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Top 11 Best Poker Table Of 2023

Sonya Harris
  Dec 7, 2023 11:30 PM

Using the internet, we discovered how many possibilities are there. Even we got lost: the competition is tough. So, we laid out criteria to choose the best poker table. The criteria were fairly simple: get the most bang for a buck, have great performance and user reviews.


Most people have played poker at home, whether at the kitchen table, in the man cave, or even in the garden shed. It's a game popular all over the world. Poker has had a recent 'boom' in recent years because of the unique blend of maths, psychology, and luck involved. There's no better moment to acquire a poker table.

Table legs, as opposed to table toppings, are what our team of poker sharks has spent many hours researching, and the tables listed below have all been approved by us and trustworthy vendors. We've also included a detailed shopping guide to assist you decide on the finest poker table for your requirements.

But before jumping, there’s a question we hear a lot...

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Buying Guide

As soon as you begin looking for a poker table, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of alternatives. If you're still unsure about what to do, we've done the legwork for you by setting out the most important questions to ask yourself.

Size and shape of the table

When shopping for a poker table, keep in mind who will be using it the most and how they will be using it before making a purchase. A typical poker table can seat anywhere from six to ten people and can be shaped in a variety of ways. With a diameter of 120cm, circular and hexagonal tables on the market cater to six to eight people and cost less than their rectangular counterparts. Nine or ten people can sit at the more classic oval-shaped tables found in casinos and tournaments. Tables above 2 meters in length, however, require a significant amount of space and usually come with a higher price tag.

To make your guests' time at the table more enjoyable, don't forget to leave enough room for chairs to be placed around the table. You should think about where these chairs will come from and whether or not they will complement the style of your table before purchasing them. If you have purchased a folding table, it may be worth purchasing foldable seats to help with storage.


The first important issue to consider yourself is whether or not you intend to store your poker table after each session. To maximize your man cave's storage capacity, you may want to consider purchasing a foldable table. There are a wide variety of high-quality foldable poker tables on the market that are easy to store and don't compromise on their performance. Permanent tables, on the other hand, provide more solidity and a higher quality finish similar to professional casino tables if you play poker and other card games frequently and want to create a designated location for when you gather the gang together.


If you want to play a particular style of poker, then a specific table format may be beneficial to you. If you play games like Texas Hold'em or Pot-Limit Omaha, where community cards are used, you'll want to mark boxes for those. When playing Seven-card Stud, however, this will be of little concern to the player. If you want a dedicated dealer, you should buy a table with a dealer position if you don't want to use a dealer that is rotated. With a central location and an integrated chip tray, dealers can quickly reach all of the players when dealing. This innovation will be welcomed by both the dealer and the players, allowing for a more efficient game. Furthermore, it helps to recreate the croupier experience in a more realistic way!

Storage and Transportability

In the event that you want to use your poker table merely once a week, you may want to think about how well you'll be able to keep it. As a last consideration, if you plan on taking your table to friends' residences, consider how easy or difficult it will be to transfer your table.


It's up to you to pick what features are most important to you. If so, would you like a table with cupholders on it? Chip trays? Armrests that are padded? While having all of these options is convenient, you must prioritize which ones are most important to you.


What you put in your man cave is always going to be influenced by the budget you have. If you plan to play poker every weekend, investing in a nicer table can be worth it. If you only plan to play a few times a year, you may want to consider a tabletop option.

Temporary or Permanent

A temporary table or a permanent one is the first question you need to answer. In the end, it's going to be all about how often you play that matters.

In the event that you'll be playing at other people's houses, a temporary table may be necessary. There isn't a lot of effort required to move and store these.

If you intend to host all of your parties at your house and have a tasteful interior design, you might want to consider investing in a high-end table that stands out.

Be aware that there are numerous possibilities that don't require the purchase of a complete table but rather the purchase of a table top cover to be placed on top of an existing table. When you don't need a permanent table in your home, this is a good solution.

Number of Players

Six to ten people are usually able to play poker at home. A huge table is required if you plan to hold a game with a significant number of participants. Cup holders and chip trays may be included in the tables for players. If you have ten players and only eight of them have cup holders and poker chip trays, it will be unfair.

Table Type and Quality

When it comes to most things, pricing and quality go hand in hand. As a general rule, the quality of a table that costs more than $3000 is superior to the quality of a table that costs less than $200 The playing surface of expensive tables does not fade or wear out as quickly as the playing surface of low-priced tables. Steel frames and MDF tabletops are common on lower-priced tables, whereas more expensive tables are made of solid mahogany or oak.


Should I Get a Poker Table or a Poker Table Top?

Your personal preferences and the amount of room you have are the most important factors in determining this. Poker table surfaces are often of poorer quality, but they may be easily stored. In general, poker table tops are less expensive than full-size poker tables.

On the other hand, a full-scale poker table is likely to be more expensive and is a piece of furniture. A poker table is the best option if you have more money and room for card games in your game room.

Where To Place Cup Holders On A Poker Table?

Use cup holders on your poker table to avoid having to clean up after a drink spills or perhaps ruining your felt. These cup holders will keep your players' beverages secure. It's hard to go wrong with any of these materials.

A hole of 2.675" is needed to fit a standard cup holder. Most cup holders can accommodate a 12-ounce soda can or smaller water bottle. Its entire diameter is 4 inches. Its depth is 2.25 inches. In order to keep cup holders from interfering with gameplay, they are always positioned adjacent to the armrests.

What Is The Best Felt For A Poker Table?

With a modern poker table, the cards are easier to slide about the surface thanks to the use of a Teflon-coated fabric known as speed cloth.

Does The Type Of Chair Matter For A Poker Table?

To ensure that everyone at your poker table has ample room to move around, use chairs that are the right size for your poker table. There should be around 10-12 inches of space between the table and the chair. As long as you're comfortable, it doesn't matter what you're sitting on.


The reviews of poker tables you've read so far have given you a good idea of the various possibilities available to you. Now is the moment to make up your mind.

It's time to decide if you want to go big or go home with a smaller, more affordable option. Host parties and show off your poker prowess in style with this.

Are you on a tight budget and seeking for an inexpensive way to have some late-night fun with the lads at your best friend's house?

There are a variety of high-quality solutions available to you, no matter what you decide. No matter how tight your budget is, there are tables that are built of the best materials and come with unique features.

All of the correct solutions are available, whether you're looking for something little and portable or something enormous and luxurious.

Just imagine how much fun you'll have, how much laughs you'll share, and how much time you'll spend together at your next poker table. It's a priceless treasure.

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