing or broken, just put on new ones by getting a replacement. Some people buy the same brand of faucet that they have, but you can also go for a different model if you like. If you need to check out shower sets review then please do so right now on the internet.

Q: I have a shower set but it's leaking. What should I do?

A: Leaking shower sets can mostly be fixed by replacing parts, such as O-rings. However, if the leak is persistent and not resolved after changing these parts you may want to replace your entire unit. If you need more help about this matter you can check out best shower sets reviews on the internet. I hope you will get good help for that from the experts in this field and will find any latest product for your home improvement with new design, style, specification, and features.


It's very important to use a good type of shower handle. While buying it, you should select the best product that will help you to get easy and comfortable in taking shower. You have to read what people are saying about different types of handles before making any decision for your new one.  Some handles are more suitable than others depending on your personal requirements. You will be glad to have a good one after taking shower with this product.


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